Being on this planet, you’re guaranteed to experience doubt and fear sometime in your life. Whether it’s doubt for the future, fear of losing something, doubts in manifestation, confused about your life purpose, etc. conquering these feelings is imperative to evolve and live a fulfilling life.

So … you’re probably wondering how to get rid of doubt (or you wouldn’t be reading this article). Well, there’s many ways you can do this but I’m going to be sharing how you can remove doubt using the Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction

Before we get into the steps, it’s good to have some basic knowledge on the Law of Attraction. So … what is it exactly?

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is a force governing the universe. It states your internal thoughts and projections translate into the physical world. Or in other words, whatever you think, believe and do carries a vibration (signal). Whatever signal you send out to the universe is what you get back.

Let me give you an example to simplify this. Think of the Law of Attraction like Google. Whatever you type or search in Google is what it’ll respond with. For example, if you searched “how to lose weight” it would give you tutorials on how to lose weight – and not something completely different.

Likewise, we can apply this theory to the Law of Attraction. Whatever signal you’re carrying (good or bad) the universe will manifest your reality accordingly. If you’re constantly doubting yourself, you’ll be faced with difficult circumstances until you overcome the underlying problem.

I trust you’ve gained a basic understanding of this. If not, you can read a more detailed guide on the Law of Attraction here.

How To Get Rid Of Doubt Using the Law of Attraction

Get Rid of doubt

Firstly, I want to commend you for taking action and reading this article to get rid of your doubt. Most people would either complain, whine or hide the fact they have doubt. However, for you to just read this article implies you’re serious about getting rid of your doubt and I’d like to acknowledge that.

Nevertheless, let’s continue with this guide.

I’m going to share a 5 step process you can take to get rid of your doubt using the Law of Attraction.

1. Recognize When You Feel Doubt

The first step is to recognize what you’re sending out to the universe. Meaning, it’s important to be aware if you’re doubting yourself and sending out negative emotions. By knowing what vibration you convey, you’ll know how the universe will respond – good or bad. (That’s how the Law of Attraction works).

The reason recognition is necessary to get rid of doubt is because you’re bringing light into darkness. By bringing light to the subject, you’ve pretty much begun the manifestation process. So, rather than hiding and dismissing your doubts, it’s important you catch yourself up and recognize whenever you’re doing this.

Additionally, if you can objectively assess whenever you’re feeling doubt, just accept it and work on the steps to get rid of it.

2. Embrace and Release Your Doubt

Once you start to recognize when you’re carrying doubt, the next step is to embrace and release it. Or in other words, energetically clear (remove) your doubts and fears. I’ll explain what this means in simple terms.

An energetic clearing is when you remove negative beliefs, patterns and thoughtforms from your subconscious mind. Or when you get more into advanced clearings, you spiritually remove things such as demons and discarnates, karmic and ancestral blockages, J seals, etc. However that’s beside the point.

To completely remove doubt, you must first release it internally. You can do this by proclaiming affirmations, following our energetic healings & clearing processes, or by fully embracing your fears/doubts before letting go of them.

If you’ve watched the movie “The Matrix”, it reveals a lot of spiritual metaphors and great examples of the current system we live in. One example correlates to this step. That is, Neo overcame Smith by becoming one with him and fully embracing him before letting go.

So … how can you apply this to getting rid of your doubt?  

The answer is simple. Let’s pretend doubt is your “enemy” (just as Agent Smith was to Neo). You can try your hardest to run away from it but it’ll always come back to you stronger and stronger each time until your face it without fear and conquer it. And to conquer it you must become one with it. Meaning, embrace it before releasing all the doubt.

To do this, I would suggest you meditate or take some time to relax and just feel your emotions. Once you start knowing which areas of your life you’re doubting, you can then embrace and feel it for a few seconds (or minutes) and then complete let go of it.

3. Use the Law of Attraction to Think Positively

law of attraction

If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction, you’ll know thinking positively is one of the basic principles. This is because, as stated previously, you attract what you are (not what you want). Meaning, you manifest the exact vibration you exhibit.

Therefore, making sure you emit higher frequency and energy is imperative if you desire to get rid of doubt. However, this isn’t to say you should completely ignore your doubts and fears. Quite the contrary, you should focus on both sides if you desire to get rid of your doubt completely.

The reason for this is because if you only focus on positivity, you’ll still have lingering feelings such as doubt, fear, uncertainty, etc. deep in your subconscious. By contrast, if you only focus on the negatives, you’ll be certain to attract events and circumstances on the same wavelength. So … find the balance between the two and then work on thinking positively and objectively.

It’s also important to note the predominant force will win. That is, whichever vibration you put more focus into will ultimately dictate your reality. If you continue feeding yourself negative thoughts then expect to face more challenges. At the same time if you’re trying to think positively but your fears and stronger than your desires, you’ll attract the stronger vibration.

Therefore, taking control over your thoughts is essential. Sometimes it may be hard but you must stay disciplined and continue feeding yourself with positive affirmations and thoughts. One way you can do this is by focusing on the things you already have instead of the things you’re lacking.

Some ways you can do this by:

– Focus on the things you already have as opposed to things you lack

– Rather than focusing on what could happen, focus on what you do to create the best outcome for yourself

– Focus on today instead of tomorrow or yesterday (One Day At a Time is a great short poem on why you shouldn’t worry or doubt)

– Believing the universe and world will work with you instead of against you

– Etc.

There’s a lot of ways you can shift your negative beliefs into positive ones. Those are just a few examples you can start doing this NOW.

4. Have Faith the Law of Attraction Will Work For You

The first three steps revolved around your mindset. Now, we’re going combine the mental/spiritual with practical things you can do to get rid of doubt completely. Nevertheless, let’s move forward.

Having faith the Law of Attraction will work for you instead of against you is important as it’ll motivate you to do things aligned with your higher self. Additionally, you’ll find it much easier to get rid of doubt by having faith and belief.

“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Mark 11:24 KJV

This is a great scripture which directly corresponds to the Law of Attraction. You don’t need to be religious to see this as a powerful statement. The message of this scripture is that if you desire to achieve anything, believe you already have it and you’ll manifest it.

When you use the Law of Attraction, focus on what you can do instead of what you won’t do. Ultimately, you have no one to blame for your misfortunes bar yourself. Therefore, you’re the only one who can change it.

So … you can do this by believing the Law of Attraction will work for you (and not against). Next, focus on the things which make you happy. Don’t allow your doubts to set you back from achieving what you desire.

5. Take Action To Conquer Your Doubts

The physical and spiritual world work together so you must integrate the two together to achieve what you desire. Meaning, you can’t just focus on clearing the doubt in your head … you must also work on getting rid of it by taking practical steps. Although it’s hard, doubt (or anything for the matter) can only be conquered by first working on the spiritual/mental aspect and then the physical side.

So … what are some practical steps you can take to get rid of doubt?

If I were to write out an entire list of things you can practically do to get rid of doubt, it would be a whole dictionary as everyone has their own doubts, fears and insecurities. However, I’m going to list a couple generic steps to take.

– Concentrate on what you enjoy doing and practise it

Whatever makes you happy is what you should be doing more of. Whether it’s sports, music, art, dancing, playing games, etc. find some time to do it as this’ll help you enjoy the small things in life. Some day the small things you take for granted could become the big things later in your life.

Also, by doing things which bring you joy, you’ll find it’ll increase your vibration … and raising your vibration will greatly help you to get rid of doubt. By doing the things you love more often, it’ll diminish the negative feelings and allow the Law of Attraction to work its wonders.

– Face your fears directly

If you have a fear you’re yet to overcome, the best time to conquer it is now. Even if it’s a small step to conquering it, it’s better than doing nothing. For example, if you’re afraid of talking to people, the best thing to do is to talk to a stranger. Or if you’re terrified of leaving your job and starting your own business, the best thing to do would be to take small steps to transition.

Facing your fears and doubts head on will not only allow you to overcome them, but it’ll also improve your character. Once you overcome your biggest fear, all your other minor doubts and insecurities will be far easier to conquer.


Getting rid of doubt using the Law of Attraction may sound difficult, but with the steps provided above it’s actually very achievable. You just need to stay disciplined and maintain a strong mindset.

If I were to say one thing I’d like you to take away from the article it would be to start doing the things you enjoy more often. By doing them, you’ll find it easier to raise your frequency and therefore get rid of your doubts quicker.

Trust yourself and start making the changes to overcome your doubts.

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