I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “ascension”.

It’s a very common term used in many spiritual communities, but what does it really mean?

Put simply, Ascension is when your energy steps into a much higher consciousness.

It’s when you become One with your higher self, open your heart and expand to reunite with “God” or “Source”.

It’s the experience of returning to Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love.

Ascension is when you experience the highest levels of Divine alignment in all areas of your life!

Ascension allows to you to get energetic upgrades to no longer have negativity so you can live on this earth as a Divine being in a physical body.

When Does Ascension Occur?

Ascension doesn’t occur on a certain date or time.

Rather you can ascend when you have a high awareness of truth, and by integrating the higher vibrational consciousness of your higher being.

Ascension doesn’t happen instantly.

Rather, Ascension happens slowly as we increase our energy levels one step at a time.

How Do I Ascend?


When you raise your vibration through healings, meditation, receiving codes of awakening, light, and DNA activations, you can begin your path to ascending!


It’s very important to prepare your body for higher levels of light through detoxification.

This means you must clear all negative emotions, such as:

  • Limited beliefs
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • And so on.


Awareness is crucial to ascend.

In the physical world, there’s so many distractions and brainwashing that stimulates your mind in your daily life.

You must disconnect yourself from these, as the mind is a part of what’s ascending.

Sometimes you need to pause and breathe, turn off the TV, put down your smartphone and just breathe.

Learn to meditate and pause your mind because this increases your awareness!

In Addition To Awareness:

Integration is an important part to ascend.

To keep moving forward into higher vibrational frequencies, you can’t be getting sucked back into negative energies related to fear.

Releasing the negative energies inside you is very important because we’re all a part of Source, or “God”.

Meaning we’re all connected with each other, you are me, and I am you.

You need to love every moment, move forward, and grow.

In Conclusion

Ascension is when you merge with your higher self, open your heart and grow so you can reunite with “God” or “Source”.

Ascension doesn’t happen instantly, it’s a slow process.

You must live every moment in the now, you can’t live in the past or future as they don’t exist!

To ascend, it’s a matter of bringing positive light into your soul. Bring your spiritual power into the physical. In this physical world, you must open your heart, become aware, and shine with your higher self and spiritual being.

Remember, love every moment because not everyone will ascend in this lifetime!

If you were drawn to reading this, and feel this resonates with your energy, the stage is set for you! You’re ready to learn about ascension!

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