You’ve probably heard the term “Astral Projection”.

So, What Does It Mean?

Put simply:

Astral Projection is when you’re having an “outside body experience” (OBE).

That means Astral Projection is when your soul rises outside your body and you get to travel around this dimension and other dimensions!

You can astral project because your soul and physical body are separate.

Your soul has a chord attached to your physical body and when your chord detaches from your body, you die, and your soul is free.

How Do You Astral Project?

Astral projection can be hard because your soul doesn’t want to leave your physical body, plus you need to make sure you’re well protected and operating on high frequency.

To protect yourself, you can simply imagine a golden pyramid around your entire body and energy field and set the intention that no negative beings can affect your astral projection.

After you know you’re protected:

The First Step Is:

Make you’re in a comfortable sleeping position.

The Second Step Is:

Make your body fall asleep whilst your mind is still alert.

This can be really tricky to do since the mind tends to follow the body.

A tip to keep your mind alert is to image one of your body parts. You need to be able to visualize it perfectly, even with your eyes closed.

Then, use your mind to flex the body part, without physically moving it.

The Third Step Is:

Use your mind to move your soul from your body. You can then observe your physical body and move around. (It takes a lot of practice to get to this stage)

The Fourth Step Is:

After you finish exploring, go back to your physical body.

Your soul always remains connected to your physical body with an invisible force. Let that force guide your soul back into your physical body.

Is Astral Projecting Dangerous?

It depends.

You must be well protected, otherwise you could encounter all types of beings.

You could see lower dimensional beings trying to suck off your energy or confuse you when you’re heading back to your body.

In Conclusion

Astral projection is when you’re having an OBE.

It takes a lot of practice to accomplish.

It’s important you’re well protected or you could possibly die!

When you astral project, your soul leaves your physical body and you can explore around this dimension and other dimensions!

With the steps above:

I encourage you to give astral projection a shot! 😉

It’s absolutely incredible what you can experience and find in those higher dimensions!

For more information:

You can read this article (which was our source to write this article)

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