Some of you may have heard of “Dark Masters”, while others may not have.

If you have, you would know how bad a lot of them really are.

In this article, we will be discussing about Dark Masters.

So What Are Dark Masters?

Let me explain:

Dark Masters are evil beings that control our planet spiritually and are in higher realms than many of us humans!

Although they’re in higher dimensions and realms than many of us, they are not higher than the majority of the ascended masters!

However, they are pure evil and like to cause destruction as well as corruption in people’s souls!

How Do They Do This?

The reason Dark Masters have been in control for so long is because they’re incredibly smart and have complete knowledge on how Karma and spirituality works!

This means whenever you break karmic law in this life time or a past one, they instantly have access to your energy field where they can cause disruptions in different ways!

One of the biggest reasons they are so powerful is because they work together and follow very strict orders unlike us humans.

They even know how Authority works and strictly follow the orders of dark masters who have more authority than them!

Whenever they get told to do something to someone or something, they listen without questioning.

What makes dark masters a problem is they are much smarter than a lot of us!

They can instantly work out if you have a big path or not (if you’re a chosen one) and if you do,  they can cause chaos in your soul to try and put you off!

The problem is they can read your energy and past lives so accurately that they can instantly see if you’ve broken a karmic law! If you have, they have access to your energy field!

They can even see if you have a big path 3 weeks before you’re born! If they see this, they wait until you come out of the wound and throw energetic spears in your energy to cause disruptions and blockages!

This may sound crazy but it’s true!

How Do They Go After The Chosen Ones?

Dark Masters do anything they can to limit the chosen ones.

They place energetic implants, blockages, webs, cords etc as soon as any chosen one is born!

This limits the chosen ones from living their path to their full potential until all the spears, cords and blockages are cleared and removed!

Whenever someone, (especially a chosen one) breaks a karmic law even in the slightest, Dark Masters have access to their energy fields and can cause energetic blockages to limit the person’s potential!

What Happens When Dark Masters Sneak In?

As soon as they enter somebody, and the person doesn’t do anything about it, that very person has the chance to do dark works.

And because Dark Masters control the person through channelling; they can now implement their work.

Scary isn’t it?!


That’s just an extreme example.

Whenever you find yourself energetically drained, blocked or your emotions are crazy with sadness, fear, anger, etc. you know the dark masters are most likely in you or are entering.

How Do You Stop Dark Masters From Coming In?

The problem is completely stopping them from coming in isn’t easy for the average person.

It isn’t easy because you need to clear and heal yourself on a regular basis!

If you have something as little as an incident from when you were 4 years old that hasn’t been resolved, Dark Masters can take advantage of that and have no trouble doing so.

They look for any little thing in you that hasn’t been cleared, and unfortunately no matter how minor it is, they can still get into your energetic field, which means you now channel them.

They know how to program our minds through TV shows and movies, the way ads are set up, celebrity figures, symbols, statues and much, much more.

Even something as basic as numbers can be used to control us!

Dark Masters even know when you’re going through extreme emotions without resolving them, and thus, they can get into you!

Keeping our emotions in check is something we need to do because it will also help keep Dark Masters out!

This all sounds extremely scary, but we are giving you lots of details about what dark masters potential really is, since you must know the truth.

Getting rid of them takes a lot of healing including Etheric Layer healing (explained in another blog) but to help you get started, we recommend you watch our free karmic clearing video and do it regularly on yourself:

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If you prefer a written instruction on how to keep yourself clean from dark masters, follow this:

1. Start your day by saying affirmations such as “I know my light shines brighter than the dark masters and I know I’m on my path and fully protected from them”. Or “I am protected from dark masters and they have no hold in my life”.  

2. Do regular energy clearings on yourself (once every 1-3 days preferably). You can use the above link as a reference or find other videos/mentors which suit you.

3. Visualise a golden pyramid around your body and energy field with the intention of keeping dark masters far away from your life.

4. Always have your energy vibrating high by constantly operating in happiness, love and gratitude. A great way to boost this is by finding 3 things you’re grateful for everyday (even if it’s something small).

If you’re keen to remove any dark master influence, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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