Every time you enter a room, there’s always a certain energy or consciousness to it which can be felt whether positive or negative. On the surface it may seem it’s the people’s mood or other sources around the room which shapes the energy. However, while it’s true to a point it’s all about what energies, demons, traumas or something else people are carrying in there. It’s important to know how to change the energy in a room.

This does sound crazy but it’s true. Think about it like this, if a fish were living in a polluted bowl you wouldn’t be thinking of trying to fix the fish, you’d remove the pollution then worry about sorting it out. Same applies to people’s energy and consciousness, as well as your own.

In short the energy of a room all depends on what people are carrying energetically. Obviously, the outward cleanliness, hygiene, and stuff like that matters but ultimately even that is a reflection of the people’s consciousness especially the ones who own the room, you’ll be amazed how much most people are actually carrying!

By now you’re probably wondering how to change the energy in a room. Well it’s actually quite simple, the short answer is diving deep within and clearing yourself first then focus on the room. In a bit we’ll discuss further on steps and methods you can use.

The reason you need to know how to change the energy in a room is because you pick up energies and consciousness wherever you go, whether it’s as simple as having your morning coffee in a café to the more serious like people harming you in some way. We’ll first get into how you pick up energies all the time.

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How Come You Pick Up Energies All The Time?

You’re constantly picking up energies and consciousness of the people and environment around you because by being a part of this world, it will be around whether you like it or not unless you completely isolate from society in the bush or somewhere else. In other words, if you’re not mindful you’ll inevitably take on the energy and consciousness of the masses.

Think of it like swimming in a chlorinated pool, whether you like it or not you’ll have the chlorine on your body if you decide to have a swim, the only way to avoid it is either not swimming at all or choosing a more natural pool like saltwater.

How does this apply to picking up energies? It applies because the only way to stop taking on the mass consciousness is either completely isolating from humanity or finding a solution to the problem. When it comes to learning how to change the energy in a room, it first begins with working on your own flaws and shadows.

Unfortunately because the planet’s consciousness is so dense you have to make sure you’re constantly working on yourself and being mindful of negative energies in other people and the environment around you, in other words never let your guard down and always remain vigilant.

If you’re an empath it’s more crucial than ever to learn how to change the energy around you since you’ll be even more vulnerable to absorbing the mass consciousness, and generally if empaths can shift themselves it makes a huge difference to the environment and everyone around them!

What Can You Do To Keep The Mass Consciousness Off Your Energy?

Generally most people will get sick of it and close off their heart or in some cases, take the isolation from society route but neither scenario usually ends well unless you’re really called to go into the wilderness so to speak. Closing your heart on the other hand is never a positive thing to do.

There are various methods you can use to keep the mass consciousness out of your energy field but the most effective way is regular Auric Clearings and being mindful that you’re not getting caught in the rescuing persona of trying to help others so much it drains your energy and destroys your health. Again, the most important aspect is to continuously be working on yourself.

Once you regularly clean yourself spiritually and physically, you’ll start to recognize symptoms of negative energy leaving the body. You’ll also feel more free, calm and energized.

Here’s some other methods to keep the mass consciousness at bay:

  • Meditation
  • Getting out in nature
  • Every now and then taking breaks from friends and family when led
  • Being who you are and not caring what others think

And many more! These are some examples of what you can do to release any energies which aren’t yours to get yourself balanced again. Also to help you clear yourself before learning how to change the energy in a room otherwise how are you supposed to help others if you can’t even help yourself?

By not dealing with energies you’re picking up, it can lead to severe consequences which you will inevitably have to endure. This can be avoided but in order to do that, it’s a must that you remain vigilant.

What Are The Effects Of Not Dealing With The Mass Consciousness?

They can be more severe than you think because the consciousness is not yours which means because it’s so dense and negative, it will result in taking a huge toll on your health and well-being. Not only that but worst of all, you’ll be affected spiritually in your energy field with all kinds of problems.

Here’s some of the negative effects you will experience:

  • Little to no energy
  • Mind going a million miles per hour
  • Emotionally out of whack
  • Disconnection from Source and the higher dimensions
  • Losing yourself
  • Major health problems

As you can see it’s not a great experience to endure which is why learning how to clear yourself before changing the energy in a room is so important. By not clearing the mass consciousness, it not only affects you, but you’ll also carry the issues into the room or environment you’re in. This is why you need to know how to keep your energy field clean!

Everything you see is a holographic manifestation of your internal state. This is why it’s important to realize what you see all comes back to you…

By learning how to clear any mass consciousness you pick up, you’re saving yourself from a lot of pain and challenges. It also helps you to reconnect with your true soul and change the energy in not only a room you walk in, but the environment as well! Your light will shine brightly and go into mother earth!

When you know how to change the energy in a room, not only can it help with lifting the energy in certain rooms, but you’ll be able to do it anywhere you go. As you practice more and more you can reach a point where your presence alone can shift the energy in any place or environment!

So … How Do You Change The Energy In A Room?

By now you know in order to do this, it’s a must that you clear yourself first before looking at the room. Make sure to clear any energies or consciousness picked up from the masses or environment around you, as well as any negative emotions going on. You’ll definitely notice how much easier it is to change the energy in a room.

Once you’ve balanced yourself out, you then start looking around the room and feeling into it. The big key to this is shutting your mind up and diving straight into the heart space, so find something which will keep you grounded, after that feel into the room and see what energies you pick up in there.

As soon as you’ve picked up certain vibes going on in the room, start to scramble them with energy. You can do this by intention or speaking out loud to yourself but the most effective way is by connecting with your spirit guides and channelling them to purify the consciousness in the room since they’re much more powerful and can really bring the higher presence in there.

Here’s the steps to change the energy in a room:

  1. Clear and balance yourself first
  2. Escape the mind and dive into the heart space
  3. Feel the energy and vibes of the room
  4. Connect to your spirit guides
  5. Scramble and clear any negative energies
  6. Allow your light to shine

The key to changing the energy in a room on the regular is practice! Main thing is to not only continuously work on yourself daily, but also practicing tuning into the energy of rooms and environments you walk into and clearing whatever it is you’re picking up.