I’m sure more than once in your life you’ve experienced the feeling of shock from something traumatic. There’s even a term for it!

Have you ever heard of the term “Analogical Experiences?”.

If you have, you know how damaging it is.

If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place because in this article, we will be discussing about what “Analogical Experiences” are and how they affect you.

Firstly, What Is An Analogical Experience?

An Analogical Experience is when you lose track of time, you’re in no time.

It almost feels as if you don’t exist because you’ve completely lost your focus.

People mainly do this when they experience something traumatic such as:

  • Their partner cheated on them
  • They were yelled at by someone
  • They witness bullying and don’t do anything
  • They got verbally abused
  • Something bad unexpectedly happened
  • A close family member or friend passed away
  • And so on.

What Does This Mean Exactly?

It means the person gets so shocked and hurt (mainly because it was a bit unexpected):

That they lose track of time and “freeze” for a moment.

When this is done, it causes lots of problems!

What Problems Does It Cause?

Going Analogical during a traumatic event fractures off your soul’s energy and creates what are called “Ids” .

It makes you lose your real soul and hardens you up, but that’s not the worst part about it.

When you go into a state of absolute shock and frozenness, this is the perfect time for dark masters to enter your soul and energy field!

Here’s the thing:

Analogical Experiences don’t go away until you clear them out.

Even though you think you’ve moved on from the experience, deep down, the pain and trauma is still lingering around and is affecting you every day unconsciously.

What Do I Mean?

Let’s give an example:

Imagine there’s a boy named Jake. He’s being put down and called names by his father as a child.

He’ll immediately feel shocked and hurt so naturally he’ll go analogical; by doing this, it means he fractures his soul’s energy and creates “Ids”.

20 years later when Jake is grown up, he looks back and think he’s moved on from the experience.


Deep down, he’s still being affected by it because he hasn’t cleared it out.

Jake is being affected every day because let’s say a friend or family member jokes around with him, and says one of the nasty words his father said to him as a child.

That one experience will come up and he’ll start feeling the same old wounds and hurt

Jake then lashes out or starts crying because he remembers the horrible experience that happened to him as a child.

Now not only does it affect Jake every day but it also affects other people!

That’s not all though.

If Jake doesn’t clear his Analogical Experiences, he’ll attract the same experiences and they’ll keep coming up until it’s cleared.

Scary isn’t it?!

How Do You Clear These Analogical Experiences?

Clearing them is actually quite easy.

One way to do it is to make things right with whatever caused the traumatic event, or you can forgive and make peace in your heart.


The best way to do it is through energetic healing.

An auric clearing is a great way to begin the cleanse of your past analogical experiences.

Here’s a free clearing we’ve done which will help you remove your analogical experience wounds!

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From now on, whenever you realize, you’re entering an analogical state, you must quickly remove your energy out of that state and forgive in your heart as hard as it may be.

You don’t want to attract negative energy into your life.

If you’re keen to clear the effects of analogical experiences, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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