What are the hardest things in the world?

Diamonds! It’s the hardest naturally occurring substance found on earth.

“A diamond is nothing but just a piece of coal that did well under pressure. Learn to deal with pressure and shine as a diamond”

Our world right now is going through so many changes.

Never before has humanity experienced such a global transformation as a collective at once.

Who would have thought that a virus would lock the whole world down? Bringing with it mandates and compulsory masking. Restricting movement, freedom, and travel for all.

Causing many to face pain of losing their voice, rising in fear, disempowerment, anxiety, loss of meaning in life and no hope for the future…just to name a few.

These are some of the things we sentient beings are facing in our time.

Let me ask you a few questions…

How are you coping with the loss and pain?

Are you hiding and burying yourself from what’s going on around you?

Are you being triggered in every area of your life?

Are you overwhelmed with being locked down on and off?

What is your coping mechanism?

What kind of dialogue is going through your mind? Is it uplifting or depressing?

The intention of these questions are to reflect what is going on internally. An invitation to look in the mirror and find out what you see.

Facing our darkest shadows and/or the dark night of the soul is not an easy thing to do. We, as humans, generally run away from pain and seek for an alternative remedy.

So, let’s go back to the hardest things in the world…a diamond.

How are diamonds formed?

Diamonds were formed over 3 billion years ago deep within the Earth’s crust under conditions of intense heat and pressure that cause carbon atoms to crystallise forming diamonds.

They are found up to the depth of 200 km below the surface of the Earth. Temperatures average 900 to 1,300 degrees Celsius in this depth and at a pressure of 45 to 60 kilobars (which is around 50,000 times that of atmospheric pressure at the Earth’s surface).

Where did the original meaning come from?

The original meaning of a diamond came from the Ancient Greek work “adamas”, meaning invincible. They would wear it in battle as a symbol of strength with the belief that the diamonds would make them unconquerable.

Strength and beauty…they’ve also been known throughout history. They are the stone of champions.

It’s no wonder diamonds have been worn by leaders or power heads to symbolise its strength and invincibility throughout history.

Therefore, pressure creates diamonds…

In the words of Lalah Delia…

Grapes must be crushed to make wine

Diamonds form under pressure

Olives are pressed to release oil

Seeds grow in darkness

Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed or in darkness, you’re in a powerful

place of transformation and transmutation.

Trust the process.

So…. what are you made of?

If you are reading this today, its highly likely you are seeking some kind of truth, the universe is calling you or have chosen this narrow path of pilgrimage.

Whichever is the case, take a deep look into the mirror and straight into your soul.

Ask yourself…how would I bring fulfillment into my life and live it?

To take the comfortable path leads to destruction of the soul. There is no growth or expansion.

Pressure separates the GOOD to the GREAT.

To be under pressure is to THRIVE.

To earn your greatness is to meet the challenges of this world head on. Without challenges and pressure, diamonds would not exist.

We are put on this planet to expand, experience what life has to offer and embrace its fullness. The universe continually bringing and showing us the balance of all things.

We cannot have the greatness without its challenges. We cannot have growth without its pains.

Here in The Awakening Within, we thrive under pressure in all areas of our life. Reach out to us when you are ready to move to the next level of your transformation.