I’m sure you’ve all heard of ghosts, plus we see them all the time in many different movies.

But do they actually exist?

The truth is, they really do exist!


They usually aren’t what movies make them out to be.

Most of the time, you can’t physically see them and this is why people don’t believe they exist!

However, they are capable of coming into existence!

Why Is That?

Let’s explore into it:

Did you know Ghosts are actually humans that have died, but they haven’t moved onto the next dimensions yet?!

That means their souls are still trapped on this earth, just not in a physical body.

But Ghosts are nothing to be afraid of!

Did you know the reason ghosts can come into your life is because they’re looking for your help to set them free from this earth?!

Why Did They Come To Me?!

There’s always a reason they come to someone, as they don’t just appear to random people.

A ghost knows who has the ability to set them free from this earth, but they don’t know you’re scared of them!

Fascinating isn’t it?!

If you haven’t watched the movie, “The Sixth Sense”, I’d strongly recommend it to gain more insight into ghosts.

How Do They Come Into Existence?

It’s simple:

Let’s say a hundred years ago there was a murder in a house; that means the murdered person will be there even if you can’t see them!

They just won’t be in a physical body.


A ghost you should be really careful around is a poltergeist because they are full of negative energy!

If they’re present, they need to be cleared urgently!

If you constantly are clearing your energy and the energy in your house, there’s nothing to worry about!


Most ghosts aren’t harmful, all they’re searching for is help and they need to be shown the light in order for them to become free from this planet!

Why Do They Need Your Help?

Imagine if you were on this earth but you realised no one could see or speak to you, and you couldn’t do anything!

What would you do?

The answer is, you’d most likely find someone with a spiritual gifting to set you free!

Did you know you could be carrying ghosts whether you’re aware or not?!


It’s simple:

When you experience extreme emotions such as:

  • Rage
  • Hate
  • Jealousy
  • Or you drink lots of alcohol:

Ghosts will attract to that energy!

For example, I was once feeling rage and unhappy with life, so what happened?

Ghosts came into my life!

I wasn’t even aware for a while; my energy drained out and I felt shocking!


Once I was aware and addressed what was going on, I cleared the ghosts out and helped them find the light!

How Do You Help Them?

Here’s an easy way to do it:

  • You tune in
  • Talk to the ghost or ghosts
  • Explain to them they’ve died and are no longer physically on this earth
  • And explain to them they need to pass through the next dimension so they can go over how their life was and begin reincarnating!

In Conclusion

Ghosts do exist and are capable of coming into existence.

They can latch onto your energy, but they’re nothing to be afraid of.

They just need help finding the light which is why they chose you to help them!

They are attracted to people they know have the ability to help them!

A brilliant movie I really recommend you watch if you haven’t already is, “The Sixth Sense”.

If you already have watched this, I recommend you watch it again to understand exactly what it’s about!

This is a brilliant movie about how ghosts come into your life for help!

If you’re keen to clear ghosts out of your house or yourself by guiding them towards the light, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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