Before you learn about the 7 chakras, it is essential to understand one thing:

You are energy!

Energy is defined as the ability to do work. What keeps you psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced is your ability to centre that energy to function at its optimum.

The word Chakra came from the ancient language of India which translates to “wheel”.

Chakras represents as spinning, coloured wheels of energy – The life force within you.

So, let’s take a look at the 7 Chakras within your body:

1st Chakra

Officially named Muladhara, meaning root (Mula) and support (Dhara).

Location: Base of the spine

Colour: Red

Governs: Survival instincts and is grounding.

2nd Chakra

Officially named Svadhishana meaning the place of self

Location: Lower abdomen

Colour: Orange

Governs: Sexuality, intuition and self-worth.

3rd Chakra

Officially named Manipura meaning lustrous gem.

Location: Upper abdomen

Colour: Yellow

Governs: Impulse, control and ego.

4th Chakra

Officially named Anahata meaning unhurt.

Location: Centre of the chest

Colour: Green

Governs: Compassion and spirituality.

5th Chakra

Officially named Vishuddha meaning very pure.

Location: Throat

Colour: Blue

Governs: Communication and emotion.

6th Chakra

Officially named Ajna meaning beyond wisdom.

Location: Between the eyes

Colour: Purple

Governs: Rationality, wisdom and imagination.

7th Chakra

Officially named Sahaswara meaning thousand petaled.

Located: Top of the head

Colour: Indigo

Governs: Connection with the Divine.

To live a healthy and harmonious life, become more tuned in to your natural state energy cycles of your body and keep your 7 chakras balanced by eating the right foods, doing regular energy clearings, etc.

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