Learning how to protect your aura is a skill you definitely want to understand so it doesn’t get darkened or invaded by entities, dark energies or negative attachments. Using an aura protection prayer will help massively when dealing with those problems which is why you need to learn how it works and what to do.

It’s important to know that not only do you need to know how to protect your aura, but also going offensive which means attacking. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “the best form of defense is attack” and it’s very true because although protection helps to keep dark forces at bay, ultimately, they will eventually find a way to break through.

Your aura is sacred and something you want to be taking care of regularly, as you’ve probably worked out today’s society does not look after their auras at all. Knowing how to do the aura protection prayer is a must because otherwise there’s no way you can really protect your aura without knowing the proper commands and prayers.

The good thing is by setting up the aura protection prayer, it invokes the higher masters to come through and assist you with keeping your aura clean. Something to remember however is just because you do it once, doesn’t mean it stops there, you’re required to remain vigilant and do the prayer regularly!

Otherwise, if you get lazy and complacent, that’s when the dark forces can invade and corrupt your aura which means it will no longer be with the higher masters or shining bright. You’ll find that life becomes challenging, full of dramas and ultimately your aura will remain dark until you come back to the light.

How Do You Stay Committed To Doing The Prayer Regularly?

Staying vigilant and committed to doing the prayer regularly to keep your aura clean will always fall back on you. In other words, it’s no one’s responsibility but yours to be committed, however it is important to have an accountability system where you have trustworthy people to help you stay on track.

It’s like the saying goes “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” which means while it’s important to have others hold you accountable, in the end it’s your choice with how the results turn out. The question is, how badly do you want a clean aura to manifest the things you desire in life?

Working on yourself regularly is also extremely important if you want to stay committed to continue doing the aura protection prayer because without that, you’ll eventually become blocked, and it will be hard for you to keep using the prayer. In other words, continuously working on yourself helps big time with staying committed.

Another way to stay committed is by establishing a strong connection with the higher masters and communicating with them regularly. By doing this, they’ll not only provide their guidance and wisdom, but also keep you accountable which means it will be easier to stay on track and not go astray.

Journaling and setting up times also work really well with keeping you on track and committed. The most important thing to realize is ultimately, you need to be passionate and inspired to do it rather than feeling like it’s a chore. If you’re only half-hearted about the prayer, you may as well not do it at all!

What Happens When You Regularly Set Up The Protection Prayer?

You’ll find that your life will change dramatically by setting up the aura protection prayer regularly because it stops dark forces from causing chaos and all kinds of problems in your life which means things become much more flowing, smooth and calm. It can also help you discover your purpose and manifest what you desire.

Setting up the prayer also keeps your aura fresh and free from dark forces invading or corrupting it. It’s a necessity that you don’t allow your light to grow dim, so make sure you’re mindful of who you trust when dealing with higher masters because they could also be false spirit guides seeking to cause you harm!

Here’s what else happens by setting up the aura protection prayer:

  • You’ll establish a strong connection with the higher masters
  • Staying in the light won’t be a challenge
  • Dark forces won’t be able to cause destruction in your aura and life
  • You’ll discover your life purpose and who you really are
  • It brings healing to past traumas or shadows you’re dealing with
  • Your aura brightens and shines light rather than darkness

Those are some examples of what you can experience by staying committed to doing the aura protection prayer regularly. Main thing is to stay in the light by not disconnecting from the higher masters, otherwise you’ll be misled and deceived by false spirit guides which certainly isn’t something you want!

If you don’t do the prayer regularly and stop working on yourself there are disastrous consequences because by not taking charge of your own life, it leaves room for someone else to! On top of that, once you start this kind of journey there’s no going back since you’ve been opened to the real truth.

What Happens If You Stop Doing The Protection Prayer?

You’ll start experiencing much more challenges and hardships in your life, and on top of that psychic attacks will become a reality. In other words, you’ll depart from the light and fall into darkness which means you lose connection with the higher masters and are now in the hands of false spirit guides and dark masters!

I’m sure that’s not a picture you’d like to have on your mind so make sure you’re always working on yourself and continuing to do the aura protection prayer regularly, and of course maintain a strong connection with the higher masters. You can ask for their insight and guidance which they’ll only give unless you’re committed.

These are some other problems you’ll experience by not staying committed:

  • Major health problems
  • Feeling miserable and depressed
  • Financial hardship or loss
  • Disconnection from the higher masters and dimensions
  • Losing touch with your purpose and who you are
  • Emotions and thoughts completely out of balance
  • Aura becomes darkened and filled with negative attachments and entities

Unfortunately, these are real problems you’ll face if you become lazy and stop working on yourself as well as losing commitment to doing the prayer. However, by staying connected to the higher masters and being surrounded by trustworthy people to keep you accountable, you’ll have a much better chance of staying on track!

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what the aura protection prayer actually is, but you don’t need to worry because you’ll be learning exactly which one to use. Reading scripture is also a great tool to use when protecting your aura or attacking dark forces which means you can do that as well as the protection prayer!

How Do You Do The Protection Prayer?

When doing the protection prayer, the first thing to understand is it’s not a flaky kind of one which is all over the place. This aura protection prayer is structured and requires you to follow this specific ritual, but once you get it, it’s quite simple and isn’t complicated. It follows a certain number of steps.

Here’s the aura protection prayer ritual:

  1. Call upon the divine protection
  2. Call upon the bright white pyramid to surround your aura
  3. Bring in the 5 archangels (Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Metatron)
  4. Ask that only those aligned with the word of God and Christ consciousness come through

By using this protection prayer, you’ll be amazed how much difference it makes for not just your aura, but also every other area of life. If you also read scriptures that will really add onto the positive effects of this prayer. Regular work on yourself through clearings such as Auric Clearing will also be instrumental to keeping your aura clean.

Think of your aura like a house, in order for it to stay clean and refreshed you have to do regular cleaning otherwise you’ll quickly find out how fast things start decaying. In other words, regular clearings on yourself as well as the prayer is what you need to do in order to keep your aura clean because it doesn’t exist in the physical world. When you continue to do this prayer ritual regularly as well as work on yourself, you’ll not only be able to communicate with higher masters and manifest the things you desire, but also be at one with your life purpose and who you are! Remember, stay committed and always be true to the light.