Did you know dreams contain so much more value than you perceive?!

Dreams are actually messages from your higher self giving you a very honest insight of your life! Sometimes you may have amazing and really interesting dreams but other times, you may have horrible and frightening ones.

No matter how exciting, fascinating, scary, confusing or weird your dream is, it always has a deeper meaning.

Dreams have fascinated people since the beginning of time.

Did you know Ancient Egyptians believed one of the best ways to receive godly wisdom was through dreams?

They believed people who had vivid dreams were blessed with “special insight”. In fact, most Egyptian’s dreams are still recorded to this day on papyrus! (i.e. paper used in ancient times).

When you’re sleeping and dreaming, your soul is in the fifth dimension which is why you may notice your eyesight is a lot different to the physical world.

A well-known man named Sigmund Freud’s theory stated that while our conscious minds sleep, our unconscious minds produce images which give us special insight into our deeper selves!

Why does your dreams contain powerful messages?

Every time you sleep, your higher self and spirit guides are sending you messages in the form of dreams. Think of it like how we talk to each other, we communicate through our mouths.

Our higher self communicates through dreams.

The only challenge you may face with dreams is figuring out what your higher self is trying to tell you.

Sometimes you must dig deep into your heart to find the true meaning behind it.

How do you find the message in your dream?

You can find the message behind your dream in a couple of ways:

One way is by searching online. There is a great website which tells you hidden symbols in your dream.

For example, if you see a lion in your dream, you can search it up. It’ll give you one or more interpretations of what that could mean.

Whichever one feels or sounds more likely to you, that’s what your dream will mean.

You can click here for a full dream dictionary.

However, it’s best not to seek outside yourself as much as possible. It’s important to practise tuning into yourself to see what your unconscious is trying to tell you. This method is easier for people who are naturally more sensitive, empathetic and like to feel:

This method is:

Tune into your heart, and ask your higher self the meaning behind it.

The best way to do this is:

Just before you go to bed and feeling really tired, ask yourself the meaning behind your dream last night and then fall asleep.

By the next morning, you’ll usually get the answer out of nowhere.

In conclusion

Your dreams always give you great insight into your life! It doesn’t matter if your dream is weird, fascinating, interesting, scary or happy.

My challenge to you is, the next time you have a fascinating dream, find the meaning behind it and let me know your experience!

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