I’m sure you’re wondering, “What are Etheric Layers?”

It’s very important and critical to know about them.

The reason for that is because when people get healings, they may seem alright on a physical level and possible emotional or mental level (for a certain amount of time).


Have you ever experienced a clearing and felt great afterwards, but within a few days, you felt full of anger, sadness, depression or you just went back to how you felt before the clearing?

The reason for that is because you got healed on a physical and basic level, but you didn’t get healed on a very deep level.

Let’s give an example:

Let’s say you have a big rectangular box that has been sitting in your garage for years.

The dust eventually build ups and you’re really surprised, you decide you need to clean it, so you do.

You then go ahead and clean all the cobwebs, dust, etc off the surface and outside of the box, but forget about the inside.

Now you’re left with a box that looks good on the surface, but it’s full of webs, dust and mess on the inside.

This is the same concept as your Etheric layers compared to energy healings and other surface cleansing ones.

There are very deep layers (Etheric layers) which need to be healed and not many people actually know how to heal them.

All kinds of problems are caused when these deeper layers aren’t dealt with.

So What Are Etheric Layers?

Etheric Layers are deeper layers in your body.

They are layers in your energetic body, not your physical.

In one of the previous blogs, we’ve talked about Chakras 1-7.


There’s also 8 more Morphogenetic Chakras.

Here’s where they exist:

8th Morphogenetic Chakra – Thymus

9th Morphogenetic Chakra – Thalamus

10th Morphogenetic Chakra – Galactic (6 inches above head)

11th Morphogenetic Chakra – Galactic (18 inches above head)

12th Morphogenetic Chakra – Earth Star (6 inches below feet)

13th Morphogenetic Chakra – Earth Core

14th Morphogenetic Chakra – Universal 1 (36 inches above head)

15th Morphogenetic Chakra – Universal 2 (Beneath Earth)

These Chakras are in your Etheric Layers.

The big problem here is:

People can heal their physical body and Chakras 1-7, yet they don’t realize these 8 Morphogenetic Chakras also need to be cleared.

Another reason you need to clear your Etheric Layers is because for example:

Let’s say you’re someone who constantly needs attention and has a subconscious anxiousness.

You can’t help yourself and always do these two things.

Although other people see it as annoying and high maintenance:

Spiritually, the reason these feelings exist is because somewhere in the Etheric Layers, there’s a deep, unresolved issue around abandonment.

I actually had this one until I cleared it right out.

Anyway clearing them is absolutely critical otherwise problems are caused.

What Problems Can Be Caused?

Many problems can be caused, and it could be anything.

For example, you may clear something, whether it’s

  • An Illness
  • Debt
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Etc.

You’ll feel bliss for a certain period of time, but one day, whatever you cleared comes right back!

Or, you might feel fearful and doubtful about your purpose and suddenly you get an urge to go off your path unconsciously.

How Does This Happen?

It happens simply because your Etheric Layers (energetic deeper layers) have not been cleared.

This is a huge problem because Dark Masters are able to get in and influence what you do and think.

We’ve written in another blog discussing about Dark Masters.

They can then inject energetic cords, spears, webs, implants etc which remain in your layers until cleared.

What I mean is they can now influence your thoughts, limit your potential and path etc.

How Do You Clear Your Etheric Layers?

Clearing your Etheric Layers is actually easier than you think.

The hard part is clearing everything.

The problem is:

Dark Masters have placed cords, spears, webs, implants etc in your Etheric Layers since you were born!

Remember, these beings can read energy so well, they can tell 3 weeks before you’re born if you have a big path.

If they realise you have a big mission on this planet, they’ll put much more spears, webs and cords in you than they would with regular people.

Unresolved issues in this lifetime and past lifetimes are all stored up in your Etheric Layers.

Clearing your Etheric Layers is energetic and you need to clear your Layers regularly.

Doing this keeps Dark Masters out and most importantly; helps you clear and activate you to your full potential!

Remember this always:

Clearing your Etheric Layers will help you massively for your life mission!

In the future, we’ll be doing Etheric layer cleansing to really help your energy get purified which in turn will take away all your unresolved issues from past lives and this life time.

It’ll also take away many of your blockages and doubts which are stopping you from growing and evolving on a spiritual and physical level!

If you’re keen to heal any damage in your etheric layers, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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