When it comes to your spiritual journey and growth… it’s absolutely crucial you know how to heal your aura. And healing auric tears is one of the most important aspects of keeping your field clear. Below, you’ll discover the severe consequences if you don’t heal them. However, I’ll also show you what to do about them.

Let’s first look at this analogy…

As you may well know, to grow and achieve anything in life, you cannot remain stagnant, stuck, comfortable, lazy or negative. If you do, you won’t get results. Rather, you’ll just stay where you’re at or, if anything, fall even further away from your goal. Sound about right?

Now let’s look at a 2nd analogy…

If you were running, sweating or doing an activity which caused you to stink, wreak BO and feel gross, would you have a shower or avoid the problem? Obviously you’d choose the former. This is the exact same concept as your auric field … the difference being that it’s your energetic body as opposed to physical.

Healing auric tears and attachments is very important as it, in a sense, is muck, dirt and foulness to your energetic body (or auric field). If you avoid the problem, you’ll continue to convey a negative aura and, in turn, manifest events and people aligned with that frequency. Further, they block you from any spiritual awareness in your path and higher dimensions.

For far too long we’ve been programmed to focus on the surface level of our problems, as opposed to metaphysical and deeper reason. i.e. We try to cover up our voids and challenges by either blaming external sources or buying things we think will heal that issue. In other words, we focus so much on the outward that the spiritual aspect is completely ignored. 

Hence every day we create tears in our auric field which need to be healed. It’s time we start healing auric tears instead of ignoring and avoiding our problems! Let’s look at what Auric Tears are. 

What are Auric Tears? 

In short, auric tears are holes, breaks or leaks in your auric field. Think of it like an exposed wound. When you have them, you’re vulnerable to pain, stress and soreness. It’s the same thing with these awful auric tears.

When you have them, you’re more likely to manifest illnesses, diseases and sicknesses in your life if you don’t do clearings on your auric field. Just like you have regular baths or showers to keep yourself healthy and clean, you should keep your energetic (auric) body clear too. Although it can be raw and vulnerable, ultimately in the long run you’ll be much better off. 

(Not to mention you can avoid any negative repercussions from manifesting into your life). 

Healing auric tears is not only a must, but also a necessity for your spiritual journey and well-being, as well as all other areas of your life. For example, if you’d like to know how to manifest perfect health, fixing the internal problem is one of the most important parts. Healing auric tears is essential as they’re energetic blockages which prevent you from achieving your biggest desires.

By not taking action of clearing them, you can expect to not manifest the results you want in your life. It’s really that simple. The reason for this is because they’re negative energies which influence, guide and dictate your thoughts, actions and beliefs. In a sense, they’re a lingering pain which never seems to leave you.

So … let’s look at how they’re created.

How Do You Create Auric Tears?

The bad news is it’s very easy create auric tears. This can be done from something as minor as a small argument over dinner or, more seriously, assaults, violence, trauma, abuse and extreme anger. I’ll give more example below. 

Let’s go through some common ways they’re created. 

Making choices not aligned with Universal Law or your own truth 

  • Getting (and staying) in a toxic relationship 
  • Hanging out with negative influences who drain your aura (read here why it’s important to know how to read someone’s energy)
  • Being stuck in a job or business you hate 
  • Going analogical (experiencing something so traumatic the wound penetrates deep, read more about analogical experiences here)
  • Getting influenced by the mass mind consciousness (e.g. listening to friends, family, media, news, and other outside sources) 
  • When you break karmic law, and create bad karma for yourself
  • And many more!

The worst part about auric tears is they stay until you clear them and deal with it. Otherwise … the longer you leave and avoid it, the quicker a horrific consequence will manifest in your life! Whether it’s a health issue, financial ruin or loss, toxic relationships or anything related. 

This is why you need to be willing to face your problems and start healing auric tears which may be lurking. By doing that, not only can you avoid the severe consequences awaiting, but you can start manifesting the results you want in your life! 

What are the Effects of Not Healing Auric Tears?

Auric Tears

It isn’t pretty, and certainly something you don’t want to experience if you haven’t already. Here’s the annoying thing … not only do you have your own auric tears to deal with, but you may’ve also picked up some from people around you such as family, friends or acquaintances… and the mass mind. 

In other words, taking on other people’s stuff and trying to rescue everybody can also affect you in creating auric tears. Another big reason why you want to be healing Auric Tears. 

Anyways, now let’s look at the common signs and you have auric tears in your spiritual body. Here they are: 

  • Little to no energy 
  • Financial struggles and strife
  • Major health issues or injuries
  • Voices of doubt and anxiety in your head, and negative influences
  • Unaware of your true purpose and why you’re here 
  • Struggle to use your third eye to meditate
  • Find it hard to connect with your spirit guides and higher dimensions
  • Constantly attract toxic relationships and friendships
  • Negative energy, entities, or spirits into your auric field 
  • Emotionally out of sorts 
  • And many more!

Healing auric tears is the first step to save yourself from experiencing these horrific effects and more. As mentioned earlier, the longer you keep them in your field, the faster they’ll manifest and wreak havoc in your life. 

However … 

When you make that decision to clear your auric field, life becomes much more flowing, smooth, easier, and purposeful. In other words, by healing auric tears you can discover your true purpose, experience more vibrant health, manifest the amount of money you desire, and anything related!

How can I Start Healing Auric Tears?

There are various ways you can do this. Due to the fact this issue goes beyond the physical world, the best way to heal Auric Tears is through energy healing. 

Here’s a few ways you can start healing auric tears:

  • Make better choices more aligned with Universal Law and your own truth
  • Do activities which cultivate joy and calmness, whether it’s art, yoga, walking in nature, listening to music, or something else
  • Express your emotions instead of suppressing them
  • Speak your truth even if it upsets some people
  •  Be mindful of the company you hang out with 

Ultimately the best way to deal with auric tears is by doing what is called an “Auric Clearing”. 

It’s a structured protocol which uses specific commands and codes to release and transmute any auric tears or negative energy/attachments. 

Click here to experience a sample of our auric clearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiEBcD4aVMw&t=3s

Fun fact: Ken Wilber, a great philosopher, believes integral healing is essential in achieving total health and wellness. In the same way mental health and mind, body, spirit has become socially recognised, he thinks the spiritual and etheric health will too in the near future.

I strongly agree with this. Most people focus on the physical challenge as opposed to the spiritual (metaphysical). The reason I don’t like this is because by only looking at the 3D, you’re treating the symptom, but when you go beyond that, you’re finding the cause. Therefore, healing your auric tears is very crucial if you want a better reality for yourself.

Thanks for reading!