An Important Lesson for Every Empath to Learn

As an empath, you tend to take on other people’s energies even when you don’t necessarily want to.
At times, it can be useful.
However, in many cases, it’s a burden which isn’t yours to carry.

It’s crucial to truly learn what an empath is.

Being an empath is a joy in many ways, but with every great thing, comes a downside.
One of the biggest downsides which many empaths struggle overcoming is the urge to rescue others and take on their energy.
Learning how to overcome this issue and knowing when to use it is a crucial step in terms of evolving for you if you’re empathetic.

Let’s take an example of a typical empathetic lifestyle.

John is an empath.

He has a female friend who’s currently going through a lot of emotional problems because she just experienced a nasty break up with her partner.
Since John has always been the friend to go for who listens to her problems, she cries and rants about her emotions and issues to him.
John can’t help but feel very bad for her and offer solutions to what she can do.

When she leaves and thanks him for listening, being an empath, he naturally can’t help but feel bad for her and thinks about it all night and gives into her emotions.
Without realizing, John has just given his energy up and is now carrying her burdens of heartbreak, trauma, sadness, etc. along with his own problems.
Since everyone knows John is caring and empathetic, some of his other friends are going through challenges and express their troubles with him every day.
This leaves John feeling for all his friends and now takes on their energy as well!
Now that he’s allowed himself to take on their energy, he can’t help but feel mentally, emotionally and physically drained all day and constantly wonders why he lacks energy throughout the week.
Due to being drained, he has no desire to pursue his dreams, do work, seek knowledge, etc.
None of these problems will go away for him until he realizes where he’s going wrong.
I’m sure you can relate.
The truth is, many of us may be doing the same as John without realizing!
Being an empath, you’re a natural carer and want to help people.
However, one of the biggest lessons we must learn as an empath is how to help others without burdening ourselves.

So: How Can I Help Others Without Burdening Myself?

There are a couple of ways you could handle this if you feel you’re burdening yourself.

The first way (which many people actually do) is:

Completely suppress your desire to help others.
I wouldn’t recommend this because if you’re naturally empathetic, you clearly have a call to heal/help humanity.

The second way is:

Learn how to help others … but without rescuing (we’ll explain this in another article) or taking on their energy. Learn how to hold your space.

How Can I Hold My Own Space?

Holding your own space is easier said than done as an empath.
It takes practice and commitment.
Here is a quick 5 step guide on how you can begin holding your own space while still helping humanity.

1. Acknowledge you’re naturally prone to taking on energies around you.
The truth is, being an empath, you’ll naturally be sensitive to the energies around you whether it’s people, environment, surroundings, etc.
This trait will never leave your soul, and that’s wonderful in many ways.
Since you naturally have a massive desire to help others, make sure you don’t lose that passion.

Acknowledge that since you love helping others, you’re more prone than most to pick up their energies.
Avoid denying it.

2. Realize It’s Their Journey, Not Yours
Whoever may be seeking help from you, you must realize whatever they’re going through is meant to be.
It makes them stronger and more aware in the long term when they embrace their challenges.
Just like you’ve been through pain, realize they’re going through it too for a reason only they know deep down. It’s part of their journey.

3. Avoid Rescuing When you rescue others, this means you try to tell them what they should be doing, why they should be doing it, etc. You try to be the “hero”.
As an empath, as much as you can, avoid rescuing others. Be detached from their problems.

This may be very hard for you but try your best each time.
Try not to be the solution to their problems. Let them live their journey.
You can show you care by giving them advice, emotional support and encouraging them to embrace their challenges, but do your best to not get too attached and give into their emotions.
Just like you’re living your journey, let them live theirs.
Let go of the expectation to carry others.

4. Monitor Your Energy/Vibration and Notice Any Changes
While you’re having a conversation with someone expressing their issues to you, notice if it feels like your energy is escaping your body.
After you have a conversation with someone expressing their issues with you, notice the changes in your energy you feel within the next few days or week.
Notice if you have any mood changes or if your emotional state is out of whack.
If you feel drained and unenthused, you most likely picked up their energy without realizing.
Remember, you’re on a journey to resolve your karmic and current blockages, and you don’t need to resolve others’ issues. That’s their path.
However, if you feel more vibrant and energetic, you most likely didn’t take their burdens and actually helped them without realizing.

5. Clean Your Energy Regularly
Just like a house or dishes, you must make sure your energy field is regularly cleaned.
Being an empath, you’re more sensitive to the energies around you and will sometimes pick them up even when you think you don’t.
Doing a daily cleanse is very beneficial for you.
You can do this by doing daily meditation, energetic clearings, chants, etc.
Clean your energy in whichever method resonates with you.Here’s one of our videos you can use to clear your energy –

How Do I Know If I’m Currently Carrying Energy From Others?

Since you’re an empath, you’re most likely carrying energies which aren’t yours right now.
It’s important for your evolvement and path to ascension to clear those burdens as soon as possible.
To recognize if you’re actually carrying the energy of others, here’s what you do:

1. Inhale for 4 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. Keep doing this until you’re in a deep brain state.
2. Hold out your left hand palm facing down
3. Say in your heart or out loud; “connecting to my higher self”
4. Ask yourself, “am I currently carrying any burdens which aren’t mine?”
5. Feel which way the energy moves in your hand.
If the energy is moving towards your wrist, it’s a no.
If the energy is pressing against your fingertips and moving outside your hand, it’s a yes.

What Do I Do If I’m Carrying the Energy of Others?

It’s simple.
Do an energetic healing on yourself and/or meditate.
When you meditate or do an energetic healing, make sure you set the intention of healing the burden you’re carrying from others.
Here’s a video you can follow to get you started on energetic clearings …

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