In this article you’ll learn about the Hadarian energy and their natural traits, abilities and gifts.

You’ll also learn about the challenges they must overcome to fulfill their soul mission.

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If you have a basic understanding of soul groups and you desire to harness the Hadarian energy, I recommend you proceed and read this article.

Hadarian Energy

If you belong in the Hadarian soul group, you came onto this planet carrying unconditional love and compassion in your heart.

Meaning, you most likely possess the soul gift of Divine Love.

The reason for this is because your soul planet was full of unconditional love (unlike earth 😊).


Due to your unconditional love, you also desperately crave to receive it back ..

And if you don’t receive love …

This will lead to feelings of guilt, disappointment, shame, drama, victimization and blame.


It’s imperative you find a balance between projecting energy of love into yourself and others.

Hadarian Gifts

The predominant soul gift as a Hadarian is your Divine Love.

Since you carry a lot of love in your heart …

You love building connections and relationships.

This isn’t only in the physical realm … but also the spiritual realm and higher dimensions.

This means you desire to find a connection with Higher Beings such as your spirit guides.

You also have the gift of intuition and empathy …

Since Hadarians are naturally spiritually inclined, it means you came onto this planet with an enhanced psychic ability (possibly clairvoyance).

Simply put …

This means you deeply feel the emotions, vibrations and sensations of your surroundings.

That is – energy of people, places, objects, technologies, etc.


I encourage you to practice meditation, astral projection and other methods to express yourself in a loving manner.

Hadarian Challenges

Being a Hadarian, your biggest challenge to overcome is your desperate craving and expectation of love.

You’ll constantly find yourself in abusive or draining relationships if you’re not aware of your nature.

This is because …

1) You possess so much love in your heart and believe everyone deserves unconditional love therefore devoting all your energy into them.

2) You expect too much love from others therefore someone lashes out at you and becomes abusive.

3) You seek a relationship from a state of NEED as opposed to WANT due to your desire to receive love.

The problem with these is …

It’s going to result in you despising and blaming others for your disappointment.

Meaning, you’re going to develop a victim mindset.

Furthermore, you’ll start to withdraw your love and violate your core beliefs and morals – to love!

This’ll lead to a damaged aura and possibly broken heart.

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Overcoming These Challenges

I’m going to list 6 steps for you as a Hadarian to overcome these challenges.

1) Understanding and embracing the nature of a Hadarian is to love

2) Avoid setting unrealistic expectations of love as this will only result in you feeling victimized

3) Understand the Drama Triangle and stay centered as opposed to victim or rescuer

4) Project energy of love into yourself before focusing on others

5) Enter and build relationships/friendships from a state of WANT not NEED

6) Harness your energy by expressing your unconditional love to the world

Hadarian Soul Mission

I think you guessed it …

Your soul mission as a Hadarian is to express your love to the world.

Your soul planet (Hadar) was full of unconditional love and your mission is to transfer that love into this planet of duality, conditioning and separation.

How can I transfer my love into this planet?

It’s a good question …

Most Hadarians know they carry a lot of love in their heart but struggle to fully express that energy.

So, to do this …

You have to harness the Hadarian energy and overcome the challenges.

As a reminder, the main challenge is …

Your expectation of love and victim mentality.

By overcoming your biggest challenges, you’ll be able to pursue and live your life with unconditional love, power and conviction.

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