This activation is part of the Indigo mission to prepare the planet for ascension.

To show the significance of the day we chose for this ascension activation (12/12), it also coincides with a full moon. In Western Australia, the time of the full moon is 1.12pm and in New York, it’s 12.12am.

In other words, 12 is a very significant number.

With the new year just around the corner, there’s no better time to refresh your energy and activate your DNA.

As you may have seen in the news, things are really becoming chaotic on the planet and this is because we are nearing the end of the planetary ascension cycle so the polarities are very active.

For example, there’s been bushfires all over New South Wales, Sydney.

You may have noticed major changes in your OWN life as well.

This is due to the earth’s electromagnetic changes with the pole shift.

In light of all this, it’s time for you to receive an activation to help you ascend and stay protected so you can embrace the changes, rather than fear it.

If you’re interested in self-actualization, ascension, and want to know how to prepare yourself for an event we’ve been waiting and continuously working on, for 26,556 years, then you may want to watch this training.

The evolutionary fulfillment of Earth has been foretold in many ancient stories and prophecies.

Earth and everyone here are right in the middle of a series of stellar activations, where higher dimensional frequencies are coming into the Earth from various systems.

As you may have noticed, this has caused some very dramatic events as of late, including many so-called “natural” disasters.

It also greatly affects your mental stability and emotional states, for the energy can trigger past imprints that release fear, doubt, worry, and internal conflict.

So if you’ve noticed this happening for you, then this is probably why.

For your body to maintain its vitality through the ascension cycle, the particle pulsation rhythm of your body and your frequency must also increase.

I go into more detail in the above activation video.

So … who is this activation meant for?

Anyone who’s keen to ascend their energy can participate in this activation for ascension.

However, this is specifically coded for the Indigo starseed.

Why is this?

Indigos are carrying the larger gene-code packages to assist other evolving souls to assemble their 5th and higher DNA strands. This pulls higher-dimensional frequency into the Earth’s grid.

To say this is critical at this time of the earth is an understatement!

At the time of this activation, it was the 12/12/12 (2+0+1+9) with a full moon at 12.12am in New York!

The key is … once this higher dimensional frequency reaches a certain peak concentration within the Earth’s grid, the race morphogenetic field opens into Earth’s morphogenetic field.

From there, Earth’s grid begins transmitting 5th dimensional frequency directly into the bio-energetic fields of everyone on the planet.

In other words, everyone starts to either awaken more, or get a whole lot worse.

A clearer separation between the light and darkness occurs which is necessary to prepare and bring the earth into ascension and the new higher consciousness heaven and earth.

This gives everyone the opportunity to rapidly EVOLVE this larger DNA imprint and to TRANSMUTE the limitations of the codes with which they were born.

It even helps to purge old thought patterns. Otherwise, these thought forms affect your consciousness, bio-energetic field, body, DNA, and remain TRAPPED in your DNA as frozen energy light particles.

This in turn INHIBITS the natural process of DNA strand transformation, meaning you keep MANIFESTING the things in your external reality which you DON’T WANT until you learn to release them and step into a new expanded consciousness.

That is why we are doing this Activation.

So How Do You Gain Control over Your Reality?


You must EDIT the cell memory files. That is, clear and transmute the lower vibration particles from your body and aura, UPGRADE the holographic thought-form program and transform your visualizations of desired past, present, and future events.

That is, living them in imagination as if they are happening NOW.

Manifesting what you truly WANT NOT what you DON’T WANT.

If you’re still unsure about what ascension really is and how it affects you, we’ve put together a list of questions and answers to break it all down for you.

Q: What IS Ascension?

A: The process of dimensional ascension and biological and planetary evolution is the process of ACCRETION or DRAWING of frequency bands into the morphogenetic field.

Ascension is the path of ORDER through which CONSCIOUSNESS evolves through a structured, multidimensional system.

As the planetary body (Earth) or YOUR body evolves through this frequency ACCRETION, the energetic capsules within your Auric Field gradually undergo a transformation process.

Once the morphogenetic field has accreted most of the frequency bands from the first 3 dimensions, then the energy capsules that correspond to those 3 lower dimensions begin to DISSOLVE.

When this happens, the PARTICLES contained within the dissolving auric capsules OPEN UP into the auric capsules of the NEXT 3 HIGHER DIMENSIONS (D4, D5, and D6).

This is how ALL forms and consciousness evolve from one harmonic universe to the next.

Your body and your consciousness are composed of energy particles, and when the PLANET approaches transition and transmutation of some of ITS particles (happening NOW), YOU will also undergo this particle TRANSMUTATION.

Q: What are some of the Ascension related “symptoms” that you can experience?

A: You can have ascension related symptoms such as extreme tiredness, various aches and pains, night sweats, physical problems, headaches, and even illness and dis-ease.

You may feel uneasy and under pressure mentally and emotionally and this can affect your focus.

You may have various unexplained emotional reactions and can experience doubt, fear, and worry.

People that you’ve previously resonated with may now be falling out of your hologram and may even become conflictive with you.

Q: When is the Ascension Cycle?

A: 5/5/2000 – 12/21/2017. It happens only every 26,556 years.

Q: So what IS happening on the planet?

A: The Earth has been in a time continuum shift since 5/5/2000. Every 26,556 years this occurs.

In an Ascension Cycle, the star gates (like chakras) of the Earth open up to receive higher dimensional frequency.

This allows the Earth to rise in frequency and all life forms on Earth to do the same.

This is the energetic dynamics by which forms and consciousness gradually evolve from one dimension to the next.

Q: What is required to ascend in consciousness and take advantage of this rare event?

A: Just as only PORTIONS of the PLANET’S particles will be able to TRANSMUTE and ASCEND into the next DIMENSION through what is called a MORPHOGENETIC WAVE, only portions of the HUMAN POPULATION will be able to TRANSMUTE and RIDE with the PLANET on that wave of ASCENSION.

People that have fully ASSEMBLED and ACTIVATED at least their 4th DNA STRAND will be able to ride that wave of ASCENSION back into Tara’s (Earth’s less dense counterpart planet stationed in dimensions 4, 5, and 6) energetic tapestry.

Q: How is this supposed to happen?

A: Your PERSONAL morphogenetic field and CONSCIOUSNESS will be carried within the PLANET’S morphogenetic wave, which will MERGE with TARA’S 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional particle and anti-particle structure.

The matter particles of the portion of Earth and its people that were CARRIED in the morphogenetic wave will then RE-MANIFEST out of the morphogenetic field INTO the 2nd Harmonic Universe, dimensions 4, 5, and 6.

These people will find themselves in a new TIME CYCLE, upon a FUTURE version of Earth-Tara, whereas the people who did NOT have the frequency to catch the morphogenetic wave will CONTINUE on their own 1st Harmonic Universe time cycle, here in Dimensions 1, 2, and 3, on a de-evolving version of Earth.

Q: So this is the opportunity we’ve been waiting on for thousands of years?

A: Yes.

The Ascension Wave offers us (the Souls of Earth), the opportunity to reach our NEXT LEVEL of EVOLUTION.

This Evolutionary Fulfillment of Earth has been foretold in many ancient stories and prophesies.

There is an ORDER, PURPOSE, PLAN, and MEANING for your PERSONAL EVOLUTION and it is intimately related with the evolution of the EARTH.

Earth’s ascension and merger with Tara will represent the coming 5th world of Native American legend.

For over one million years, all of the spiritual traditions have, in some way or the other, attempted to PREPARE us for this point in TIME.

And now we are HERE so this is IT.

Q: How is ascension dependent on your DNA?

A: The AWAKENING PROCESS, the process by which a Soul comes in here and then has the ABILITY to REMEMBER who it was BEFORE so it can remember WHAT it came here to DO, requires the knowledge of the 15th dimensional anatomy and your DNA.

The PROBLEM on the planet is when you incarnate here, due to the reversals occurring in the planetary grids, the gene code shuts DOWN.

So those levels of consciousness that are in the HIGHER fields BLOCK OUT, the gene code blocks them out.

That’s why you lose your memory and you don’t even KNOW why you are here or what you came here to do.

Usually a person only starts awakening (slightly) at around age 33 as they are able to draw and hold more frequency.

If you don’t know about Ascension Mechanics so that when the gene code shuts down you know how to FIX this, then you will stay STUCK.

And that’s what most people are experiencing right now, they are going to STAY stuck and NOT ascend and basically stay LOST if they can’t AWAKEN.

What most people have right now are only 3 active strands, that’s all.

They have ACCESS to only 3 dimensions of consciousness, because they have 3 strands active.

Which ALLOWS only 3 dimensions of FREQUENCY, the scalar wave patterns that translate through the hologram into CHEMICAL manifestation.

Q: What is the original design or blueprint for DNA?

A: Originally, humans were supposed to have 12 stands.

Unless you know what we are SUPPOSED to have, you won’t have the motivation to RECLAIM your ASCENSION CODES.

So YOUR evolution is ALL about DNA and DNA Activation.

What we have been focusing on is REBUILDING our Original Angelic Human DNA Blueprint, that was fractured at one point due to interferences here on the planet.

Q: What HAPPENED to the DNA and why do people only live to be around 80 years old now whereas in the Bible times, they were living to be 800-900 years old?

A: Some morphogenetic fields that had 12 primary fire letter sequences (flashing on and off), were completely PULLED OUT.

This threw OFF the WHOLE calibration of how CONSCIOUSNESS related to itself.

This mutated the DNA and translates into PERCEPTUAL DISTORTIONS.

We have been living for over 200,000 years under perceptual distortions, caused by DNA mutation.

We have been trying to EVOLVE back into the 12 stand DNA pattern.

A 12 stand being implies 12 dimensions of consciousness, which is called an AVATAR.

An AVATAR is capable of moving its vibrational rate wherever it WANTS to, APPEARING and DISAPPEARING at will, and MANIFESTING in whatever dimension it chooses.

That was our original POTENTIAL that we are focused on bio-regenerating.

Q: How do problems in the Earth’s grids affect US?

A: We are directly connected to the Earth so anything that happens to the Earth is like poking holes in everyone’s DNA on the planet.

Because of the reversals taking place on the planetary grids and merkaba fields (34 Magnetic/21 Electrical), hugely DENSE as far as the magnetic particles.

Too many particles compared to not ENOUGH anti-particles.

So this matter here in the 3D is TWICE as DENSE as it is supposed to be (just look at how many obese, dense people there are).

The reason our bodies die is because it is DEATH by DENSIFICATION.

It’s blocking out all sorts of things that would happen in the DNA that would create NEW things in the CHEMICAL DNA, called Nucleotide Base Chemicals.

Q: How to do these energetic quantum blockages translate into our chemical DNA and affect us?

A: We are running on a Base 4 Genetic Alphabet, which means when we talk about bases, there’s something in DNA called Nucleotide Bases that form the little “ladder rungs” in the DNA.

If everything was working the way it was SUPPOSED to, we would actually not just have 4 chemicals forming those rungs (A-T-C-G), we would have 12.

That’s how our DNA is SUPPOSED to be.

Q: Does this just affect US?

A: This planetary distortion doesn’t just affect us humans, it affects ALL species.

So if you turn OFF most of your DNA and only leave on strands 1, 2, and 3, you are not going to have ACTIVE in your template the APPARTHI or FREQUENCY RECEIVERS that would ALLOW you to bring in your Higher Consciousness.

Your Soul, Oversoul, Avatar and Rishi levels.

Which means you are STUCK as a 3-dimensional single vector consciousness.

This has created a MESS in the chromosome structure of the DNA and it has mutated US and every OTHER life form on the planet.

It’s been running through the grids and since OUR grids are directly connected to the EARTH’S grids, it has mutated our bodies, hormones, neurotransmitters, and reduced our life spans.

Q: How we can FIX the mess that’s been done to our DNA to prepare us for our own PERSONAL ASCENSION?

A: Your first step is to watch the training by clicking here.

If you’re keen to activate and prepare for ascension, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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