Have you ever wondered the importance of how you frame your language in terms of manifestation and how you create your life?

For example, when you’re sick, if you walk around telling people how sick you are, you’ve effectively given your sickness power over you and allowed it to stay in your reality.

If you tell people you have a flu coming, you’re manifesting that into your life. Chances are, it’ll come into your life before you know it. You’ve given it a label and given it form.

Manifestation doesn’t just work for the good. You can also manifest bad things as well. In fact, your bad and fearful thoughts manifest much more powerfully than your other thoughts! This is why it’s important to recognise how you frame your language.

Another really good example is when you say, “I always seem to go broke no matter what I do”. You’re going to manifest financial troubles until you realize you’re the one causing the problem.

There’s plenty more examples I can go into but for the sake of your time, I’m not going to list them all.

The reason these come into reality when you speak this to yourself is because you say all of it with intention and you believe it’s going to happen, so one of the challenges I’ve got for you this week is to really become aware of what you’re manifesting into your life.

Why not use your words for good?

For example, you could start saying something like:

“I’m not feeling the best right now, so I’m going to have a sleep and I’ll be back to full health in no time”.

Or, “I know I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, although I’m feeling a bit flu-like, I know I’m 100% fine and I just need a few glasses of water, a quick rest and by the time I wake up, I’ll be in top health.”

Now that’s a good manifestation!

That’s taking control of your hologram and reclaiming power over your life. You choose the labels and forms in your life. Prosperity, health and success!

That’s how I started to overcome 3 or 4 days flus that I constantly attracted to myself.

Now I just don’t get them

Whenever I feel a flu coming, I just say these affirmations with absolute belief and intention. I never have to worry about my health. Source or “the One” takes care of it for me. 😊

All in all, take care of your health by what you say about yourself.

As Master Raymon Grace quotes, “the mouth speaks and the body listens”.

Everything you’re saying about your body; your health and your life are coming into your reality if you say them long enough.

These same principles can be used for money as well!

You can start saying things such as:

“Yep, I don’t have much money at the moment, but the good thing is I always seem to have plenty of money when I need it”

Or, “I know all my needs are fine and I’m going to have a great day while money keeps coming to me and I already have ideas which can make me even more money”.

Even the Master Jesus, or Yeshua said in Matthew to not worry about your life’s needs because just like God looks after the birds, he will look after you, so I encourage you to start speaking about the reality you want to create rather than what’s happening.

It’s not faith to speak about something that’s already happening in your life. True faith is not seeing something happen in your life in the practical sense, but by faith, you’re believing and seeing it happen. That is, in your mind’s eyes.

You don’t have to walk around saying things like “I have lots of money” when you really don’t. Otherwise, you’ll probably feel like you’re lying.

(Of course, if you truly believe it and want to trick your subconscious mind, that will work. However, most people aren’t at that level.)

But you can say “I’m already on my way to making lots of money because I’ve got lots of ideas coming to me”.

In Conclusion

The way you frame your language is life changing! If you go around saying negative things such as “I’m always getting sick and I can’t do anything about it”, then you’re effectively manifesting that into your reality.

Really, there’s no reason why you can’t manifest positive things instead. Why not put that energy you’re using to manifest your fears into manifesting success, prosperity and health!

This can all be done when you frame your language correctly!

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