The school system has been around for years now, and it has become a normal part of our society.

So it’s always good to look at all pros and cons of the school system.

That Raises The Question: Is This The Right Path For Our Children?

Well, it all depends on the child and his/her goals.

Some children absolutely love being there, while others hate it.

Problems With The School System

There are positive things about the school system which I will talk about later

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of things wrong with it.

1. They don’t allow daydreaming.

This is a very important matter because lots of children have wild imaginations and love using it, but the school system shuts that off.

They see it as “losing focus” and slowly take away the child’s imagination if the child chooses to listen to the teacher.

There’s a great quote from Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

This is true in many ways.

Why Is Imagination Important?

Imagination or “visualization” is important because as you get older, it becomes a key aspect in manifestation.

Imagination plays a key role in manifestation because it guides you on how to create what you want and what it will look and feel like.

2. They train you in a slavery/job mindset.

There’s so many examples of slavery in school:

I Always forming lines and walking the same pattern

II Seven hours, five days a week

III You don’t think for yourself

IV Uniforms

V Criticized for thinking differently

VI Tight schedules

VII A lot of homework kids don’t want to do

3. They don’t teach you how to manage your finances.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Learning how to balance your check book is really important.

4. It’s easy to pick up negative energies from school.

A lot of kids don’t want to be in school, but most of them were forced to go by their parents,

As a result, most of them are depressed, angry, sad etc. and some of them have family issues.

Children pick up negative energies much easier than adults without realizing as they are in a deeper brain state.

If your child is in school, it’s important you do regular clearings or it could impact them as they get older.

5. They only recognise one type of “genius”

The only “genius” the school sees is the most academic child, and don’t acknowledge the most helpful or kind children as much.

When children think “outside the box”, they see it as “weird”, “dumb” and sometimes, label them as “ADHD”.

This can really damage a child’s self-confidence!

There are other issues with the school system, but with that being said, there are things that school really help us with.

Beneficial Factors Of School

1. Socializing

There are a lot of children who love being around people and get lonely when they’re not around others.

So this is where school is great for socializing!

2. Provides discipline and structure

Discipline and structure are important factors in life because without it, life would be a total chaos.

Luckily, school provides great structure and discipline!

They set strict timetables and if you don’t follow it, you get detention or some sort of punishment.

3. Provides great knowledge

This only applies to academic children.

Not everyone wants to run a business, in fact some kids want to grow up to be an engineer or doctor etc.

School provides great knowledge in these areas which leads to college or university.

4. Access to all sorts of programs

Most schools have great sport, creative or educational programs, such as basketball, soccer, maths, art, music etc.

This is great for kids because it’s fun and they can enjoy it with their friends.

In Conclusion

Being aware of the school system is really important.

It’s fine if your child goes to school, as long as they’re aware.

Two of my brothers are home schooled (as well as me), but my youngest brother is in a private school and loves it!

He has grown up in a really evolved family which is why the system doesn’t bother him.

So when your child goes off to school, know they are protected, and school is the best thing to help their consciousness grow and evolve! 😊

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