Do you believe in magic?

I always did as a kid.

I had this “insane” belief that I could create anything I ever wanted in life.

My parents told me I was nuts. As did my friends at school.

But that didn’t deter me.

I used to read every magic book I could find. I even remember at 9 years old a friend offered to sell me a magic potion to turn invisible. I was so excited and accepted as I had NO DOUBT I could turn invisible.

When I found it weeks later it was a joke, I was laughed at.

I was pretty shattered. But deep down I never stopped believing.

Something within me always told me I had the ability to manifest anything I truly wanted.

I mean why not? Everything we see around us is magic. From the way a tree grows from a tiny seed … to the birth of a baby in a mother’s womb … are just small examples of the magnificent potential of the universe that we live in.

To me, Source, or “God” (how we label it) wants everyone to have the power and ability to manifest what our heart truly wants. Why would God want to deliberately f&*k up our life?

That was how I thought anyway.

Some say when you become an adult, you “grow up and stop believing”.

But not me. I kept believing. And continued to be disappointed.

Until I started going to a church where I was fortunate enough to see miracle healings happen.

Then I knew I was right all along.

I got excited. I started to study and learn everything I could about manifestation. I was certain there was a science behind it. Because I noticed when I did certain things, I got certain results. For example, when I created a clear intention, detached myself from the outcome and fully let go, it happened. By contrast, when I tried to force things or had a preconceived idea of how it would take place, it didn’t eventuate.

Since that time, I have developed a formula for manifestation which works over and over.

A great master Raymon Grace, who I studied with in the mountains of Virginia, told me …

“ … everything is energy and energy can be transformed … “

However, the good thing about manifestation is, it is not only SPIRITUAL or ESOTERIC but HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC. Indeed, many scientists have now confirmed the quantum principle.

For instance …

  • Max Planck was one of the first scientists to say everything is quanta or packets of energy.
  • David Bohm the great physicist puts it a different way. He says everything is a WAVE first, and only when we make an observation and create an intention around something does it become a PARTICLE or MATTER that we can see or observe in the physical world.
  • Niels Bohr another physicist said, time is an illusion. That is, past, present and future are NOT linear. They are quantum and occurring all at the same time.
  • Ivonne Delaflor futurist and parallel universe specialist John Thompson both go one step further and say timelines are happening simultaneously, like parallel universes or timelines.
  • Amit Goswani PhD Oxford University professor says we live in a quantum universe, not a classical material universe and therefore, we create everything by our observation or intention. NOT the other way around as Einstein or traditional science would have you believe.

All the scientists were doing were confirming what the yogis and gurus had known for years.

The best known example is in the Bible.

Yeshua (or Jesus) said to his disciple Peter when the latter was amazed at the miracle of Jesus cursing a fig tree which withered up and died in front of him (Mark 11:22-24 Bible):

“And Jesus said to him “Have the FAITH OF God”. For truly I saw to you, whoever says to this mountain, be uprooted and cast into the sea and has NO DOUBT in his heart that what he said shall come to pass; he shall have the thing that he said. So whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive them and you shall have them …

There are FIVE keys given by Jesus in this incredible passage:

  1. “Have the faith OF God”. This refers to an inward state of being in the NOW, in the realm of the miraculous. You be and see God as within you not as outside yourself. This aligns with when Jesus also said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”.
  • You must SPEAK to the mountain or thing you want to deal with. That is, a COMMAND or INTENT is CRITICAL for manifestation to work. Indeed, EVERYTHING which creates a miracle healing, manifests a specific outcome, comes from a COMMAND or INTENT. (This also works in reverse as deep fear with certainty bad things will happen to you will certainly manifest these awful outcomes for your life … that is why it is SO important for an individual or community to be very mindful about what they are thinking or speaking.)
  • Have no doubt in your HEART. Jesus never said in the MIND … mental assent is NOT manifestation. It is simply dreaming or fantasy in the imagination. True manifestation comes from the heart. And this is NOT talking about the heart as in the 4th chakra emotional body. This is the HIGHER heart, the 8th chakra, that inward knowing it is ALREADY DONE.
  • FAITH is the force or power behind manifestation. The Bible says “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN”. That is, the inward knowing you already have the thing you want. That is, the secret of faith is to believe YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED them. When you are in that state, you shall SURELY HAVE THEM with the same certainty when you plant a seed, you will reap fruit from the same.
  • FAITH is ALWAYS in PAST tense. It is NOT wanting or yearning for something to happen. Desire in itself says you DO NOT already have the things you want as you are wishing you had them. And wishing never brought anything. True faith means you know YOU ALREADY POSSESS THE THINGS YOU DESIRE. This is a difficult state to attain to as the natural instinct is to look around you, not see it in the physical and say “how can I say I have it when I don’t, isn’t that lying?”. Well, most people lie to themselves every day, eg. tell themselves they will get sick and lose their money. Eventually they manifest it through their determination. Why not do this in reverse and trust in the innate power of the body to HEAL itself and ATTRACT prosperity as a natural God given gift? Would God or the Universe really want a sick starving child full of poverty? Or would the desire be for health, happiness, prosperity and abundance? I will leave it to your imagination.

The failure to understand these universal laws of manifestation is the reason so many “would be” manifesters get continually disappointed and eventually give up.

What I share above is a powerful secret of the mystics. Indeed the famous “Secret” movie in 2006 was based on these EXACT principles.

In the Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot shares how the hologram theory means our life is like a movie and our subconscious mind is like the movie projector. That is, our life events are a movie being played out from our own internal projection to manifest our belief systems.

Master Toby Alexander puts it this way …

“We are the product of our last 1000 choices”

In other words we are manifesting every day by our thoughts and beliefs, our fears, and anxieties.

We manifest our fears even faster than our desires as they have more energy. So if you haven’t mastered fear and anxiety, your life will constantly be manifesting what you DON’T want.

Have you ever noticed, for example, the people who continually say “the more money I make the more taxes I pay” or “nothing ever works out for me” or “I will never fix this injured back, I have it for life” always end up manifesting their desire? Or those who are fearful of getting scammed or losing money in cryptos or investments, always seem to get their wish?

Or what about those people who constantly attract tax audits or difficulties in their life?

(Again they keep thinking and talking about what they DON’T WANT rather than what they DO WANT.)

Another common example is you feel a flu coming on and say “I’ve got a flu coming on”. And presto! That’s what happens. You manifest a flu. You believed the feelings, the symptoms, and it happened.

You got yourself sick using the magic of manifestation.

Why not instead manifest what you WANT rather than what you DON’T WANT?

The good news is you can. Indeed, you can transform the energy of any past event or trauma, create any life experience or result, even change things in your community or State around you by using the power of manifestation, the scientific principles and the power of faith.

Through manifestation, for example, myself and my students have been able to manifest things like:

  • Healing an injured knee
  • Instant healing of conjunctivitis in the eye of a child
  • Seeing a goiter go down
  • $20,000 + per month in residual income from less than $2,000 in LESS than 6 months
  • Causing a $120,000 bad debt to disappear
  • Instant healing from bad food poisoning
  • A transformation in business and career WITHOUT suffering a loss of income (and quite the contrary, seeing it increase pretty much immediately)
  • Healing issues around family instantly which every counsellor and other person seen has been unsuccessful
  • Making a speeding fine disappear by your police computer record clearing out
  • Smashing through procrastination issues and finding it easier to take action
  • Clearing a traumatic bullying incident at age 6 which had affected me all my life so from the day forth, I never felt traumatized standing up for myself again
  • Seeing a police record get erased so a cop told me I had a clean speeding record (when I had 40 tickets on the system)
  • Making a s*&tload more money

And much more.

As a final comment …

Since 2012, there’s been an acceleration of spiritual awareness and a greater interest in higher realities than I’ve ever known.

People are realizing our physical world is a holographic reflection of our own beliefs, and because of that, we create our realities by our choices.

In the new world we are entering, the skill to manifest is more CRITICAL than ever. Governments and social media are determined to brainwash the masses with their fearful thoughts to manifest a terrible world. Unfortunately they are doing a very good job at it too. The masses are falling for it hook line and sinker. They are getting caught up in the fearful thoughts, believing the lies spun by the media.

Being able to shift the consciousness is CRITICAL for your health, prosperity, even survival,

In conclusion … imagine being able to change the whole world by awakening your own innate power to manifest what you truly want.

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