Being on this spiritual journey I’m sure you’ve heard the term “aura” once or twice. If you haven’t, it’s simply your light body which exists in the higher dimensions. It cannot be seen by the naked eye. Anyways, when it comes to your aura, it can either be your greatest asset or worst enemy! Therefore, learning how to make your aura more powerful is very important.

If you’re not regularly clearing negative energy from yourself; dark energies, entities, demons, and all kinds of spiritual gunk can sneak in and corrupt your light body. This is because if you don’t manage and control your own aura, someone/something else will.

As you can imagine, when you know how to make your aura more powerful it’ll change your life for the better. Not only does this enhance you spiritually … but in every area of life such as financial, social, mental and emotional. Can you see the big picture here? In fact, you’ll radiate like a shining beacon!

Think of your aura like your spiritual body. Now … how important is it to clean yourself and maintain good hygiene? Very important, right? Similarly, imagine how much more it is for “spiritual showers”.

I’m sure you get the point by now, it’s absolutely crucial that we take regular spiritual showers by doing clearings constantly. We’re naturally wired to grow and evolve by working on ourselves consistently rather than being comfortable and stagnant. In other words, when you let your guard down, your aura will become less powerful … and “invaders” will enter into your spiritual body.

How Do You Keep Invaders Out Of Your Aura?

To do this you must do regular clearings and work on your shadows and flaws rather than avoid them or pay no attention to it. However the major key to making your aura more powerful is by doing an Auric Clearing on yourself constantly and checking that there are no negative attachments affecting you in all areas of your life.

Learning how to make your aura more powerful isn’t just about becoming a super spiritual warrior or whatever it is you seek with it, ultimately you also have to continue working on yourself and dealing with any issues lurking around. If you only focus on enhancing your aura … then whatever shadows (issues) you have will manifest in darker forms.

Here’s some other ways to keep invaders away:

  • Prayer and meditation
  • Walking in nature
  • Making choices aligned with higher laws and your truth
  • Speaking your truth
  • Being who you are without caring what others think
  • Keeping emotionally balanced

These are some other good ways you can utilize to keep invaders out of your aura, not only that but you’ll find these will help in learning how to make your aura more powerful! When it comes to your own spiritual power, there will always be trials and challenges to face before receiving the big reward.

Reading scriptures can also help with increasing power in your aura because while not many people know this, the Bible is actually a powerful activation book for all kinds of things in your life. This means your aura is no exception, reading scripture is one of the most powerful ways to increase auras and spiritual power!

What Do You Do To Maintain Your Power In The Aura?

While you can increase your auric power and make it strong, it’s just as important to keep that maintained. It’s also essential to avoid weakening your aura and losing all the power you worked hard to build up (Read here on what weakens your aura).

It’s one thing to know how to make your aura more powerful but a whole other aspect of applying the knowledge and maintaining that power. You see, it’s not just about enhancing your own spiritual powers but using them properly to serve humanity rather than focus on it for selfish or personal gain. In other words, make sure you don’t fall into self-serving.

These are other methods you can use to maintain your auric power:

  • Regular auric clearings
  • Giving to something beyond yourself
  • Dealing with your shadows and flaws
  • Practicing on healing others

As you can imagine, keeping your aura powerful does take quite a bit of inner work regularly but when you’re passionate about it and enjoy this path, it won’t feel like that. As mentioned earlier we’re not designed to be stagnant and staying the same. Rather, we’re wired to grow, evolve, and face trials/challenges to make us stronger, smarter, and whole.

Maintaining your auric power also opens you up to being able to perform miracles like Christ did. He even quoted in scripture that we will do what he did and greater! This is a major reason why we must live our purpose, enhance our auric powers, and end the spiritual decay which has been wreaking havoc on the western world for centuries.

What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Aura?

Making Your Aura More Powerful

The consequences will be severe, and not ones you’ll want to experience because as soon as your aura starts getting affected, it spills over into other aspects of your life which I’m sure you’ve probably worked out by now. Think of it like riding a bicycle, if you stop pedalling it’ll go on for a while but eventually will come to a stop, and then fall over.

Likewise, as soon as you stop working on yourself and your aura, and become complacent that’s the moment you will be invaded by dark energies, spirits and all kinds of horrific things. Once your aura gets corrupted, you’ll be angrier, out of balance and no end of challenges will come your way.

Here’s some other challenges you’ll face by not maintaining your aura:

  • Major health problems
  • Huge decline in spiritual strength
  • Energy loss
  • Miserable and out of purpose
  • Out of balance emotionally and thoughts-wise
  • Disconnection from Source and the higher dimensions
  • Financial loss or hardship

These are examples of issues you will experience by not working on yourself and maintaining your aura. When you know how to make your aura more powerful, part of it is about maintenance and staying connected to the higher masters as they are the key to enhancing your auric power!

When you live your purpose, be who you are and stay connected to the higher masters you’ll find that your auric power increases immensely, especially when you help humanity and give to causes beyond yourself. One thing to realize is that there are two ways you can increase power in the aura: through Christ or witchcraft.

What Steps Do You Take To Make Your Aura More Powerful?

The first thing to understand is that it isn’t a quick process, increasing your auric power doesn’t just happen in a day. You have to do constant prayer, meditation, inner work and most importantly, doing the path you were put on this earth to do. By doing all of this, your auric power will gradually build up and get more and more powerful.

Another thing to realize is you’ll have to face certain trials and challenges while undergoing this process especially around your emotions, pride, the dark trying to trick you and all kinds of stuff. In other words, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows.

As mentioned earlier there are only two ways to increase your auric power, doing this longer process is far better in the long run. While using witchcraft will gain your power quicker, you will regret it very fast and once you’re in, it’s extremely difficult to get out. Experiencing the short-term pain for a long-term gain is the better path to go.

These are some other methods you can use to accelerate the process a bit:

  • Check for negative attachments in your auric field and clear them
  • Walk in nature and connect to higher masters
  • Give to something beyond yourself
  • Move out of the mind and into the heart

Obviously there’s no quick and easy solution but these methods amongst others can help to accelerate the process without using witchcraft. The most important thing to do when learning how to make your aura more powerful is be who you are, express your emotions and truth, and live the path you were born to do!