Auras and chakras are a very important part of spirituality when you’re on the journey, as they are ultimately the real thing keeping you alive! I’m sure you’ve heard of them before during your spiritual journey but knowing the difference between an aura and a chakra is absolutely crucial.

If you haven’t or are still a bit unsure about auras and chakras make sure you learn about them as it will not only give you a better understanding of what they are, but also make it much easier for you to know the differences.

Learning the difference between an aura and a chakra is crucial because while they’re similar in some aspects, they’re actually quite different! Think of it like this… an aura is your energy body and the vibes you give off.

By contrast, a chakra is an energy centre in certain parts of your body, and you’ll find that each one has a different meaning if you’ve studied them enough. As mentioned above, check out the blog if you’re still unsure or haven’t heard of them.

The most important thing to know is our chakras and aura are what keep us alive, it isn’t the eggs on toast you had for breakfast this morning, or the coffee you drank to wake up. Ultimately these are our life force!

Let’s now go deeper into the difference between an aura and a chakra.

The Difference Between An Aura And A Chakra

Mentioned above is a brief definition of the difference between an aura and a chakra. Another way to put it is, the chakras are channels which allow your life force energy to flow through.

The way you can think of an aura is this: we have a physical body on this earth but if you studied about auras, you’ll learn that our spiritual bodies go beyond the physical world. Basically an aura is your higher light body and the true essence of who you are! And whatever is going on in there will radiate towards the world and other people.

In other words an aura is your light body existing beyond the physical world, and the chakras are channels which allow the life force energy to flow through, these two work hand in hand very strongly.

Unfortunately in today’s world and for centuries, the majority of people’s auras are darkened, and all their chakras blocked due to a lack of knowledge around the spiritual path among other reasons which we will get into.

When your aura or chakra is affected or blocked, it happens differently as well because here’s what happens: the aura is all about your energy and vibe, whereas chakras are channels for life force energy to flow through!

How The Aura And Chakra Work When They’re Affected Or Blocked

There’s an aura quote which says “a person’s energy and the aura they give off never lies. Trust in that.” So in other words, people can lie with their words but cannot when it comes to the energy and aura they give off to themselves and the world.

Basically if the aura is blocked, it will throw your whole personality and who you are off balance as well as dim your light. Awareness around the higher dimensions and your life purpose will also be affected so it’s crucial that you’re always bringing light into your aura and being who you are.

This is why it’s essential you know how to heal your aura.

There’s also a quote on chakras, “the chakra is a doorway. These are doorways that lead you into other dimensions, but you have to focus on them to the exclusion of everything else”. In other words, not only are chakras the channels in which your life force energy flows through, but also doorways to bring you into higher dimensions!

Hence, clearing negative energy from yourself becomes even more crucial. By not keeping your aura and chakras clean, you may experience consequences…

The problem is if your chakras are blocked, not only does it drain your life force energy and stop it from flowing, you also won’t be able to access the higher dimensions or masters. I’m sure by now you can see the importance of knowing the difference between an aura and a chakra.

As you can see, although they can both be affected and blocked in their own ways, in the end it’s all quite different despite any similarities existing. Auras are your light body and chakras are channels for the life force energy to flow through!

Let’s now look at some similarities between the two.

Aura And Chakra Similarities

The first one is that they both operate strongly on spirit and energy, without either of those, the aura and chakras are basically useless as they need both to function properly and guide you into the higher dimensions. Also to keep you in touch with your true soul.

Auras and chakras also connect to the higher dimensions and can be used to help you communicate with ascended masters for insight and guidance on who you are, your path, health, relationships, and all areas of your life! However you must make sure your aura and chakras are clear and not blocked.

Here’s some more similarities between an aura and a chakra:

  • They both have different colours existing
  • Without them you wouldn’t be alive
  • Influencing people and getting them to listen to you requires a strong aura and chakras
  • Whatever is going on within your aura and chakras will manifest into your physical reality

Obviously, there’s many more but I’m sure you get the gist, despite being different they also hold certain similarities. While it’s important to know the difference between an aura and a chakra, knowing the similarities is also crucial in understanding fully on auras and chakras.

As you probably guessed already, majority of people on the planet are blocked in their aura and chakras which means they can’t utilize them to communicate with ascended masters or connect to the higher dimensions, have little to no energy and remain unhappy and miserable.

The Importance Of Clearing Your Aura And Chakras

By now you should be able to see that keeping your aura and chakras clean is not only crucial, but also a need. I would imagine you shower every day to clean your body, same thing goes for your aura and chakras, think of it like having a “spiritual” shower.

When you know the difference between an aura and a chakra, it helps you with clearing both of them using specific commands and codes especially doing what is called an “Auric Clearing. It not only focuses on clearing the aura, but also the chakras!

The big issue is when you don’t learn how to clear your aura and chakras, it will result in severe consequences to not only your spirit, but also your physical life such as health, relationships, finances, social and much more! It’s an absolute must that you keep your aura and chakras clean every day.

Here’s what can happen by not clearing your aura and chakras:

  • Energy loss or fatigue
  • Health problems
  • Financial hardships or struggles
  • Disconnection from the higher dimensions and Source
  • Toxic and unhealthy relationships
  • Feeling unhappy and miserable

And much more! By learning to clear your aura and chakras regularly and knowing the difference between the two, not only can you avoid experiencing any of these issues or anything related, but gain knowledge on who you really are, your life purpose, having a more smooth and fulfilled life!

How Do You Keep Your Aura And Chakras Clear?

You can start by making choices more aligned with your truth and the higher universal laws, in other words clear your karma and stop creating new ones in this lifetime!

Another effective way to keep them clear is to always speak your truth and express yourself even if others don’t like it. In the end, it’s far better to be truthful and piss a few people off than suppress it and block your aura and chakras which will eventually lead to a major crisis in your life.

Discover your true purpose and stay on that path, it is another sure way to keep your aura and chakras clear. Not only will you be doing what you were put on this earth to do, but you’ll also know much more of who you really are!

Ultimately the best and most effective way to clear your aura and chakras is an Auric Clearing which we mentioned earlier. You’ll start to notice the difference when you clear your aura and chakras regularly!

Hopefully this blog gave you a better understanding of the difference between an aura and a chakra.