Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 22nd June – 22nd July, you’re a Cancer.

The Cancer Zodiac sign is symbolized by a crab, representing a creature with a very soft, vulnerable and sensitive nature covered by a hard outer shell.

Cancer is the first sign in the water element, alongside Scorpio and Pisces.

Cancer Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

Cancers are known for their nurturing and caring energies. They have very sweet, kind and affectionate souls.

They’re highly sensitive to the atmospheres and the moods of others and can become moody or grouchy when they’re challenged or offended.

They tend to be quite emotional and care deeply about matters in their home and family life.

Security is very important to their well-being. When they don’t feel accepted by the people they care about, this deeply hurts them.

Cancers are very loyal and sympathetic. They are able to feel people’s pains and sufferings … which can sometimes not be good for them as they tend to carry other people’s burdens, worries, energy, etc.

Being a water sign, people under this sign are heavily guided by their heart and emotions … and sometimes have a hard time blending in with the world around them.

They are generally pessimists by nature since they have a vivid imagination. This often leads them to worry over non-existent problems or situations. This is an area they must be mindful of.

Since they’re symbolized by the crab, their “outer shell” makes them very tough and defensive when they need to be as they are very protective over their family, friends and people they care about. In fact, defensiveness is one of their most well-known traits.

Due to their sensitive, caring and emotional nature … they operate very much in the heart and have a brilliant intuition. Their first instinct about an individual, business project, investment, etc is often directly on the mark (or at least very close).

Since they’re highly sensitive to the environment around them, they can sometimes have a hard time fitting into this world and need to be approached with care and understanding.

Cancers are very helpful people and are quick to lend a hand to others around them. They are just as quick to avoid conflict too.

They have very interesting emotional patterns and internal mysteries which even they can’t control.

These people are very hard-working individuals and can stick to a project well once they commit on something they love.

Cancers never like to upset anyone, and they genuinely care about other people’s problems and are always willing to help if any problem needs solving. Their loving energy makes them very good friends to have.

Cancer Love and Relationships

As we’ve mentioned many times before, Cancer is a very sensitive and emotional sign. They’re driven by their heart and emotions.

This is why feelings are the most important part of a relationship for them.

They often feel attracted to the other water signs (Scorpio & Pisces) as they commonly share a more emotional and sensitive nature.

Cancers usually have a fear of rejection, which can hold them back from making the first move in a relationship.

However, once they’re committed … they are very loyal and devoted.

 In a relationship, security is very important to them. This is why they love shared routine and responsibilities and a life together with their partner as it makes them feel secure.

They need a partner who’s able to respect their emotions without putting them down for it.

Another thing which is important to them is the ability for their partner to understand them through non-verbal and silent contact.

When it comes to meeting new people, their sensitive nature makes them feel uncomfortable to open up.

However, when they truly trust somebody and open all their heart to them, they’re in it for the long haul.

Cancers need a partner who has a great combination of toughness and tenderness and someone, who like them, are sympathetic and loyal.

These souls are looking for security and closeness, not a casual fling.

One thing these people must be mindful of is to not become too clingy to someone they care about. This’ll often lead to resentment in their partner, which’ll end up draining their attraction to the Cancer.

Cancer Career and Finances

Security is vital to these souls. They generally try to avoid taking risks as much as possible … especially in the financial area.

They can often be known as hoarders, as they love to save as much money as they can, which usually brings the impression of being stingy.

Whenever a Cancer is looking into an investment, they need to feel safe and have lots of assurances before they go into it.

In fact … they can sometimes be too cautious, and a more adventurous partner would be an asset for them.

In their work environment, it’s important for them to be involved in a career which allows them to bring out their caring nature.

This is why they make great professions in nursing, doctor, gardener, decorators, politicians, teachers, etc.

They are very hard-working people and can get the job done especially when they’re left to their own devices and not surrounded by other people.

Their goal is to save, invest and watch their cashflow grow daily.

Cancer Soul Mission

A Cancer’s soul mission is to help people through difficult times. Their caring and sympathetic nature will be very nourishing and helpful to those who need it.

Cancer’s nurturing, caring and Divine energy needs to be expressed.

They have a natural gift in coming up with new ideas, artistic creations and humanitarian projects.

In this lifetime, it’s important for these souls to get to know themselves well and find stability within their inner being. Until they do that, they’ll always be unsure of themselves as a person and constantly seek who they are through family, friends and their background.

Another thing Cancers must learn is to give the freedom to their family, friends and people around them to be who they truly desire.

Since security is very important to these people, they naturally prefer to possess their family and materials as a source of security. They must learn to truly let this desire fade.

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