I’m sure you’ve never quite heard of the energetic blockages Bindings, Pacts and Vows.

You most likely know about vows though.


It’s absolutely critical to have a good understanding of each of these blockages.

The reason for that is because these blockages are very damaging and can destroy you personally.

The problem is, not only do you have these energetic blockages attracted from this lifetime but you also have heaps of them from past lifetimes as well.

In this article, we will be discussing about each of these blockages one by one.

What Are Bindings?

A Binding is when you surrender your free-will to another person which means you basically allow your free-will to be bound by someone else’s free-will.

This is a huge problem because by doing this, you give up your power and rely on someone outside yourself.

It also is damaging when it comes to your path and purpose because by living by someone else’s free-will, you disconnect from your path and live by how they live.

You also create a lot of Karma by doing this.

Bindings can sometimes be hard for people to avoid.

Why? This is because a lot of people feel bad when they upset someone, so they follow what the other person said rather than what they want to do.

What Are Pacts?

A Pact is a two-sided agreement between two people who are engaging in personal gain, and the way it works is one person gives up something in order to gain what they desire (like a deal or exchange).

Unfortunately this is rampant on the planet.

I’m going to use an extreme example to paint a picture on how a pact works.

Let’s say a parent is heavily involved in drugs and has to raise their little child.

One day, they run out of drugs and have no money to pay for more.

What Do They Do?

They might sell their child to someone else in exchange for a large sum of money.

Now they can buy their drugs again.


They paid a big price for it by giving away their child, they’ll now get lots of Karma for doing that.

That is how a Pact works.

What Are Vows?

Vows are heartfelt promises made either to God or someone who we perceive to be a representative of God, or Source.

The problem is Vows always create separation from your own inner spiritual authority.

That’s because they place the concept of God out there rather than acknowledging you are an individuation of God.

Let’s take an example:

Let’s say Jacob is full of life, making great changes on the planet and is fully aligned with his purpose and knows God is working through him.

He also knows he has great spiritual authority and moves with great power, but one day he meets someone named Cole, hits it off with him and gets infatuated by his presence.

Jacob then gets Cole involved in his work and it then grows massive.

Everything seems to be working fine for the both of them.

However one day, Jacob thinks Cole is like a God due to the success his work received to and pretty much thinks Cole is better than him.

Cole then says to Jacob, “I think it would be great if I took over the work because it would be a lot easier for you”.

Jacob then makes a vow with Cole that he’ll give up all his work and power because he idolizes Cole and thinks he’s really here to change the planet.

Unfortunately by doing this, he’s now separated himself from not only God, but his own spiritual authority.

He also goes off his path and gives up his power as well as not moving in power anymore and creates a Vow Blockage because of the whole situation.

Instead of acknowledging the fact that he’s an individuation of God, he decides to separate and disconnect from being at one with his own spiritual authority and God.

Doing this separates you from God and your own spiritual authority so you won’t be able to connect with God or even your own inner self.

How Do You Clear All These Blockages?

In order to clear these energetic blockages, you have to use certain commands and codes.

This is the fastest way to do it.

This can be done by finding energy clearings off YouTube, mentors, etc. We also do plenty of free webinars where we help around this area. You can enquire at support@theawakeningwithin.net

You also have to make sure you don’t give up your power to anyone or disconnect from God and your own spiritual authority.

If you desire something, make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything in order to get it.

It’s best to not receive it at all than receive it and hurt someone or something in the process.

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