We’ve all heard of Angels and Archangels.


Some of you may have heard about “Fallen Angels” while others may not have.

In this article, we will be discussing what Fallen Angels are and how they fell.

What Are Fallen Angels?

Fallen Angels are angels who were once very light and directly connected with the Source.

They were wonderful and played their roles in the higher realms.

The reason they’re called “Fallen Angels” is because once upon a time, they were in the higher light dimensions and closely, connected directly with Source.

However, they rebelled and got cast down to this lower dimensional earth (the planet we live in).

Why Did They Rebel?

This raises a good question.

The reason is because they didn’t like the idea of being part of one consciousness (Divine oneness).

So they formed a rebellion against the Source to create their own brotherhood and kingdom with “Satan” (the opposite of Source) leading the rebellion.

Here’s How They Fell:

Satan was very connected with the Source. He was light and very beautiful.

I won’t go into too much detail, but he was basically a clone of “God” (or Source), absolutely incredible, very connected and part of one consciousness.

Unfortunately, he rebelled against God and got many other Angels to join his rebellion.

This was because “Satan” didn’t like the idea of being part of one consciousness and preferred to have his own kingdom and brotherhood.

Thus God had to cast him and his whole rebellion down into the lower, denser realms, which now meant they were never allowed back into the heavenlies and higher realms.

Some examples include of Angels that joined Satan’s rebellion are:

  • Lucifer 
  • Baal 
  • Azazel 
  • Belial 
  • Lillith
  • Leviathan

And there’s many, many more!

The Big Problem:

All these different Fallen Angels have higher spiritual knowledge and consciousness which they use for personal gain and ultimately to control our planet!

What happened was, they once were defeated in a heavenly war by Archangel Michael and his angels.

Revelation 12:7-10 (KJV) talks about this.

So now, they’re afraid of Michael and his angels, so what’s happening is they’re doing everything possible to stop us and the planet from ascending and ultimately, returning to God, or Source.

Interesting Fact:

Each Fallen Angel represents something specific.

Here’s some examples:

  • Lucifer represents music and positions of power
  • Leviathan represents being trapped in the 3D, earthly attachments, materialistic desires and affairs
  • Satan represents separation and the deceiver

And many, many more!

How Do They Affect You?

In many ways! Ranging from:

  • Keeping you off your path and in the dark 
  • Plaguing your thoughts and influencing them 
  • Keeping you in strife financially
  • Preventing you from accessing Source and the higher dimensions
  • Tricking you into breaking Karmic Law and doing things for personal gain
  • Locking you away from discovering your truth and real power
  • Neutralizing your manifestation and creative abilities
  • Causing health problems and emotional instability 
  • Causing you to get addicted to bad foods, sugary drinks, drugs, alcohol etc.

And there’s many more!

How Do You Know If A Fallen Angel Is Influencing You?

There’s many ways you can tell, but here’s a list of things:

  • Financial challenges and struggles
  • You think certain thoughts and wonder why it won’t go away 
  • Having difficulty knowing your path or stepping on it
  • Health problems 
  • Feeling drained and unstable emotionally 
  • Getting caught up in lower frequency things such as family dramas, financial issues, thinking scarcity etc.
  • Eating toxic, junk food and drinking liquids while being addicted to it
  • Staying or getting caught up with toxic relationships, co-dependencies, sleeping with different lower consciousness people etc.

And much more!

How Do You Stop Fallen Angels From Influencing You?

The truth is, for most people, it can be difficult due to the fact spiritually and even physically.

They are part of who control our planet.

However, here are some tips I can give you:

  • Pray protection and a pyramid over yourself daily.

You can read more about how to do this and more details here

  • Make sure you’re following Karmic Law and your own truth (this is very important. Disobeying karmic laws is one of the biggest ways to invite these dark masters into your energy field and let them have influence on your life).

Stay grounded by walking out in nature, meditating, reading a good book etc.

If you’re keen to cast fallen angels out of you, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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