Learning how to heal your aura is essential if you desire to attain a life full of meaning, abundance and happiness. Why? Well, the stronger your aura is … the more likely you are to attract harmony, independence and opportunities in your life. Conversely, the weaker your aura is … the more likely you are to attract toxicity, hardships and challenges in your life.

Hence, regularly healing your aura is vital.

Table of Contents:

– What Is Aura and Why Is It Important To Heal

– When You Heal Your Aura, You Have a Divine Presence

– The Consequences of Not Healing Your Aura

– How To Heal Your Aura

– Conclusion

What Is Aura and Why Is It Important To Heal

I gather you have an understanding of what your aura is. However, I’m going to share with you how your aura impacts your life and why it’s so important to heal. Later in this article, I’ll also share what weakens your aura. Let’s continue …

You’re constantly exchanging energies wherever you go and with whomever you interact with. When you have a weak and damaged aura, you’re more susceptible to pick up on their negative emotions and energy.

As a result, you’ll be inclined to feel more drained, lethargic, bored, unmotivated, sad, anxious and stressed. It’s possible you may even decline in your physical health and wellbeing. What started as an internal issue will develop into an external illness.

Therefore, it’s imperative you know how to heal your aura.

Let me give you another example of what a weaker aura can expose you to. Think of yourself going into battle. Would you prefer to head into combat unprepared with the scrappiest pieces of armour, weaponry and shields? Or rather, would you want to fight knowing you’re well prepared and have the strongest and shiniest set of armour and tools?

It would be stupid not to choose the latter option. Likewise, I’ll apply this same concept to your aura. If someone were to energetically attack you (consciously or unconsciously) would you rather have a weak aura making you fall prey to them easily … or … have a strong aura which instantly shields off any form of spiritual attack?

Again, it would be stupid not to choose the latter. Hence, you should learn how to heal your aura. The process is actually quite easy and anyone could do it. Good news for you is it isn’t something that takes years and years to achieve.

When You Heal Your Aura, You Have a Divine Presence

Your aura is the energy you convey to the world. It determines your presence, intuition, how others see you, health and wellbeing, state of mind, etc. Furthermore, it greatly affects the way you feel about yourself.

I believe everyone wants to feel loved and accepted in some way. And when you strengthen your aura, you gain a more captivating and divine presence which makes you memorable. Conversely, if you ignore the healing process, you’re more likely to feel forgotten and unloved.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

I’m sure you’ve met or seen people who have this charm and magnetism to them. All eyes are drawn to them in groups or crowds even if they speak not a word. They convey an energy which makes the entire room feel connected and present. This is the aura of one who has an expanded aura.

When you heal your aura, this is something you can achieve. You’ll have the ability to go into any environment and feel connected to every person, and likewise they’ll feel connected to you. You won’t need to force anything as you’ll have a divine presence.

This is one of the many benefits of what happens when you heal your aura. However … whenever there’s a benefit, similarly there’s going to be consequences. Let’s have a look at what these may be …

The Consequences Of Not Healing Your Aura

Of course, you’ll have to reap the consequences if you refuse to heal your aura. This is a matter you should take seriously as it’s one of the biggest influences in your life. Let’s take a look at the potential issues it can cause (in no particular order):

1. Constantly attracting toxic relationships and friendships

By not healing your aura, you’re bound to attract toxicity into your life in the form of people and relationships. The explanation is quite logical. You manifest and attract things aligned with the frequency and aura you emit to the universe.

With this information, you know if your aura is weak and damaged, you’ll attract people aligned with your frequency. This can potentially lead to hurt, abuse (physical or mental), toxicity, etc. However, these people will come into your life to help you learn and evolve in a hard way.

2. Co-dependency

When you don’t know how to heal your aura, you will likely develop a sense of co-dependency to the world. If you’re unsure what this is, allow me to briefly explain. Co-dependency is when you fail to grant worthiness and love to yourself, and therefore need the approval from someone else.

This is a lot more common than you think. It’s manifested in many different forms. Only when you cultivate self-love and heal your aura can you set yourself free from co-dependency.

For a better guide on this, read our “Co-Dependency and the 21 Signs You Have It” article.

3. Constantly attracting financial problems

I’m going to reiterate this as it’s important. You manifest that which is aligned with your frequency and energy. If your aura is weak, it’s unlikely you’ll attract wealth and prosperity in your life.

“Men attract do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.” – James Allen

If you want to manifest money now, you must heal your aura.

4. Live a life with no meaning or happiness

This is an extreme case, but still very possible. Depending on how much you neglect to heal your aura, you may experience a long time (possibly a lifetime) without much meaning or fulfillment. I will emphasise this is very extreme but still possible.

5. Others

There are other consequences you may experience if you don’t heal your aura. Some of these include:

  • Feeling neglected, lonely and forgotten

  • Constantly withdrawing and locking away your energy

  • Not being able to share and express yourself to the world

  • Prone to sadness, anxiety and stress

  • Can be more judgemental and bitter towards others

  • Develop a negative outlook on the world

Taking all these consequences into account, I’m going to ask you a question. “Do you have a bigger desire to know how to heal your aura?” If your answer is no, you may as well look somewhere else as this isn’t for you. However, if your answer is an immediate “yes” then keep reading … for we’re getting into the juicy part.

How To Heal Your Aura

healing your aura

Whenever you feel down or upset, you should immediately be looking to heal your aura. Think of this healing process in the same way you would clean a house or box. Just because the outside looks immaculate doesn’t mean the interior will be the same. You must work on both aspects of it.

Not only should you focus on your physical health and well-being … but your energy and emotional health is just as important. There are many different ways you can heal your aura.

So … I’ll show you how to heal your aura using 5 of my personal favourite techniques (in no particular order).

1. Allow Water To Wash Away Your Negativity

Whether you have a shower, bath, walk in the rain, swim in the ocean or even have a glass of water … water is a very powerful tool in many ways – one being to heal you. You may be thinking … how could water possibly heal me? It’s not a bad question … so let me answer this.

Water can heal your aura because it is pure. I’m almost certain whenever you walk of the shower, hop out of the bathtub or get out of the ocean … you always feel refreshed, right? Well, there’s reason. 

Religions use water to baptize children as it’s a means of washing away uncleanliness or sin and sanctifying the child. Though you may disagree with baptism, it’s the principle which matters. That is, water is a symbol of purity.

If you want to heal your aura, one of the best ways to do this is to cleanse yourself using water. When the water is on your body, visualize (imagine) it washing away the toxicity and negativity inside you.

2. Meditate

Another means of healing your aura is to meditate. If you don’t know how to do this, here is a simple meditation guide for beginners.

With all that goes on in the world, it’s easy to pick up on negative energies. However, meditation rituals and stilling your mind will heal your aura. Take time to recalibrate and reset. This will allow your mind to rejuvenate and start afresh.

3. Walk in Nature

If you ever want to know how to heal your aura … you can count on nature to do the job. Nature is one of life’s most beautiful creations. Its stillness, beauty and harmony allows you to refresh, connect with the earth and heal your soul.

When you walk in nature, it lets you disconnect from all of life’s toxicity, burdens and worries. It gives you a time to calm yourself down, recalibrate and rid your mind of any distractions. Also, it gives you a chance to obtain peace of mind.

When you’re walking in nature, visualize yourself connecting to earth and sending all your negativity away. Nature is there for you and will heal you.

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4. Listen To Music

Music is a powerful tool which can heal your aura. The sounds, tones and voices music conveys helps trigger your emotions and feelings. When this happens, it allows you to release any worries and negativity locked up within you.

Music is very cathartic. When you listen to beautiful harmonies, it stills and calms your mind thus allowing you to remove all the stored up emotions in you.

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5. Do an Activity You Enjoy

The final method I’ll share with you to heal your aura is to do an activity you enjoy. The reason for this is straightforward. When you’re having fun, you’re stimulating more joy and happiness to yourself.

And, logically, the more happiness you have, the less sadness you have. When you’re doing something you enjoy, see it as a time to repair and express your love. By doing so, the negative energies will leave your body.


You’re constantly exchanging energies wherever you go and with whomever you interact with. When you have a weak and damaged aura, you’re more susceptible to pick up on their negative emotions and energy.

As a result, you’ll feel more drained, lethargic, bored, stressed and anxious. That is, until you clear your energy. Worst case scenario is you go your entire life without any meaning and happiness due to constant wounds and damages in your auric field.

Hence, knowing how to heal your aura is imperative (or you’ll potentially reap the consequences).

There are 5 techniques I like to do to heal my aura. They are …

1. Allow Water To Wash Away Your Negativity

2. Meditate

3. Walk in Nature

4. Listen To Music

5. Do an Activity You Enjoy

I hope this guide answered the questions you were searching for!

Thanks for reading.

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