One of the biggest problems spiritual people face today is learning to truly tap into the higher realms and dimensions.

When you meditate, do you ever struggle getting into a deep brain state due to overthinking, doubt, feeling blocked, etc? Or not knowing how to calm the monkey mind?

I know for me, it took a very long time to master my brain state and ability to communicate with higher beings and spirit guides.

The truth is, when you’re unable to control your brain state, you won’t have access to the higher realms, which means you won’t be able to connect with your spirit guides.

What Causes You To Have An Active Mind?

This is one of the biggest problems many people face when they’re trying to tune into themselves, meditate, connect to the higher realms, etc.

It’s something you must learn to gain complete control over. So let me break this down for you.

The main causes of an active mind is due to worry and anxiety.

People get this from worrying about something which hasn’t happened yet (the future).

Another cause to an active mind is analogical experiences (i.e. trauma).

For example, you walk in and discover your partner who you love is having an affair in your house, which completely devastates you. You then go into a deep state of shock, hurt, etc.

Whenever you go into a deep state of shock, your reactive brain takes over, rather than your unconscious brain.

Unless you deal with this, the pain and blockages just keep building up internally, and will affect every area of your life (including your ability to connect with your spirit guides).

So, the question is … “How do you learn to quiet your mind and connect further with your spirit guides?”

The answer is by learning how to control your brain state and heal your trauma, anxiety, analogical experiences, etc.

We’ve done a special training on how you can clear your energetic blockages and get into a deep brain state with ease.

If you’re keen to slow your mind down for better connections with the higher realms, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

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