Have you ever heard people use the terms “Ancestral and Karmic Blockages” but never quite understood what they mean? Or the meaning of “Sins of the Father” from the bible?

Or are you keen to learn about some of the biggest obstacles blocking us from achieving our goals and living our path in this lifetime? Well, let’s get right into it.

Did you know our ancestor’s blocks can affect us?

I bet you’re thinking, “Well why would my great great great great grandmother’s blocks around money affect me?”.

Well that’s a great question, so let’s explore this now!

Did you know under-earning, boom & bust cycles, not living up to your potential and even massive debt problems are all signs that your ancestral background is likely holding you back!

Well-known scientists such as Max Planck, David Bohm, Niels Bohr, etc have proven there is an existence of a quantum realm and there is no space and time. That is, there is no past, present or future, there’s only the now.

Things that have happened with our great great great great grandfather are still in our consciousness, their vows and pacts they made apply to us and affect our consciousness.

That is how the universe works, since there is no space or time.

Scientists have also proven we are interconnected and that we are all one consciousness! Can you believe it?

That means we are all one with each other and whenever we are judging someone or holding negative emotions towards them, we are basically affecting our own consciousness!

The same goes for your ancestors. Since we have their blood, the same blockages they have could be contained with us!

Ancestral and karmic blocks are one of the main reasons you can be held back both in your personal life and financial life!

If you haven’t taken steps to clear these blocks, you need to do something about it now!

The fact is, until these things are cleared, you will continue to be held back in life and always be wondering why.

In Conclusion

If you desire to stop unexplained financial money struggles which keep happening, make a commitment to identify your ancestral and karmic blocks.

From there, take the next necessary steps to clear and get rid of them forever!

The best way to get rid of ancestral blockages is by doing regular karmic clearings on yourself to ensure your energy field is always clean and refreshed.

If you’re keen to clear your karmic and ancestral blockages, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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