Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 21st May – 21st June, you’re a Gemini.

The Gemini Zodiac sign is symbolized by the twins, representing the dual nature of people under this sign.

Gemini is the first sign in the air element, alongside Libra and Aquarius.

Gemini Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

People under this sign are very quick with their brains, often having a restless mind and always get bored very easily.

They have a natural gift of expression and communication and it’s rare you’ll find one who doesn’t enjoy being around others.

Geminis are one of the most adaptable signs of the 12. They are very open-minded and always ready for change. This comes from their tendency to get bored easily.

They are represented by the twins, which symbolizes duality. This shapes their being in a couple of ways.

1. They are very black and white people. If they enjoy or like someone or something, they’ll remain loyal, passionate and generous to them. However if they remotely dislike you, don’t be surprised if you no longer see them.

2. They can be two-faced. You’ll never know which face you’re going to see.

For a second, they can appear very sociable, fun-loving and communicative … and all of a sudden, they become serious, thoughtful and restless.

Another example is they can appear very friendly and social to you on the surface, but behind the scenes they’re gossiping and poking fun at you.

This is a common trait of a Gemini.

3. They can have a great balance of male and female when they work on themselves.

You can always expect change around a Gemini.

Geminis have an extremely fast mind and are often thinking of one million things in a second. This is a bit exaggerated but you get the idea 😉

Since they have a very fast mind, some people will find it difficult to keep up with how fast they speak when they’re passionate about something.

People under this sign often have a tendency to feel like their other half is missing. It’s why they are constantly seeking new friends, partners, mentors and different people to talk to.

They are very curious individuals and love to explore everything around them to discover new things. In fact, their curiosity drives them so much that they often feel there’s not enough time to see what’s around them.

Since Geminis get bored very easily, you’ll find many of them skimming the surface and ending up knowing relatively little about an enormous amount of subjects.

They love starting new projects but struggle to cope when they have to do the “deeper research”.

Since they have a very curious nature, mysteries always excite them.

You’ll rarely find a boring Gemini.

Geminis have very intellectual and smart minds and are quite inventive.

They are incredible multi-taskers and are always seeking constant movement and change.

Gemini Love and Relationships

Since they are constantly seeking fun, change and adventure … having a partner who shares these interests is crucial to them.

If they have a friend or partner who resists change and prefers to be stable and grounded, this builds up heavy resentment within them, especially if their frustration isn’t expressed.

They need a partner or people around them who constantly brings spark into the relationship.

Stimulating conversations are very important to them … and they generally won’t fall in love until they’ve become close friends with someone.

Since they have very quick and smart minds … good intellectual conversations is important to them just as much as physical appeal.

Since Geminis are naturally very flirtatious and always need variety, you’ll generally find them having many different lovers until they settle for someone who’s just right for them.

They need someone who has a great personality and mind, just like themselves.

They can be very flirtatious with someone, but if the person’s mind and personality isn’t interesting to them, they’ll no longer have any interest despite the looks and physical appearance.

When they find someone who can be a lover, friend, and great conversationalist all in one, they’ll remain faithful and loyal.

Gemini Career and Finances

As we’ve mentioned before, Geminis get bored very easily and are always open to change.

They have brilliant minds and are exceptional at initiating new projects. However, they’ll need a team around them who can implement their ideas and take it further.

Unless they’re very passionate about their project, it won’t be for the long term.

Geminis will have a tendency of going from one job to another until they find a career they’re passionate about, due to their love for change.

They love careers which involve communication and constant movement. Information is also very important to them.

They’re also very smart and skilful people … so it’s important for them to have a profession which challenges their mind. Having other people around them in a sociable work environment is also important to them.

This is why a career such as a journalist, writer, inventor, commentator, involved in media etc suits them very well.

Journalism, interviewing and writing are what usually excite them … as they can effectively communicate to an audience.

Money usually doesn’t appeal to Geminis. Although they love having it, the idea of always having to carefully nurture their investments and carefully plan for their financial future doesn’t particularly excite them.

It’s why having a financial advisor or someone to help in this area goes really well for them.

Gemini Soul Mission

A Gemini’s soul mission actually isn’t tied to a certain career path or work … but more to their social life and personality.

Since they have a very active social life and are great communicators, they have a natural gift in connecting and bringing people together.

They have a gift inspiring literal life-changing connections for people around them.

They have an outstanding ability to communicate their knowledge to people around them, so it’s not surprising to see them inspire others around them with their passionate teachings.

In this lifetime, it’s important for these souls to learn how to rise above duality and become conscious and aware of their soul.

It’s important for them to practise unconditional self-love … otherwise they’ll never feel complete.

They need to learn not to rely on other people for love because remember … the Source comes from within.

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