Every year on October 31st, Halloween is celebrated across the world.

However you never hear about the real truth about Halloween which we’ll get into in a second.

There’s many traditions people follow on Halloween. Some of these traditions include…

  • Trick or treating
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Decorating homes with spooky decorations
  • Dressing up in scary costumes
  • Throwing Halloween parties
  • Drinking till the sun comes out

And much more.

It all seems to be a fun time, right?

Well, behind all these celebrations … lies a hidden truth which will shock you.

I apologize in advance if you get offended. This series is not meant for the light-hearted. However, there’s an ugly truth which has been hidden from you by the dark which must be revealed.

Unfortunately, the original “Halloween” was brutal and horrific.

In this series, you’ll be learning the cold, hard truth about Halloween.

So … what happened in the original Halloween?

Halloween originated from the Druid Samhain Festival.

This horrific festival involved dark practises such as child sacrifice, burning human fat, and much more which you’d probably prefer to not know.

Today, kids go from door to door collecting candy for trick or treat.

It appears harmless and good fun, right? Well the original version will say otherwise.

The original trick or treat was much, much darker.

The Original Trick or Treat

Druid priests would go door to door to collect children for human sacrifice, and if you didn’t abide, they would put dark spirits on your house.

The reason they did this was to appease the dark spirits and honour the dead.

It was a time when people feared the druids.

All this happened thousands of years ago. So quite some time ago.

Obviously today, there are now ways to deal with dark spirits and keep yourself protected … but back then, the knowledge wasn’t well-known and even if you knew about it …

You’d get terribly abused for being a “witch” and your destiny would be to be burned at stake for your “outrageous beliefs”.

Other Interesting Facts About the Original Trick or Treat

Everyone knows about carved pumpkins, or at least have seen them used as decorations.

It’s something fun for families to do on Halloween today.

However … the original pumpkins have a much darker meaning.

What’s The Meaning?

The druids would carve pumpkin heads and leave them at the houses of folk who had offered children as a form of “ward” to prevent spirits from haunting their households.

The pumpkin heads would even have burning human fat inside from previous sacrifices.

Read this article for more information on the history of Halloween.

The scary part is these sacrifices still go on today in certain places.

Long story short, Halloween is basically celebrating the devil’s birthday.

Who Were These Nasty Druids?

They were people who had high positions of power in ancient Celtic cultures such as; religious leaders, legal authorities, adjudicators, lore keepers, medical professionals and political advisors.

Druids were involved in the practice of dark arts and black magic. They would use it to control the population.

Back then people were more superstitious and had different as well as extreme beliefs.

As mentioned previously, the Druid priests would go door to door to collect children for human sacrifice. If the parents didn’t abide, the druids could cast dark spirits and magic over the house.

Unfortunately since most people didn’t have access to the knowledge we have today, they weren’t able to protect themselves.

It truly was an atrocious time, and a more primitive way of life.

The problem is, all this still connects to today’s Halloween.

Although the physical side of it isn’t anywhere as severe as before … the energy and trauma from this past event still exists every year when Halloween comes.

When human sacrifice happens, innocent blood is shed upon the earth, which actually puts a curse on the place and locks up the energy.

How Does The Original Halloween Still Connect to Today?

On October 31st, when Halloween is celebrated, the events that happen trigger the past.

Let me give you a simple example to explain how this works.

Let’s say you accidentally scraped your knee from a fall on your bike. You felt the pain immediately.

The bruise stayed there for several weeks and finally went away.

The next month, you saw someone else fall off their bike while you were driving.

Of course, this’ll instantly trigger your memory to your accident which occurred last month.

This same concept applies to dark spirits with Halloween.

When kids go door to door to collect candy, it’s the energy of those druid priests which triggers the past.

Ultimately, it opens the doors for dark spirits and heavy black magic energy to go to work.

On this day every year, the dark masters and spirits become very active and start shooting negative energy, curses, spells and implants on the masses.

This is due to the fact the energy is open enough for them to do their dark arts and witchcraft.

It’s just universal law. If people open themselves up to dark spirits, the negative energy will come racing into their energy field (unless you’re protected).

Why Do They Do This?

So they can keep control over the masses and ultimately, the world.

They know that because the old energy of the original Halloween hasn’t been dealt with or cleared, there’s still an open portal for them to attack people spiritually and energetically.

All of this may sound crazy, but it really goes on.

On Halloween, if you’re not protecting yourself energetically, you’ll be prone to take on the heavy energy and the darkness behind it.

How Do Dark Spirits Use Black Magic on Halloween?

Due to the old energy from the Samhain Festival days, the masses and universe basically has an open portal for dark spirits to do their work.

This is especially noticeable during trick or treat hours. It’s when they strike and put witchcraft upon the population.

Unfortunately, since we know children are naturally more open to spirit, they are the most vulnerable if they aren’t protected.

So the dark spirits bestow heavy/dark energy over the place and shoot curses, hexes, spells and all sorts of negative attachments.

In severe cases, they use human sacrifice to keep people reminded spiritually of those darker, original Halloween times and ultimately, keep control of the masses.

The biggest reason they get people is ignorance and not knowing the original Halloween, nor much about how to protect themselves.

As well as past negative experiences or traumas.

Even costumes can be a problem?

Why Is Costume Wearing A Problem?

Not saying wearing a costume is the end of the world because you can change your intention behind it.

The main reason it’s a problem is because back in the Samhain Festival, when they did the sacrifices, they would wear dark cloaks and conceal themselves with hoods.

I’m sure you’ve seen this type of ritual in some movies.

They would even have a reverse cross necklace (upside down cross to symbolize the Anti-Christ).

Once again, it comes down to a reminder of that old energy from thousands of years ago.

Of course, Halloween is meant to be scary, so kids dress up in freaky costumes.

Same with adults at parties or if they’re helping their children trick or treat.

Ultimately, it’s best to do everything in your power to keep dark spirits and their energy away from you.

Especially ensure that kids don’t open up to any issues around dark spirits, or getting curses, hexes, spells, witchcraft and black magic on them.

I’m sure if you’ve felt into the Halloween energy, it’s quite heavy and very dark. An open day for dark spirits.

This year, we challenge you to feel into the energy on Halloween and see for yourself what it’s like.

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