Clearing negative energy from yourself is vital if you desire a life of happiness, purpose, love, wealth, and more. The reason is for this is obvious… if you’re living in a world of toxic and negative energy, you’ll manifest a similar reality.

Conversely, the more positive, supportive and loving energy you have in your life… the higher your frequency will be. Likewise, this’ll attract a better reality.

Based on these 2 different energies, you can see the external world reflects the internal. Meaning, all your thoughts, emotions and projections determine your life direction. 

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

– Buddha

You can find plenty of “your thoughts create your reality” quotes online. It’s all TRUE. Your world, and even the negative energy around you, was either manifested unconsciously or consciously.

When you know that law… clearing negative energy from yourself is very possible. There are different ways you can do this (I’ll cover them later). For now, let’s see the signs you have negative energy in your life.

Signs You Have Negative Energy In You

Well… the best place to get started is to ask yourself, “Do I feel happy often… or more drained and tired?”

Your response can give you a quick indication of where you’re at. If your answer was similar to, “I feel drained, stressed and tired more often” then you likely need to clear the negative energy from yourself. I’ll show you how to later in this article.

Keep reading…

Knowing what weakens your aura is the first step to clearing negative energy from yourself. Reason being – it brings light to the problem. Make sense?

Let’s have a good look at…

The common signs of someone with negative energy in their life is they:

  • Often feel lethargic, bored, stressed, anxious, tired, depressed and other toxic emotions
  • Voices of doubt in their head
  • Work in a job/career they hate
  • Are surrounded and influenced by people with toxic, negative and low energy
  • Regularly experience physical challenges and/or illnesses
  • Don’t have any purpose or meaning in their life
  • Find it hard to connect to “God” or higher realms (or whatever you call it)
  • Constantly experience financial losses
  • Find it hard to cultivate fun and joy in their life
  • Become co-dependent and rely on others to lift up their spirits
  • Wake up every day dreading life
  • Negative outlook in life
  • Constantly experiencing “bad luck”
  • And so much more.

How many boxes do you tick?

Clearing negative energy from yourself and learning how to heal your aura will help you stop feeling and experiencing the never-ending list above. 

If you do nothing, nothing will happen. But if you do something, something will happen.”

– Raymon Grace

Recognizing the problem(s) will help you do something about it…

If you don’t know what you’re trying to solve, how would you know what to clear or heal? Therefore, it’s good to have a quick look at the things you need to fix. Once you realize them, you can start clearing them from yourself.

What Does Negative Energy Feel Like?

What does negative energy feel like

Now… let’s look at the consequences and how negative energy feels when you don’t clear it from yourself. I’ll tell you, the outcome isn’t ideal. So, let’s explore this more.

Don’t you just hate it when it feels as if you can never relax, maintain focus, have bad voices inside your head… and overall feel down and low? Well, that’s negative energy in a nutshell. It prevents you from living true to yourself and having joy in your life.

Energy influences your life, decisions, thoughts and actions. You have to decide whether it’s positive or negative energy which’ll influence you. I’m sure you’d choose the former option in a heartbeat.

Did you know…

EVERYTHING has a vibration. Words, numbers, feelings, people… and pretty much anything you can think of conveys a unique aura. Hence, where you focus your energy can be all the difference to how you’ll feel throughout the day.

Will you choose to focus on the bad things…  or good?

If you’re sick of feeling self-pity, anxious and stressed ALL because of negative energy… clear it. Change your outlook, the people you surround yourself with, the words you speak over yourself, and all the things putting you down.

In an experiment conducted by Billy Beck, he PROVES the words you speak influences the energy and outcome of someone/thing.

Take a look at this –

Or, I’ll summarize it for you. In this experiment, he cooked some rice and separated them into 2 containers. On one of the containers, he marked it with the words, “Thank you rice” and on the other he wrote, “Stupid rice”.

He continued to observe them each day, and would read each phrase written on the containers out loud to the rice one or more times a day. After 20 days, he removed the lids and reviewed both sets of rice.

Would you believe it…

The container he constantly spoke positive affirmations over maintained its white colour and sweet aroma. Conversely, the negative one looked mouldy and disgusting.

It definitely sounds crazy but it’s true!

In summary, the words you allow to be said over you (from yourself or others) WILL change your energy – UNLESS you know how to strengthen your aura

So… how can you change this?

Well… let’s look at some ways you can clear negative energy from yourself.

Clearing Negative Energy From Yourself

Clearing negative energy from yourself isn’t a one time thing where you’ll miraculously become a millionaire or something like that. Rather, think of it like a bath/shower. It’s something you MUST regularly do to achieve optimum results.


Let’s look at some effective ways to clear negative energy. This is in no particular order.

1. Surround yourself with the right people

“You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.”

– Anonymous

It’s been said you’re the average of the 5 closest people to you. Motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and others have backed this. In this article by, the author shows why it’s important to surround yourself with the right people.


Look at the quote above. It’s a bit mind-boggling but true in so many ways. Although you can’t change the people around you, you can get rid of them from your life and replace them with friends more aligned with your purpose and frequency.

If you desire to manifest wealth and abundance, then hang around wealthy people. Or… if you desire spiritual growth, join self-growth communities and social circles. Whatever your goal is, surround yourself with people who thrive for the same thing.

The higher their frequency is, the higher yours will be too.

Knowing how to read someone’s energy can help you with this. If they’re similar minded, and convey great energy to you… your time with them helps your reality become more harmonious and positive. 

2. Connect to the earth

How to clear negative energy

This can be a walk in nature, listening to music, lying in the sun, meditating, swimming in the ocean, or any means of connecting and grounding yourself. 

You may have a personal preference to one of these or something else. Therefore, find a way to connect with yourself, “God” and the earth.

It’s been proven the earth emits negative ions which heals you. 

Have a look at this article by healthline:

Clearing negative energy from yourself using the earth is a great method as you become one with the universe. Furthermore, you’ll find it easy to release everything since nature (or meditation) can easily take on your burdens.

3. Speak positive affirmations over yourself

It’s been said words are the difference between life and death, and they can be your heaven or hell. This couldn’t be more true…

The words you (or others) speak over you WILL influence your energy. 

If you’ve experienced trauma and/or depression… you’re more susceptible to picking up the negative energy from others. If you listen to the media, news, family, or other sources regularly, you’re essentially letting them control you.

Therefore, be mindful of what you speak. If someone is trying to tell you what to do (which you don’t agree with) don’t be afraid to use your voice.


To clear negative energy from yourself, you need to speak positive affirmations over yourself as this increases your vibration. You can either create your own daily affirmations or find ones you resonate with on the internet. There’s plenty out there.

Our affirmations:

Money Manifestation Affirmations

Law of Attraction Health Affirmations

4. Do something you enjoy

When you experience more love, fun and happiness… you’ll also have less negative energy during that time.

Let me ask you…

Do you put most of your time and focus into making money, providing for yourself and family, giving in to society, and other materialistic matters? Meaning, you’ve slowly become more stressed, anxious and tired.

Furthermore, have you limited your passions and hobbies so you can work more?

Most people would reply “yes” to this question.

Inevitably, by doing something against your purpose and truth, you’ll pick up negative energy. You’ll find it harder to focus, stay disciplined, enjoy life and more.

Conversely, the more things you do which bring enjoyment to you, the higher your frequency is. Hence, I really encourage you to start doing more activities you love. Don’t shut off your hobbies just to put bread on the table.

Even if you spend 10 minutes a day doing something you enjoy, that’s a good start. You’ll find your vibration WILL increase the more you do it.

Final Word

Clearing negative energy from yourself is vital if you desire a life of happiness, purpose, love, wealth, and more. The reason is for this is obvious… if you’re living in a world of toxic and negative energy, you’ll manifest a similar reality.

However, the more loving, supportive and positive energy you have in your life… the higher your frequency will be. Likewise, you’ll manifest a better reality.

If you’re constantly feeling tired, stressed, anxious, doubtful, or such feelings, you’ve definitely got some negative energy in you. Therefore, clearing it is vital.

If you don’t regularly clear your auric field, you become under the influence of social media, news, family and society. Instead of living with freedom and clarity, you’ll be controlled by outside sources.


Let’s look at some ways you can clear negative energy from yourself.

1. Surround yourself with the right people

2. Connect to the earth

3. Speak positive affirmations over yourself

4. Do something you enjoy

By clearing negative energy from yourself, you’ll find life to be far more meaningful, fulfilling, loving, and SO MUCH MORE!

Thanks for reading!


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Clearing negative energy from yourself is easy if you know how to do it.

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