Whether you know it or not, us humans all have 7 areas of life …  








Each area of life has its’ own pros and cons like anything.

However, what you may or may not know is …

In order to have balance and be on the ascension path, one must heal every area on that list.

By not having all 7 areas of your life healed, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of challenges and hardships.

Mastering all these areas of life is what’s needed if you’re committed to healing them!

Why is that? Let’s dive in.

Why Must We Master All 7 Areas Of Life?

To put it simply …

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “one bad apple spoils the bunch”.

Or in other words, if even only one area of your life isn’t sorted it will affect the other 6 and going on the ascension journey will be extremely challenging.

Let me give you an example …

Johnny has done major work on himself and has the career he wants, makes more than enough money, regularly works out, eats very well, and is in great shape, he’s also happily married with great kids and has nice friends.

Sounds like he’s living quite the life, right?

What no one sees is that Johnny hasn’t resolved the spiritual aspect of his life due to wounds in that area and because of that …

He’s feeling miserable, empty and doesn’t feel as alive as he once did.

In other words …

He’s existing rather than truly living which means this is affecting the other 6 areas in his life!

How Can One Start Mastering All 7 Areas Of Life?

Like anything, it won’t happen straight away.

You need to be willing to evolve and grow constantly rather than get comfortable and complacent once you’ve reached a certain level of growth.

The first place to start would be taking time to quietly reflect on each area of your life …

And see which ones are worse or better than others.

What you would then do is start identifying the wounds, issues or anything else sabotaging you from getting that area sorted out.

Once you’ve tuned in and found the wounds or issues you then do energy work to clear and address it instead of sweeping them under the rug or suppressing!

Most importantly you need to push yourself to do things you’ve been uncomfortable with for a long time because that’s how you will grow.

Getting friends or people you trust can help with this step a lot because they can hold you accountable.

Here’s some other ways to start mastering all 7 areas of life:

  • Meditate and ask the higher masters for guidance and wisdom
  • Start speaking your truth and expressing yourself
  • Cut out people in your life who are draining and toxic
  • Put yourself first for once
  • Be who you are no matter what others think
  • And many more!

What Are The Effects Of Not Healing Every Area Of Your Life?

The effects are very costly.

By not having all 7 areas of life healed, life will be very challenging, and you’ll always be conflicted within.

For example if you haven’t healed the social/relationship side of your life, you’ll just manifest people with similar energies to your previous friends/partners until you’ve addressed the issue!

Here’s some other effects of not healing every area of your life:

  • Little to no energy
  • Disconnect from Source and your purpose
  • Uncertainty on who you are
  • Chaotic and erratic energetically
  • Pain and wounds never going away
  • Never finding peace in your mind and heart

And there’s many others!

What Happens When All 7 Areas Are Sorted Out?

Life starts changing for the better pretty quickly!

Instead of everything being drama and rocky, it’ll be more smooth, flowing and instantaneous!

You’ll also be much more connected with your purpose, who you are and can establish a real connection with the higher masters!

Here’s some other benefits of healing and mastering every area in life:

  • A calmness and centeredness will be there like never before
  • You’ll be able to manifest the amount of money or career you desire
  • Abundant health
  • Finding the relationships you’ve been seeking
  • A connection with the higher masters will be stronger than ever
  • Whatever pains, wounds or voids were in your life clear up
  • And more!

I now challenge you to start looking at all 7 areas of life and seeing which ones need the most work on.

As well as constantly working on the ones that are already sorted!