We all know what DNA is.

However, have you ever heard of a DNA Template?

The chances are you may have, but do you know what it means?

Did you know you’ve actually got a specifically designed DNA Template which has been there since birth?!

What Exactly Is A DNA Template?

A DNA Template is a spiritual template you’ve had since birth

It’s meant to be activated more and more as you get older which means your spiritual knowledge and frequency should increase.

Here’s what it should be like:

We are meant to have all our DNA strands in our template activated by 22 if we learn everything about spirituality and make choices aligned with Source.

Unfortunately our DNA has been corrupted by Dark Masters and we keep making choices we know aren’t right for us that makes it much harder and longer to activate your DNA strands.

Not living your purpose and doing something you know isn’t your path also means you can’t activate your DNA strands.

Not being able to activate your DNA strands means you can’t ascend and become one with Source.

Here’s The Problem:

We’ve lived so many past lifetimes and had to clear karma around our parents and ancestors that instead of having it easy and activating all our DNA by 22, we have to wait much longer and clear things manually.

An Interesting Fact:

Your DNA Template is originally made of Fire Letters!

There’s 3 different types of DNA Templates which all have certain amounts of DNA strands!

What Are The Three Types?!

The three types are:

  • Angelic Human DNA Template (12 Strands)
  • Indigo Type 2 (24 Strands)
  • Indigo Type 1 (48 Strands)

The vast majority of people on this planet have the Angelic Human DNA Template (which means they are called to have more straightforward and simple lives).

People with the Angelic Human DNA Template are also here to support the Indigos.

The reason for that is:

Indigos are called for a big purpose on this planet, which is to raise the frequency of the Earth’s Grids as well as everyone else’s.

There are around 2 million or so Indigo Type 2’s, and there are 350 or so Indigo Type 1’s, then the rest of the planet are pretty much Angelic Humans.

The amount of DNA strands you have affects how much frequency you can draw and hold.

We’ve written a blog about Indigos but I’m going to quickly go over them:

Indigos are beings that have accelerated DNA, intuitive abilities and are drawn to this kind of spiritual work.

Indigos can also draw and hold more frequency because they have more DNA strands and are called to raise the frequency of the planet.

Unfortunately, Indigos are also more likely to be targeted by Dark Masters or spirits.

The reason for that is:

Dark Masters or spirits know exactly who you are (again we’ve written a blog about Dark Masters but I’m going to go over them quickly).

They can read energy and consciousness clearly and have full access to your past lives.

This means if they see you’ve broken a karmic law, they can put implants, spears, cords, webs etc to limit how effective Indigos can be.

If you desire to find out how to prevent Dark Masters or spirits targeting you:

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What Happens When You Activate Your DNA?

  • You can access whatever dimension and realm you want to.
  • You can manifest whenever you want.
  • You no longer need a physical body which means you ascend to the higher dimensions.
  • You become one with Source.
  • Teleportation, omnipresence, healing, seeing energy and all kinds of powers are possible.
  • Finally:
  • You become an Ascended Master!

How Do You Activate Your DNA?

Activating your DNA is quite a process:

  • What you have to do is clear whatever your picked up from your parents and even your ancestors.
  • You have to clear J Seals (we’ve discussed in another blog) or anything you inherited at birth.
  • You have to live your path and do what you’re called to do.
  • You also need to clear yourself regularly to prevent Dark Masters or spirits from putting implants or anything limiting in you.
  • You need to do what’s best for the planet and not for your own gain.
  • And so on.

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