We live in a world strongly influenced by karma, dark forces and negative limitations spiritually. All of which silently hold us back from prospering, living our life purpose and helping humanity to awaken.

Therefore, clearing them from our life is important. Auric energy healing (or clearing) is a great place to start. If you’re unsure what this is exactly, keep reading…

Auric energy healing is a spiritual cleanse where you clear negative energy from your life. Albeit, it’s something you must do regularly – just like a bath or shower.

The world we live in, as you should know, is full of demons, discarnates, entities, energetic blockages, evil spirits, karma, etheric implants, and so much more. There’s a HUGE list I could name but that would go on for ages (lol).

Therefore, if you truly desire to live a life of freedom, purpose and clarity… you MUST clear the negative energies influencing (and controlling) your thoughts, actions and direction.

It’s diabolical what these dark forces can do to you!

Does this sound like you?


  • Lack a sense of direction and purpose
  • Know you have a big calling in the world, but don’t know what it is or how to get there
  • Constantly have voices of doubt and bitterness inside your head
  • Feel anxious, stressed and depressed often
  • Can never get the results you want, no matter what you do or how hard you try
  • Know there’s dark forces controlling you but don’t know how to get rid of them
  • Want to clear yourself before it’s too late, and the world turns to sh!t

If you resonate with this list, then keeping reading!

Auric Energy Healing – What Is It

When a new client comes to me and explains what’s happening in their life… most of the time all they need is an auric energy healing! After they receive it, they report back saying how incredible and life-changing it is!

It’s no different for you. The battle is NOT against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places (dimensions). Make sense? Or in other words, the physical reflects the metaphysical world.

When you put your focus on the negatives, you’ll attract more of that into your life… and it’ll remain hidden in your subconscious layers until you clear it. That’s the purpose of an auric energy healing – to energetically clear negative influences inside you.

When you experience an energy healing, your auric attachments are removed and transformed. In turn, you feel more focused and clear without the annoying and draining thoughts that always influence you.

In an auric clearing (energy healing) session, you can transform:

  • Demons and discarnates
  • Wormholes
  • Entities
  • Portals
  • Ids
  • Occupants
  • Dark masters
  • And more!

How Does Energy Healing Work

The way an auric energy healing works is it clears negative attachments in your body. As you know… bad times means toxic emotions and experiences. What you probably didn’t know was those strong feelings were stored in your auric field!

In turn, the more they build up… the more toxic experiences you’ll attract! You’ll continue to manifest a negative reality until it is cleared.

Before you heal someone, ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick.”

– Hippocrates

There’s always a deeper meaning behind sickness. In this case, there’s a reason you have negative energy dictating and influencing your life. It’s important to know healing yourself requires action. You MUST get rid of the things which cause you to feel that way.

An auric energy healing is the best place to start. It begins within and then manifests without. Meaning, you have to first transform the internal (metaphysical) before you can change the external (physical).

As Michael Jackson’s iconic Man in the Mirror states… “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself then make the change.”

So… if you desire to transform your life, you must change yourself. Stop blaming things outside yourself and make an internal shift. You can do this by energetically clearing the spirits and influences inside you.

What Happens If You Don’t Heal Your Aura

Plain and simple, your life will continue to get worse. The explanation is quite logical. If you have entities and spirits inside you, you’re susceptible to negative energies influencing and dictating your thoughts, actions and life.

It’s important to get on top of this. Think of it like your health… what happens if you decide to stop taking showers and regularly cleaning yourself? Obviously you’re going to feel worse and become gross, dirty and toxic. Same concept applies to your spiritual well-being.

If you fail to see the importance of this, then you’re wasting your time reading this. By not clearing negative energy from yourself you’re exposed to attracting more toxic experiences and relationships into your life.

Further, you’re more likely to feel anxious, doubtful and unfocused due to voices in your head. Therefore, if you desire to change this, good news is it’s very possible!

“Everything is energy and energy can be transformed.”

– Raymon Grace

Truth is, all the voices, thoughts, problems and challenges you’re experiencing are just energy. And energy can be transformed! Meaning, you can change it into positivity and progressiveness.

Even the great Albert Einstein said energy precedes matter. Furthermore, he said if you can focus your frequency on what you want, then you can’t help but get that reality. Isn’t that inspiring and fascinating?!

Therefore, depending on where you focus your energy, the universe will respond to it. If you don’t heal your aura, then you can expect to attract more negative experiences in your life. However, if you want to change that… keep reading.

Get An Auric Energy Healing Now!

Good news for you is we’ve created a quick 7 minute auric clearing! In this video, Warren uses the tri veca code to integrate the past, present and future. When the energy all becomes one, you can then easily shift the negative energy out of your body and replace it with love, positivity and abundance.

Furthermore, you can get rid of past emotions, thoughts and trauma which no longer serve you.

When you embrace an auric energy healing, and allow yourself to release the negative forces, you should:

  • Feel lighter and calmer
  • Find it easier to manifest and set intentions
  • Gain clarity on what you desire
  • Feel refreshed – similar to how you feel after a bath or shower
  • Have less negative energy, auric attachments and energetic blockages in your auric field
  • Experience more flow and inspiration in your life
  • Attract better relationships and things aligned with your frequency
  • And more! (read about symptoms of negative energy leaving the body here)

Some of these will happen instantly, while others may take some time (or even multiple auric clearing sessions). This is because although 1 auric clearing will help you, it may take a few to shed the deeper layers and demons. Think of it like this, “new levels, new devils.”

Due to the corrupt world we live in, it’s easy to pick up auric attachments and negative energy – hence it’s imperative you know how to heal your aura.

Take 7 minutes now to receive an amazing auric energy healing!

If you’re keen to clear your auric attachments, because you know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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