The common belief in today’s society is when you get sick, depressed,  diagnosed with an illness, etc. you need to see a doctor or therapist. However, a doctor will only reach the surface and temporarily treat the problem (in most cases). But … to reach the core issue, you must seek within. Meaning, you must look beyond the physical.

What does it mean to look beyond the physical? This is a good question. It simply means to go beyond the sickness, soreness, condition, etc. and find out why it happened to you. What lesson is the universe unravelling to you?

Moving forward …

This guide will teach you the power of manifestation … and how to manifest perfect health by seeking within. Rather than putting your trust in someone else … trust in the universe and your intuition. Once you believe in yourself, you may find seeing a doctor or therapist will actually benefit you. However, you should always trust yourself first and foremost.

 Nevertheless, let’s get straight into it.


“The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.” – T Harv Eker

The basis of manifestation is the external world reflects the internal world. Meaning, all the events, circumstances, actions, etc. that transpire occur as a result of what you think, feel and believe. Or more specifically, what you feed your subconscious mind.

What is your subconscious mind? It’s the part of your brain which stores your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. Therefore, whatever you’re experiencing (positive or negative) it’ll register in your subconscious mind.

If you’re not careful on what you feed your subconscious, your reality will manifest accordingly. Think of it like a movie projector. Whatever you insert into the projector is what will be played on the screen. Likewise, whatever you send to your subconscious will be manifested.

So … why is this relevant to manifesting perfect health? Well simply, the irritations/sicknesses you’re experiencing (or have experienced) occurred as a result of your past actions, thoughts and beliefs. That is, what you fed your subconscious.

Therefore, to manifest perfect health, it’s all about taking control over your subconscious mind. It’s also knowing how to harness the Law of Attraction (i.e. the law governing the universe which states you attract what you are and not what you want).  Or in simpler terms … how you feel about yourself and the world is what you’re going to attract.

For example …

If you believe the world is against you, that’s what you’re going to attract. You’ll continuously manifest health calamities and sicknesses until you work out why. By contrast, when you think objectively and positively, the universe will reveal a solution for you to evolve.

How To Manifest Perfect Health By Taking Control Over Your Mind

manifesting perfect health

The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to their inner state.

James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

As previously stated, you don’t attract what you want but rather what you are. So … if you keep thinking your health will never get better, the universe will respond to that vibration accordingly. It will manifest more burdens for you to overcome whether it’s through your health, finances, relationships, spiritual life, etc.

If you lose the battle in your mind, you’ll reap the consequences physically. Meaning, if you act as a victim and blame the world for your problems, you’ll experience physical challenges. Therefore, learn the importance of how you frame your language … and then take control over your thoughts, feelings and energy. .

Everything is energy and energy can be transformed.”

Raymon Grace

Now … I trust you’ve gained a basic understanding on the Law of Attraction. Let’s get into the 3 step guide to manifest perfect health by taking control over your mind.

1. Recognise your thoughts

Are your thoughts for or against you? Meaning, are you feeding your subconscious mind with thoughts such as “Everyday my body is healing more and more” or “I trust the universe will reveal the lesson I am being tested with”? Or are you instilling negative thoughts such as “Why does everything bad happen to me” or “I’ll never feel better”?

Recognizing what you’re feeding your subconscious is essential to manifest perfect health, or anything for the matter. Believing you’re already healed is the first step to reach your desired health. This is important because your reality will be manifested by what you believe is real, not necessarily what is real. In medical terms, this is called the “Placebo Effect”.

According to Psychologist Jeanne Achterberg (from the University of Texas Science Health Centre) belief is critical to one’s health. In her book “Imagery in Healing” she reveals cases where patients would be sent home to die but instead were miraculously healed. She credits this to their beliefs and mindset.

In another study (conducted by Harvard Medical School teacher, Dr. Ted Kaptchuk) he proves the mind can ultimately heal the body. He did his by getting his patients into two groups. One group took prescription medication, while the 2nd took acupuncture treatment.

Half the subjects who took the anti-pain medication reported to be sluggish, couldn’t get out of bed and were swelling up. They received ALL the side effects they were warned with.

All the patients who took the acupuncture treatment were reported back with incredible results. What’s interesting is the pills Dr. Kaptchuk’s team handed the 1st group was actually made of corn starch, while the acupuncture was retractable shams which never pierced the skin.

In summary, the patients who took the pain relief medication experienced all the side effects they were warned with, although it was only made of corn starch. By contrast, the patients who took the acupuncture treatment were healed even though the needle never touched their skin.

The logic behind this is simple. The 1st group believed the side effects would transpire so their reality manifested accordingly. However, the 2nd group believed the treatment was real and therefore they’d get healed. Not surprisingly, the 2nd group got healed due to their mindset and beliefs.

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Just like this group of patients, you ultimately have the power over your body. However, it’s imperative to take control over the mind first. If you can’t win the battle internally, you won’t win physically.

So … discover which thoughts are holding you back from manifesting perfect health. It doesn’t just have to be your own thoughts but also the beliefs of others such as, doctors, relatives, friends, etc. If people are saying your illness cannot be cured but only suppressed, don’t listen to it.

To manifest perfect health, you need to think positively and objectively. Although it may be hard, seeing the problem beyond the physical is important. By thinking objectively, you’ll be able to unravel what the universe is revealing or testing you.

2. Become Clear on Your Perfect Health

It’s imperative you’re very clear on what you desire to manifest … or in this case, what your perfect health looks like. It’s important because your vibration dictates your reality. When you’re mentally unclear and unstable … you won’t manifest your desires quickly. By contrast, when you’re clear and certain in what you desire … you’ll feel more motivated and inspired to achieve it.

I’ve mentioned it before but want to emphasise this. You manifest or attract what you are and not what you want. For this reason, you must be clear on what your perfect health looks and feels like. Feel it as if you have perfect health right this moment. Embrace it and allow it to integrate within you.

It all starts from within and manifests without. Meaning, obtaining perfect health starts with a thought or feeling and manifests into reality. Start to feel yourself having immaculate health. This can be through meditation, practising gratitude, affirmations, healings, etc.

Although it may be hard, practising gratitude is very effective. I can say this from personal experience. It’s far better to be grateful you’re alive rather than whining that everything is unfair and everyone is against you. When you can remain stable and positive during turmoil, it indicates strong character.

However, this doesn’t mean you should be laying in bed thinking, “I’m so happy I have terrible health.” Rather, be grateful on the lessons being revealed to you. It may be to get stronger mentally, to relax more, to become more active, to let go of stored up emotions, etc.

If you’re find it difficult to see the hidden message in your sickness/health, I recommend you take a look at the symptoms according to Louise Hay. She explains each part of the body correlates to a specific energy/vibration. Therefore, when a soreness/disease arises in a particular part of the body, you must first fix the energetic aspect causing it.

3. Manifest Your Perfect Health

Once you recognize what your perfect health looks and feels like, the next step is to manifest it into reality. Manifestation is bringing the unseen into form. In this case, it’s bringing the feeling of your perfect health into reality. Right now, it may seem difficult (even impossible) to accomplish it. However, with discipline you can do it.

Firstly, you must recognize the difference between wishing and manifesting. When you wish for something, you have no real desire to accomplish it. However, when you’re manifesting, you understand it takes action to accomplish it.

So … you have to determine whether you want to wish for perfect health or manifest it. I trust you desire the latter. So … let’s get into it.

To manifest, you must shift your vibration. Meaning, you must embody the energy of perfect health. There can’t be any negative thoughts/feelings as this delays the manifestation process. Let me explain why.

Your subconscious mind responds to your prevalent vibrations. So … even though it feels like you’re becoming more positive, you may still be experiencing the same problems. This is because you haven’t fully removed your limiting beliefs or fears. Let me elaborate.

When you’re in distress, your mind will be in a constant battle of positive vs negative. This is because we live in a world of duality. So … while you may be consciously thinking, “I know I am getting better every single day,” you may feel deep down you’re never going to get better. Or, you may feel scared, worried, upset, etc.

In this instance, it’s not manifesting … but a state of denial. Meaning, you’ll try to say you’re getting better although you feel nervous deep down.

The reason most people find it hard to heal themselves is because they allow the negative vibrations to prevail. However, to manifest your perfect health as quick as possible, you must feed your subconscious with positive affirmations and vibrations.

This may be hard at first but if you continue setting positive beliefs and affirmations, it’ll become easier to feel and speak it as if it’s real. Everyday, you can either proclaim to the universe you’re healthy and abundant, or you can quietly meditate and just feel yourself getting better. Do whatever resonates with you.

Once you feel mentally and emotionally better, the next component of manifestation is to take action. If you don’t instantly act, you’re just wishing for your health to improve. Taking practical action is how you’re going to start physically feeling better.

You may feel to …

  • Clean your house as it makes you feel cleaner
  • See a naturopath or alternative doctor
  • Write daily affirmations
  • Change your diet
  • Exercise more
  • Etc.

Whatever comes to your mind first is what you should do. Listen to your intuition and act upon it immediately.

You’ll start noticing your health improve once you start feeling mentally and emotionally better. The physical is the just the cherry on top. So … focus on shifting your thoughts, beliefs and energy first. Next, you can take action on whatever you feel is right.

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