I’m sure you’re wondering, “What are Fire Letters?”

At the quantum level (your energetic level) your consciousness is made of something called “Fire Letters”.

They are very powerful.

They are one of our original spiritual languages used in ancient times!

In this article, we will be discussing about Fire Letters.

What Is A Fire Letter?

Fire Letter is an ancient term that was used in the Enochian teachings as well as the Hebrew teachings.

In those teachings, they said Fire Letters was a way to turn your body into light!

Here’s exactly what a Fire Letter is:

A Fire Letter is an energetic wave that flashes on and off (like a candle or Christmas Tree Light).

It holds specific frequencies of consciousness inside you and is in manifest form.

What do I mean by this?

A Fire Letter’s frequency contains very high frequencies inside its own consciousness which then becomes a manifest form where it allows you to manifest instantly!

Cool isn’t it?!

The Big Problem:

Did you know Fire Letters is our original language and DNA?!

Everyone in the world originally had this DNA and all shared this language.

With this Fire Letter language, people could manifest anything they desired instantly!

Fire Letters was a frequency which allowed everyone to enter into higher realms and dimensions.

The problem was, dark masters knew all this and worked out the Fire Letter language themselves, so this meant they could enter the higher dimensions and could start a war in the spirit realm!

This was why the Source had to scramble the language and make people not able to understand each other.

This is why there’s heaps of different languages today, and this event was known as the Tower of Babel Incident!

Fire Letters was originally in our DNA and we could manifest anything we desired instantly!

Unfortunately due to the dark masters figuring this out, Source had to scramble this frequency and lower our DNA to what we now have.

We will elaborate on this story below.

This is why when you activate your DNA strands, you’re able to reclaim your Fire Letter energy!

Interesting Fact:

Everything in the Universe at the quantum level is made of Fire Letters because it’s basically points of consciousness flashing on and off.

It actually flashes on and off through Source!

Source flashes us into manifestation through Divine Masculine energy.

When we flash back to Source, we’re using the Divine Feminine or contracting energy.

Lastly: When we become at one with Source:

Fire Letters allow us to become One with the Divine Trinity (the Father, Son & Holy Spirit).

We now will discuss “Fire Letter Sequences”.

What Are Fire Letter Sequences?

Fire Letter Sequences are complex patterns of interwoven Fire Letters.

These can be used heavily for manifestations!

It works like that because of the way they’re actually built.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Everything on this earth are built upon Fire Letter Sequences!

What I mean by that is, the Blueprint for manifesting instantly and bringing things into existence are built upon Fire Letter Sequences!

It’s great isn’t it?!

Here’s another interesting fact:

The Fire Letters of the Angelic Human DNA Template and Species Template are composed of the same Fire Letter Sequences that make up the Divine Blueprint of Earth’s Planetary Grids.

What this means is:

The Fire Letters of the Angelic Human DNA Template and Species Template are made of the exact same Fire Letter Sequences that make up the Blueprint of the Earth’s Planetary Grids.

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The Story Behind The “Tower Of Babel” Incident

Long, long ago we were all a race of Gods ascending to the 10th Dimension.

Our original one and only language was built upon DNA Template Fire Letter Sequences.

Unfortunately fallen races and other dark masters had found a way to get into the higher dimensions with everyone else.

What then happened was Source had to scramble the language around and speak differently so the fallen races and dark masters wouldn’t get their hands on this kind of knowledge.

While it worked in keeping out the fallen races and dark masters, we paid a big price for it because the whole language and sequences got screwed up.

This is why in today’s world, we have heaps of different languages where no one can understand each other in different countries.

Our DNA had to get scrambled up in order to protect the higher realms from being under threat.

Due to this, dark masters were able to alter our DNA which is why it’s very important to constantly be clearing your energy field and activating yourself!

How Do You Activate Fire Letters?

In order to activate Fire Letters you have to activate your DNA strands.

We talked about activating your DNA in another blog, if you haven’t read it already.

Clearing your blockages and karma will also help you to access Fire Letters and use them to manifest.

You can even activate Fire Letters by reading the Keys of Enoch.

Fire Letters are also one the keys to turn your body into light and ascend!

Our DNA is made of Fire Letters so once you activate that, you’ll be able to use Fire Letters to turn your body into light and ascend.

Lastly: You’ll become at one with Source and the Divine Trinity because the Fire Letters allow that to happen!

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