I’m sure you’re wondering, “What is channelling?”

Channelling is actually a very exciting topic!

It may sound crazy, but did you know Channelling is when your body gets taken over by a spirit guide (or ascended master)!

They can use your body for communication purposes!

Channelling can also be when a spirit takes over your body to do their work through you!

This is a wonderful thing because of the following things:

  • It helps you with your path
  • You receive higher and divine knowledge
  • If you listen to your spirit guides, you can implement their wisdom into your life!
  • And the list goes on!

However, Channelling can also be used for evil!

How Can It Be Used For Evil?

The reason for that is when you experience extreme emotions (hate, rage, jealousy, etc), and decide not to deal with it.

You’re opening up portals for dark spirits to come in! Even going off-track in your life allows dark spirits to come in!

The dark spirits can now implement their work through you!

What Does That Mean?

It means you are now being channelled to do the evil spirits work!

They could make you do things like:

  • Stealing
  • Manipulating others
  • Causing physical harm 
  • And many more!

In very extreme cases (which is very rare):

They can even make people do:

  • Pedophilia 
  • Murdering people
  • Serial killing
  • Child sacrifice
  • And many more!

Scary isn’t it?!


This isn’t normally the case because it’s generally the good spirits that will take over you.

It is actually wonderful when you allow good spirits to take over you!

For example, when you see big healers such as Reinhard Bonnke, Jimmy Swaggart etc performing miracles, they are being channelled through higher spirits!

Basically, the higher spirits are implementing their work through these guys!

But did you know Channelling doesn’t work just one way?

Sometimes they choose people to channel through, but if you know how, you can actually meditate and bring them into your body for channelling!

Amazing isn’t it?!

In Conclusion

Channelling can work two ways:

The first way is when your body is taken over by a spirit, or the second way is when you bring them in through meditation.

They can channel through you for communication purposes.

They also channel you to work through you.

It’s a wonderful thing when used for good.


Channelling doesn’t just work for good.

Dark spirits are capable of channelling through you if you experience extreme emotions such as rage, jealousy, anger, etc or off-track in your life and decide not to deal with these problems.

When this happens, the dark spirits can implement their work through you!


The good spirits can also implement their great works through you, main thing is to make sure you’re on your path and don’t let your emotions take over!

When you start to feel angry, jealous, or any negative emotions, start letting go and forgiving the thing which caused you to feel that way.

One brilliant way to cleanse your emotions is by drinking water!

As you’re sipping your water, keep having positive thoughts and think to yourself, “This water is cleansing my negative emotions and bringing me back to a positive state”.

When you can, start meditating and practice channelling and calling in ascended masters!

If you’re keen to stop channelling dark masters and replace them with ascended ones, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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