Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 20th January – 18th February, you’re an Aquarius.

The Aquarius Zodiac sign is symbolized by the water bearer. The water from the bearer washes away the old, and brings room for a fresh and new start. This represents a creature who’s constantly giving life and spiritual food to the world and using their life to make a difference in humanity.

Aquarius is the third and final sign in the air element, alongside Gemini and Libra.

Aquarius Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

People under this sign are always looking for ways to bring equality, improvement and freedom into humanity.

These people are naturally visionaries, as they’re goal-oriented and forward-looking. They’ve always got advancement and progress in their minds and are always looking for the end result, rather than the minor details on how they’re going to get there.

Aquarians are naturally free-thinkers and aim to free themselves from personal and social conditioning. They don’t like to be told what to do and how to think.

By nature, they’re quick-witted, humorous, intuitive and very intelligent.

They are deep-thinkers and highly intellectual by nature. Mental stimulation is very important to them, and when they don’t have it, they get bored easily and lose motivation.

They’ve got a very high curiosity for the world and constantly ponder about it.

Aquarians have a high need for independence and freedom. When they feel tied down, this’ll heavily damage their souls and build up strong resentment within them.

One of the most notable traits on an Aquarius is their aloofness (detachment). Naturally, they don’t attach or cling to situations, people, money, etc. This can sometimes make others think they’re unapproachable.

Due to their detached nature, this makes them very good problem-solvers. They have no trouble thinking of solutions when others don’t see one.

They don’t like people who are biased or have preconceived ideas.

Since they’re naturally humanitarians, sociable and very friendly, they enjoy being part of a group or community. This is why they love to be surrounded by other people.

Aquarians are unconventional and love to shift the status quo, which is why they can appear as rebellious.

Being an air sign, they naturally have a great imagination and can easily think of brilliant ideas. This is why they’re naturally inventive and innovative.

Once they’ve got their opinion strongly set on something, it’s quite rare to see them change their mind due to their stubborn nature.

Since they’re constantly active in their minds, they can be unpredictable. One moment, they’ll be fixated on something, and the next they might suddenly move onto something different. This is an area they must sometimes be mindful of.

On everything they do, they’ve got the “all or nothing” mindset. There’s no middle ground for them. If they commit to something, they do it whole-heartedly and with 110%.

Aquarius Love and Relationships

Some people will find it very difficult to be with an Aquarius. Although they’re very friendly and sociable, it takes a lot of time for them to open their hearts up to others, as they’re constantly protecting their independence and freedom.

At first, they struggle to commit into relationships, as they think it might take away their independence. However, once they pull down their guard and open up to loved ones, they’ll quickly realise it can actually make them free!

However, once they’ve committed to someone, they’re in it for life. Even if their relationships ends, they prefer to leave on good terms with no grudge. This is why it’s not rare to see them carry friendships with old partners.

In a relationship, they need a partner who gives them a lot of freedom and independence to chase their dreams and be who they truly are. If they feel tied down even remotely, they won’t feel comfortable.

Being an air sign, intellectual conversations are extremely important to them. Nothing attracts them more than someone who they can have an interesting conversation around.

They consider their friends and partners as equal to them, and give lots of freedom and independence to them, while expecting the same back.

In their partners, they need a strong friendship and soulmate in one. They need to have lots in common with someone if they’re going to be associated with them.

With their partners, friends and family, Aquarians can be very unpredictable.

Since they’re naturally always on humanitarian pursuits, they need people around them who share these interests.

This is why if they join a community or group which believe in animal rights or environmental protection, they’ll feel right at home.

Sometimes, an Aquarian is more prone to get into relationships just to prove a point. This is an area they must be mindful of.

In relationships, they bring lots of creativity, spark and fun.

Aquarius Career and Finances

As we’ve mentioned before, people under this sign have an incredible imagination and exceptional problem-solving abilities.

In their career, it’s important for them to have independence and freedom just like all other areas of their life.

They need a career which allows them to share their gifts of intelligence and make humanity better.

Since they naturally have high intelligence and curiosity, they feel drawn to the sciences and technologies.

Their intelligence alone is enough to make them excel at careers as a mathematician, scientist, astrologer, teacher, etc.

However, in order for them to be happy and fulfilled, they need a career which makes them feel like they’ve made a difference to humanity. This is why they make great careers in environmental protection or animal rights.

Due to their innovative, visionary and inventive mind, they also make great entrepreneurs. However, it’s best to leave the implementing and minor details to others, as they prefer to not get stuck up in that.

In their work, they prefer to get the job done in their way, even if their method’s unconventional. They need to be in an environment which allows them to solve the problem without strict rules.

With money, they have a natural ability to maintain a balance between spending and saving.

Aquarius Soul Mission

An Aquarius’ soul mission is to bring freedom, independence and equality to humanity in some way. They’re called to change the way people think.

Since a young age, these people have had a huge desire to progress society in some way.

They’re meant to share their philosophy of life with others, and encourage them not to be afraid of breaking the status quo and being themselves. This is why group relationships is important for an Aquarius.

In this lifetime, it’s important for an Aquarius to be of service to others. However, they won’t find this difficult at all, as they’ve desired to do this since a young age!

It’s important for them to develop a sense of grounding. Being an air sign, they naturally lack grounding and tend to have their head in the clouds quite often.

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