Keeping your aura glowing is extremely important not only for your spiritual journey but also every other area in life because if there’s problems happening there, it spills into your physical reality! That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to make your aura glow because by doing so it also helps you with staying in the light.

As you can imagine, having a glowing aura isn’t possible if you’re trapped in darkness so it’s important to stay close with Source and the higher masters, otherwise you’ll be tricked and deceived by false spirit guides. You’ve probably worked it out by now, but they will cause destruction and chaos in not only your aura but also every area in life.

I’m sure you’re aware that most people have all kinds of entities, dark energies, attachments, demons etc. in their aura. By having these problems going on it darkens and corrupts the aura which in turn prevents it from glowing, this means you definitely want to be checking for anything negative affecting your aura! Doing regular Auric Clearings will help you with this.

Knowing how to make your aura glow is an important thing to learn since it will keep you out of darkness and give an idea of what your life purpose is. You’ll even be able to discover more about who you truly are such as hidden talents, abilities or your real personality! Your spiritual and physical health will also be in top shape since you’re being who you are!

A major key in making your aura glow is to stay connected with the higher masters and always be asking their wisdom and insight on your path and who you are. By being diligent and not forgetting them even when things are going well, you will be generously rewarded! In other words, make sure you’re always connected to the higher masters and don’t forget them in the good times!

How Do You Stay Connected To The Higher Masters?

Staying connected to the higher masters at all times can be difficult especially because we’re more vulnerable being in a physical body. However, there’s no need to fear since you can use certain methods to keep yourself on track. The most important one being surrounded by trustworthy people to hold you accountable when you’ve gone off path!

It’s easy to connect and call on the higher masters when you’re experiencing difficult times, but you must know that the most important thing is to stay connected to them even while times are going well. The trouble is when you forget about them and become lazy and complacent, that’s when dark masters can invade your aura.

Here’s some other methods to help you stay connected:

  • Meditation
  • Walking in nature
  • Daily scripture and prayer
  • Regular clearings
  • Helping someone or something beyond yourself
  • Consistent work on yourself

Obviously as you can imagine there are certainly more to this when connecting to the higher masters, but these are some examples. You want to also make sure you’re speaking your truth and living the path you were placed on earth to do as that’s a major key in keeping connected with the higher masters. Otherwise you’ll have no idea how to make your aura glow.

Think of an aura like your physical body, every day I’m sure you take a shower to keep yourself clean. Now apply this to your aura, imagine how many spiritual showers you need to be taking, you’ll have to do it regularly and do constant work on yourself in order to have a glowing aura! Hopefully that makes sense.

How Do You Work On Yourself?

Working on yourself is a never-ending process which means once you begin, you’ve woken up to the spiritual journey and cannot go back. While that may sound scary it’s actually very liberating and fulfilling because not only does it connect you to the higher masters and your life purpose, but also who you really are! (Higher-Self).

Everyone has their own interpretation of what this means but working on yourself ultimately is about consistent evolution and growth rather than staying the same and living stagnant. In other words, you want to be changing daily and doing regular clearings and expressing who you really are. By doing so, you’ll be sticking to your true purpose and learning how to make your aura glow comes naturally.

The main thing to understand when working on yourself is it’s crucial you address issues, emotions or whatever is going on within instead of suppressing or avoiding them since it will manifest in a darker form. In other words, face your fears head on, otherwise it will result like a volcano, you’ll erupt, and things won’t end well.

I’m sure you’ve worked out by now that doing constant work on yourself will help massively with making your aura glow. Doing regular clearings such as Auric ones is a good start, as mentioned earlier it’s important to have spiritual showers. This can also help you clear any negative shadows and flaws holding you back.

Regular meditation as well as scripture and prayer also are key tools when working on yourself because not only can you access the higher masters for guidance and wisdom, but it also makes your aura glow brighter. There are also lessons you’ll be able to learn which you can then apply into your life!

What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Aura To Glow?

Making Your Aura Glow

That’s something you don’t want to find out since the results are always disastrous, but it’s horrible because not only will you be trapped in a dark pit, you’ll also have all kinds of entities, dark energies, attachments and anything related in your aura which means it will be darkened and away from the light.

This is one of the biggest reasons you need to know how to make your aura glow otherwise if you’re not able to take control over your own spiritual health, someone else will, and I imagine you don’t want that. By understanding how to do this, it’s much easier for you to stay in the light and not be tricked or deceived by false spirit guides.

Here’s what else can happen if you have a darkened aura:

  • Little to no energy
  • Major health problems
  • Toxic relationships
  • Financial hardship or loss
  • Having no idea what your path is or who you are
  • Disconnection from the higher masters
  • Unbalanced emotions and thoughts

These are just some examples of what you’ll experience by not maintaining a glowing aura, it’s crucial that you constantly work on yourself to stay on track and not fall into darkness. Not staying connected to the higher masters will also guarantee disaster for not only your aura but also every area in life!

It’s one thing to gain the knowledge on how to make your aura glow but an entirely different animal to apply it into your life because while anyone can learn this, not many can actually take the action required. This means it’s a full-on commitment which you have to stick to and not become lazy otherwise your progress will fly out the window.

How Do You Get Your Aura Glowing?

Getting your aura glowing requires you to stay connected to the higher masters and not mix them up with false spirit guides because they’re a major key in assisting to glow up your aura! You also need to remain vigilant and always be looking out for anything which may be looking to sabotage your aura.

Do something which goes beyond yourself such as donating some money to the poor or helping someone who is needing support. In other words, serve a cause or person beyond yourself and expect nothing in return because this way it keeps you humble and the higher masters will reward you big time!

Make sure you do regular clearings on yourself to keep your aura clean, this in turn will leave it to glow and radiate light! Not only that but you’ll also be taking control of your own aura and life which means someone else won’t be able to. You won’t have to worry about entities, attachments, negative energies or anything related.

Meditation and regular prayer/scripture reading also goes a long way since you’ll be tapping into the higher dimensions and experiencing higher frequency instead of the density of this earth. Not only can the higher masters activate you, but you’ll also be clearing out any dark energies or entities causing you grief and trouble.

The most important thing to understand when learning how to make your aura glow is it’s up to you to stay committed and diligent. As mentioned before, once you begin this journey there’s no going back so it’s crucial that you don’t go astray and are surrounded by trustworthy people to hold you accountable!