For centuries humanity has delved into all kinds of spiritual religions, superstitions, prayers, energies, healings, and other aspects relating to the supernatural and unknown. I’m sure if you’ve been or are on this spiritual journey, at one point you would’ve wondered, “how do I increase my spiritual power,” especially around healing and energy work.

As you know, hospitals and the western world have only been focusing on healing the physical body and paying no attention to your spiritual and energetic aspect of health. And not to mention that too many people will think you’re a fruitcake if you start talking about any of this stuff.

If you look up guys like Charles Finney, Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, and other great spiritual masters you’ll see they moved in incredible authority and conviction, and could perform miracles similar to what Christ did. The point is they worked out the secret on how to increase their spiritual power.

Although having that kind of spiritual power is wonderful and given from the higher masters and realms, you do have to earn it. In other words it won’t just be bestowed upon you, nor can this be taught, it’s something you develop and build over time through prayer, meditation, and practice on other people.

Now, I’m not saying you must become a devoted religious nun or anything like that to increase your spiritual power. In fact, I believe most religions nowadays have failed our society and only cause more separation. But that’s besides the point. Moving on …

The trouble is if you only focus on increasing your spiritual power and disregard working on yourself and dealing with any negative shadows or energies, this is how dark masters or beings are formed. In other words, by not having the character or discipline to manage the spiritual gifts, your ego and darkness will eventually take over.

Where Do I Start To Increase My Spiritual Power?

Honestly, the best way to start on this is by working on yourself and dealing with whatever flaws, shadows or issues going on within you. Basically, healing yourself first before trying on anybody else. I’m sure this makes sense, if you can’t fix yourself you’ll have no chance helping other people.

If you know what weakens your aura, that’s the perfect place to start clearing yourself.

Doing a lot of prayer and meditation can help as well, especially reading scripture around Christ and other great prophets who did miracles. I know this may sound like some religious fanatical bullshit, but this will help you a lot because one thing people don’t know is that the Bible is an activation manual which can be used for all kinds of purposes!

Here’s some other ways which can help increase your spiritual power:

  • Speaking in tongues
  • Dealing with your problems instead of blaming external sources
  • Expressing your emotions in a healthy way
  • Not caring what others think and speaking your truth
  • Being forgiving
  • Staying humble

These are other things you can do to perform instant miracles among other great spiritual gifts and still maintain your character because there are only two ways on how to increase your spiritual power, and that is either by Christ or witchcraft. While the light can do great miracles, so can the dark.

As we discussed earlier, increasing your spiritual power without working on yourself can result in you becoming dark. The other major issue is that you become dangerous because you’ll be influencing others and they could very easily become corrupted like you have been. There’s no need to panic though because as long as you constantly balance yourself, you’ll be fine.

How Do You Stay Balanced?

How Do I Increase My Spiritual Powers

The key to staying balanced is by empowering yourself and constantly looking to evolve and grow rather than staying comfortable and stagnant, otherwise you’ll resort to an extreme. As you can imagine, extremes are never good and will only bring you pain and challenges in the long run. It’s very important to always keep yourself balanced.

When you’re learning how to increase your spiritual power, you will find that staying balanced is a major key in achieving that because when you have blockages and other issues in the way, the only other option to increase your spiritual power is witchcraft which I’d imagine you don’t want any part of.

Here’s some other methods you can use to stay balanced:

  • Strengthening your aura
  • Reconnecting to your higher self
  • Meditation
  • Walking in nature or whichever activity keeps you grounded
  • Examining your outside reality and collapsing yourself within
  • Taking responsibility instead of blaming external sources

As you can see there’s many different ways which can help you stay balanced but ultimately, it comes down to your commitment and willingness to change and deal with your problems rather than avoiding or suppressing them. If you can’t help yourself, there’s no way you’ll be able to help other people nor increase your spiritual power.

This isn’t just a one-off thing, staying balanced requires you to be diligent and disciplined to do it day and night. Every day you must be evolving and growing otherwise you’ll become comfortable and stagnant which is not how we’re naturally wired. Hopefully, this is making sense on how to increase your spiritual power.

What Are The Effects Of Not Increasing Your Spiritual Power?

As we’ve been mentioning throughout this blog, you must be growing and evolving every day to keep yourself from becoming comfortable and stagnant. By doing so, it helps to increase your spiritual power. The consequences of caring what others think and not being true to who you are can be very drastic.

To stay connected to Source and the higher masters it’s a must to continuously evolving and growing not only as a person but also a spiritual being! They’re also the ones who have the authority to bestow the spiritual power upon you. The only other way to increase in spiritual power is witchcraft which you definitely do not want to partake in.

These are some of the negative effects you can experience:

  • Being miserable and depressed
  • Not knowing your purpose let alone stepping on it
  • Major health problems
  • Financial hardship or loss
  • Spiritual power staying the same and eventually declining
  • Unbalanced in all areas of your life

I’m sure there’s much more which could be named but these are some common effects that can be experienced by not learning how to increase your spiritual power. These can easily be avoided if you stay connected to Source and deal with any issues or problems rather than avoiding or suppressing them.

By being willing to learn how to increase your spiritual power and putting the time/effort into building something that will last, you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel in purpose and the financial prosperity which can manifest in your life. Not only that but you can also use your spiritual gifts to serve humanity!

How To Increase My Spiritual Power

Once you begin this path your life will never be the same nor can you go back even when things get difficult. Increasing your spiritual power is a continuous work in progress since you’re always evolving and growing until the day you leave this earth. Remember, the only other way to increase spiritual power is witchcraft!

To increase your spiritual power while remaining in the light, you must do daily prayers, clearings and reading scripture over yourself. The more you practice and develop your character, the faster this process will be. While you’re working on yourself it’s also crucial you test your spiritual power on other people, auric clearings are a good start.

Another major key to increasing your spiritual power is being able to express yourself and speak your truth no matter what. If you can’t even be yourself due to fear of what others think then you’ll have no chance of increasing your spiritual power or doing what you were put on this earth to do.

To sum it all up, increasing your spiritual power not only requires you to work on your character and spiritual growth but also serving humanity and helping something bigger than yourself. Staying humble and not letting it get to your head is very important, you must make sure you know who you are, keep true to that and walk the path you were born to do!