Learning how to connect with your spirit guides is one of the wisest decisions you can make if you’re looking to increase your abundance in all areas of your life!

Whether you’re craving more finances, better health, higher frequency and harmonious relationships, more clarity on your purpose, and so on… knowing how to connect with your spirit guides will greatly benefit you.

The only thing you must be mindful of, is that all these areas of your life won’t just magically improve when you read this article. You must take action!

It’s no good just sitting back, reading and absorbing knowledge when you don’t put it into action.

Think of it like a coach or doctor. A coach can’t make you win, a doctor can’t make you healthy. They can give you the best advice and plans, but if you don’t implement it in your life, nothing will change.

Spirit guides are no different.

What are Spirit Guides

Before you learn how to connect with your spirit guides, it’s important to first understand who they are and how they operate.

Spirit guides are angels and spiritual beings of the light. They contain knowledge far greater than human wisdom. The beauty is, they desire to share it with you!

When you choose to submit and open yourself up to their guidance, you’ve opened yourself up to a library of “God’s” wisdom!

Think of the words “spirit guides”. They are the guides of the spirit realm. You can’t physically see them, but they’re there, within you, guiding every step you take in life.

Have you ever had that “soft, still voice” or sense which you just couldn’t shake? Whenever you get that gut or intuitive sense, it seems like it’s always right.

Well, that is your spirit guides in action.

Spirit guides operate in the 4D and higher realms.

This means in order to connect with your spirit guides, you must be able to raise your frequency to their level.

You’ll see more shortly about how you can reach that state.

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Connecting with your spirit guides is no easy task, it takes time, patience and commitment.

You must learn a very orderly and structured process to connect with your spirit guides.

The realms beyond space and time, which spirit guides operate in, have immaculate order and process.

You can see this by the way the stars, planets, sun and moon are perfectly aligned with the rest of the universe.

You can’t connect with your spirit guides unless you follow a very structured, orderly and timely process.

To connect with your spirit guides, the thing you have to master is the control of your brain state.

We’ve come up with a 7 step process which enables you to connect with your spirit guides, once you’ve mastered the control of your brain state.

Here is the process you must follow to connect with your spirit guides.

To learn how to master each step in detail, read below.

What’s Next…

Now that you’ve got a foundation of how to connect with your spirit guides, and you understand the basics of who they are and how they operate, the next step for you is to fully grasp the concept of how they improve your life and what you need to do in order to properly receive their guidance and wisdom.

If you’re looking to understand this concept more in depth, we’ve got 2 options for you to take your journey to the next level.

The first option is for more analytical people. We’ve written a free ebook for you. However, this is only for you if you’re genuinely serious about improving your life, and will take the necessary action steps to achieve your goals.

The second option is for more visual people. If you prefer seeing and watching something over reading, we’ve also done up a special 15 minute training video for you to take your knowledge and actions to the next level.

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