Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 22nd December – 19th January, you’re a Capricorn.

The Capricorn Zodiac sign is symbolized by the mountain goat, representing a peaceful creature with a balanced, grounded, intelligent and focused energy.

Capricorn is the third and final sign in the earth element, alongside Taurus and Virgo.

Capricorn Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

People under this sign are naturally very determined, focused, hard-working and deeply driven to succeed.

Due to their desire to succeed, they won’t let anything stop them from achieving their goals. No matter how many times they get pushed down, their persistent nature will constantly bring them back up.

By nature, they’re quite serious people due to their determination to get the job done. Once one task is complete, they’re always onto the next.

Capricorns are always doing their best when they’re committed to something, and expect others to do the same.

They’re highly ambitious people and always have their sights set on a certain goal. Once they’ve set their goal, they’re very patient and understand it may take a while to achieve. However, they’re so determined to succeed that they’re willing to wait no matter how long it takes.

You’ll find when they don’t have goals in their lives, they can be really unhappy and out of purpose.

Capricorns can be considered as “old souls” since they’re naturally intelligent, wise, self-disciplined and very mature from a young age.

They always feel the need to be in charge and don’t like others telling them what to do.

They possess an inner strength and mental toughness which makes it hard for anything to phase them. Getting into an argument with them is pointless, as they’ll never give in even if they know they’ve lost.

Being an earth sign, they can be very stubborn and appear cold-hearted.

Capricorns usually give the impression of a tough, focused, serious and detached individual. However, they’re actually real softies deep down.

They have a deep love for humanity which they can struggle to express outwardly. This is because they think it’ll make them be seen as weak, which is not what they want.

The surprising thing about a Capricorn is they can naturally lack self-confidence and self-love. This is an area they must learn to develop.

Until they develop their confidence, they’ll often appear as shy at first. However, once they feel comfortable with someone, they’ll never get boring due to their sense of humour and fun-loving energy.

They’re naturally very responsible, independent and know how to manage due to their exceptional organizational skills.

Capricorns are very wise by nature. Due to their high maturity, they’re never carried away by unrealistic dreams or fantasies. They know how to set sensible goals and have no trouble pursuing them.

Due to their sensible nature, they are quite cautious by nature and don’t enjoy taking unnecessary risks. They need to know everything’s safe before they move forward.

They always feel the need to do the “right” thing by others, which is why you’ll find them rarely breaking rules.

Capricorns by nature are very focused on the physical and materialistic world and know how to make the most out of it.

They take their times very seriously and don’t like to be kept waiting. If you get a Capricorn mad, they can be very brutal with their words.

They have an incredible mind when they need to use it, and know how to solve complex problems when others can’t find a solution. Their resourceful nature gives them the ability to find solutions when they have little help or resources at hand.

Capricorns are very intuitive by nature and can often read people’s energies in a split second. 9/10 times, their first instinct about someone or something will be on the mark.

Capricorn Love and Relationships

Just like every other area of their life, Capricorns have very high standards when it comes to choosing friends or partners.

Capricorns naturally struggle to express themselves through words, which is why they prefer to show their love through actions.

They’re naturally reserved and take time to open up to others. This is why they need partners who understands this and doesn’t judge or push them for it.

Once their walls and barriers break, they’re one of the most loyal and faithful people out of the 12 signs.

Since Capricorns are traditional by nature, they need a partner who’s able to blend well with their family. Their family’s approval is highly important to them.

They need a partner who can be part of their journey to success and fulfillment. Since a Capricorn is deeply driven by their career, a partner who’s not part of their work will inevitably feel left out and emotionally unfulfilled.

Due to their loyal nature, they prefer to settle with one partner early on. Quick flings isn’t what they desire.

An area Capricorns must be mindful of in relationships is to find a balance between work and love. Sometimes they’ll be so focused on their career, that the people around them will feel unvalued and inevitably draw back from them.

They need to apply the same commitment they use into their career into their relationships. Obviously they shouldn’t completely give up their work, they just need to find a perfect balance.

Capricorn Career and Finances

Capricorns are extremely hard-working, dedicated and goal-oriented people by nature. They always need to work towards a certain goal, otherwise they’ll feel out of purpose and unsure.

Due to their practical nature, they’re very good at implementing ideas and dreams into reality.

They’ll always have high standards for themselves and others. They’re always focused, concentrated and resourceful when they’re working in something they love.

They have an inner strength which doesn’t allow anything to phase them. This is why they don’t mind working long hours. In fact, sometimes they need to be mindful of not getting too caught up in a job, as it could lead to arthritis symptoms or stiffness in joints.

They naturally have exceptional management, organizing, programming and financing skills. This is why they thrive in careers which involve science, business management, financial work, etc.

In their careers, it’s important for a Capricorn to feel they have high authority. In some cases, they need to feel like the boss.

This is why they work well in careers as an entrepreneur, scientist, manager, head teacher, CEO, programmer, etc.

Due to their ability to complete a task well in a limited time, they’re not afraid to take a challenge head on with persistence.

Since they’re highly ambitious and have a huge desire to succeed, they’re very good with money. They never overspend on things they know isn’t necessary. In fact, they can have a tendency to be too stingy with their money due to the desire to have a good looking bank account.

Capricorn Soul Mission

A Capricorn’s soul mission is to bring their incredible managing, organizational and leadership skills into reality.

They’re called to make a difference on the planet through their incredible practical, hard-working resourceful and intelligent mind.

They’re meant to take charge and showcase their leadership skills somehow in society whether it’s through a big business, or even something as simple as serving others around them.

In this lifetime, it’s important for a Capricorn to give up the attachment of material possessions. This doesn’t mean they have to completely give up their dreams and ambitions, but sometimes they can be so driven by success, they forget about others around them and their spiritual journey.

As they awaken to a higher consciousness, they’ll find this process really simple.

As they continue to give up their attachment to materialistic things, they’ll quickly realise how big their desire to help humanity.

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