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Let’s begin …

Throughout the course of life, we all seek to find joy, happiness, love, freedom and fulfillment.

We also search to find the meaning and passion of our life …

I’m sure you’ve asked the question: “What’s my life purpose?” or something along those lines.

Ultimately, we desire to discover our life purpose.

When you don’t have a sense of purpose, it feels as if there’s a void that can never be satisfied or quenched …

No matter what you do it feels meaningless and oblivious.

By contrast, when you have a sense of purpose you’re motivated to live with enjoyment and inspiration.

You desire to express your gifts with the world and become a beacon of light to others.

Which one are you?

Most people fall under the former category.

They move through life never achieving a total sense of achievement and fulfillment. This means they’re prone to fear and despair.

Finding your life purpose is essential to live the most fulfilling and meaningful life …

Limits, worries, fears, victimization and unhappiness will no longer be present in your sight …

All you’ll see is opportunity and evolvement.

You’ll desire to leave a mark on earth – whether it’s big or small.

Read this 5-step guide on how to discover your life purpose.

1. Find Out What You Love

The first step to discover your life purpose is notice what you enjoy and love – even without getting paid.

Notice the thoughts and activities that stimulate your joy and energy levels.

What You Love Test:

I’m going to conduct a test to help you realize what you love and enjoy.

Get a piece of paper (or your mobile/computer) and complete the following:

1) Write 5 things you love to do – even without getting paid

2) Write 3 quality traits you’d like to express and be remembered for

3) Write 3 events that brought you the most joy and satisfaction

4) What do these feelings and events have in common

Being aware of where your joy and happiness comes from will give you an idea how to construct a career/mission around it.

This is because …

When you do something that brings you joy and happiness, no one can make you stop.

You’ll even stay up late and wake up early to do the things you enjoy most.

Therefore, find something that exhilarates your enjoyment and happiness.

By moving in the spirit of love, joy and happiness you’ll find it easier to find your purpose as opposed to the spirit of fear.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7

When you move in the spirit of fear, you’ll increase the chance of making decisions misaligned with your life purpose.

You’ll quickly become more tired, stressed and despaired.

Therefore, move in the spirit of power, love, joy and happiness.

Find activities that stimulate your joy as it’ll greatly benefit you to discover your life purpose.

2. Manifestation

Manifestation the 4 brain states

The second step to discover your life purpose is manifestation and mindset.

The thoughts, emotions and vibrations you project create your hologram and dictate your life direction.

The is due to the basic principle of manifestation

The external is merely a reflection of the internal.

“For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

– Proverbs 23:7

From the wisest man on earth (Solomon), “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Basically, this means the thoughts you project determine who you are.

Therefore, start shifting your thoughts and set positive affirmations and manifestations.

Manifestation Test:

I’m going to conduct a list of quick tasks for you to do.

Complete the following:

1) Write how you see your ideal life, vision statement (without any restrictions)

2) Write the most important thing in your ideal life

3) Write positive affirmations/manifestations to practise regularly

Einstein quoted, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

This is coming from a historic genius, so I think it should be taken seriously.

You may be thinking …

Why is imagination more important than knowledge?

It’s a good question!

When you imagine, you see a world with no limits, boundaries and restrictions …

You see the things you truly desire and love.

Imagination conveys strong emotions too …

Meaning, when you’re imaging positive scenarios they produce strong feelings of motivation, inspiration, joy, etc.

By contrast, when you imagine negative (and harmful) thoughts they produce feelings of anger, hatred, sadness, etc.

Interestingly …

When you compare imagination and manifestation they’re not much different.

Namely, they both reveal what you want and how it would look and feel to have it.

They also go beyond the concept of linear time and space, meaning it feels as if it’s one with the present.

Hence why this step is essential to master.

Manifestation is also important to master because …

Everything you see and feel (in the 3D realm) is a reflection of your internal self.

Ergo, having control over your thoughts and emotions is vital to discover your life purpose.

If you find it difficult to think positively, I recommend you do something that stills and brings peace to you.

This can be through …

– Walking outside and awing the beauty of nature

– Creative expression (art, music, acting, etc.)

– Meditating and learning how to connect with your spirit guides

– Other

Do what you resonate with.

However, since this step is about manifestation I recommend you start by meditating and connecting with your spirit guides.

“How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides”

In this FREE eBook, you’ll learn:

– What spirit guides are and their mission/purpose

– The 7 step guide on how to tune in and connect with your spirit guides


Fun facts …

(1) Celebrities such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and others credit their success to their spirit guides and intuition.

Steve Jobs quoted, “intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.”

Very similar to Albert Einstein, right?

Therefore, I encourage you to sharpen your intuition.

(2) Nikola Tesla said the mind is sharper in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude.

He also emphasised being alone is the secret to invention and getting ideas.

Therefore, find a quiet and undisturbed area you can start manifesting and meditating.

Read our “Simple Meditation Guide for Beginners.”

By meditating, manifesting and moving daily, your life purpose will unravel to you.

3. Healing Of All Internal Blockages

The third step to discover your life purpose is healing all the internal blockages limiting you from achieving a sense of purpose and happiness.

The first thing to realize is you’re the biggest cause limiting your growth.

However, this guide is focused on energetic blockages.

You may find fear, anxiety and despair need to be conquered for you to grow …

Or clearing your karma, j seals and other negative attachments, etc.

Your Blockages Test:

I’m going to ask you 3 questions to help you realize your biggest blockages.

Complete the following:

1) What is your biggest fear/insecurity?

2) Do you feel you have negative attachments – karmic, ancestral, j seals, other?

3) How can you clear your blockages?

Overcoming blockages and limitations are important to achieve anything in life – especially finding your life purpose.

Expect to be faced with challenges around your life purpose …

It’s the universe testing you to evolve and grow.

Face your challenges with courage and faith as opposed to victimising yourself and running away.

You can either (1) clear your energetic imprints by yourself or (2) follow our structured clearing processes on YouTube.

4. Identify Next Required Actions

The fourth step to discover your life purpose is to identify the next required actions.

Trust and let God (Source, the universe, spirit guides, or whatever you call it) reveal the next required actions to live the most fulfilling and meaningful life.

Open up, become receptive and ideas will come to you.

“Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

– Nikola Tesla

Discover the next required actions you can do (even if it’s something small or minor).

Next Actions Test:

I’m going to conduct a test for you to identify your next required actions.

Complete the following:

1) Write something you can do for atleast 5 minutes a day to find your life purpose

2) Write how you can start expressing your 3 quality traits more

3) Write 3 goals – short term, medium term and long term

Rather than fantasizing about your dream life, set goals and plans to achieve it …

Then take the necessary actions to reach those goals and ideals.

This step is important because …

By realizing the required actions, you have the blueprint to discover and live your life purpose.

Listing the required actions also brings a form of order, discipline and structure …

That is, clear guidance.

Without clear guidance to follow, it’s easy to become fanatical and overly idealistic.

This will lead to self-criticising, victimizing, complaining, etc.

Therefore, I encourage you to identify the next required actions to avoid complacency.

You’ll feel clearer once you list the things you enjoy and love most.

5. Take Action Immediately

You can either sit and complain about your life or start building the foundation of your ideal life …

That is, your life purpose.

It only takes small stepping stones to begin the journey of ultimate freedom – discovering your life purpose.

Therefore, act fast.

Action Test:

I’m going to ask you to complete 4 tasks to help you start acting upon your required actions.

Complete the following:

1) Write how much free time you get away from work, school, responsibility, etc.

2) What sacrifices are you willing to make?

3) What can you do daily to begin discovering your life purpose?

4) Write a time sheet

Once you’ve completed this, you can start taking the steps to achieve ultimate freedom and happiness.

Question 1 gives you an outline of how much free time you have …

This will show you how much time you can be potentially be using to fill with activities that bring joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Question 2 is very important to answer.

What sacrifices are you willing to make?

Sacrifices and adversity are important to discover your life purpose.

Simply, because they’re tests for you to learn, grow and evolve.

Adversity is essential for growth because it forces you to fix a problem and gain more wisdom and intelligence.

Question 3 is also important to answer.

This is because …

It gives you a system or routine to follow to start achieving your ultimate life purpose.

Task 4 is essential because …

You can see where you’re focusing your energy – cooking, working, procrastinating, watching tv, etc.

You’ll then know how much time you have to utilize in productive activities to find your life purpose.

Once you’ve completed this, take immediate action rather than becoming lazy and complacent.

The truth is …

Only you can discover your life purpose.

No one or nothing else …

It’s ultimately up to you.

This is only a guide providing you with assistance on your journey, but it’s your choice to make it happen.

Therefore, let go, trust in the universe and take the necessary actions to discover and live your life purpose.

There’s one last question I’d like to ask you …

“How do you want to change the world?”

This is a simple, yet effective, question indicating your heart desire …

What’s a problem in the world that really irritates you, and you wish you could change?

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is …

All that matters is recognising what you desire to change.

It could be changing one life or millions of lives for the better.

It’s up to you to decide.

When you realize the problem and start working to change it, you’ll gain a sense of accomplishment.

It won’t matter how others perceive it because if you feel excitement, inspiration and happiness that’s all that counts.

When you’re aligned with your life purpose, profits and joy will flow to you as it’s the basis of universal law.

I hope this article helped you to start discovering your life purpose. 😊

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