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Let’s begin …

We’re experiencing interesting times in the universe to say the least.

The crisis we’re currently experiencing has invoked fear and panic into the mass consciousness.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to shift your consciousness and evolve beyond the average mind, and learn how to stay calm in a crisis.

It’s time to spiritually escalate and find peace and order in the midst of chaos.

Chaos is manifesting in the forms of fear, panic, lockdowns, loss, etc.

The coronavirus has affected us all in some way, shape or form. i.e. financially, emotionally, etc.

The vast majority have felt the impact on a major scale, whilst the minority have barely been hit.

Nevertheless, it’s affected everyone in some form, whether it’s themselves or an associate.

It’s not only individuals, it’s businesses and corporations …

Businesses are copping exponential hits, employees are losing jobs, and many livelihoods have been radically changed – for better or worse.

The virus has smashed through idolatries, materialism and attachments.

That is, sports idols, finances, ego, personal beauty, gyms, travelling, restaurants and cafes, selfishness, etc.

The virus has forced us into isolation and self-evaluation. It’s forced us seek within, as opposed to seeking external possessions.

Now is not a time to panic, fear or stress.

Rather, it’s a time to objectively assess your life and focus on what’s limiting you from expanding your mind and consciousness.

It’s important to act fast and make radical changes in your life. You must shift your consciousness before it’s too late.

Which leads me to the question …

How do I shift my mindset, consciousness and beliefs during this crisis?

As I’ve previously stated, and I really want to emphasise, now is a crucial time to shift your consciousness beyond the average mind.

And I know, because you’re reading this, that you’re serious on evolving beyond the crisis and finding peace in the midst of chaos.

Therefore, I’m going to write a step by step guide on how you can take immediate action to elevate your mindset, consciousness and beliefs.

1. Awareness

The key to achievement stems from awareness and understanding.

“What is the universe teaching me at this given time?”

This is a question you can ask yourself …

Because behind all the turmoil and commotion, there’s a benefit and lesson to be learnt.

There’s no crisis without opportunity, and no sacrifice without gain.

For example, to get a lean and fit body, you’d certainly have to make sacrifices.

You’d have to cut back on certain foods, exercise when you want to relax, continue when you want to give up, etc.

This same principle of sacrifice applies to anything you desire to gain.

Discover what you can gain out of the coronavirus, and then see humanity can gain out of it.

When you observe what’s beyond the surface (physical), your whole perception and consciousness will expand.

You’ll gain more peace, acceptance and clarity once you understand what the experience is bringing.

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second is acceptance.” – Nathaniel Brandon

2. Perspective and Influence

Perspective and awareness go hand in hand with eachother.

What standpoint do you observe the coronavirus from? Who are you listening to?

It’s imperative you get a clear perspective of the virus and what the universe is teaching you.

Become centred, objective and rational, and assess how your life stands.

Assess yourself first, and then those around you.

You must evaluate those around you because who you trust and listen to have a strong influence on how you’re going to act.

Hence why it’s important to become centred and objective.

Put aside your emotions and rationally observe how those around you are feeling.

You can then take it further and decide whether the media and news are beneficial for you during this time.

Ask yourself … do my surroundings bring me feelings of despair, loneliness, fear and panic?

Or feelings of encouragement, growth, opportunity and belief?

Once you can answer these with conviction, you can then move onto the media and news.

What you read and watch influence you too.

You may find the media’s propaganda can be manipulative, misleading and limiting you.

On the other hand, you may find it actually helps to stay updated and provides you with assurance.

These are questions only you can answer.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

3. Response

How you respond to adversity is strongly indicative of your character.

Become detached and ask yourself …

“How am I responding to the current crisis?”

You’ll find you’re either responding in a proactive and rational manner, or on the contrary, a reactive, defensive and emotional manner.

If we were true to ourselves, most of us are inclined to fall under the latter.

This isn’t bad nor something that should be shamed as it’s operating under instinct.

Our natural instinct, as humans, is to resist and oppose change and adversity.

However, to expand your consciousness, you must embrace it and uncover what it’s teaching you.

For example, Neo (in the Matrix) defeated Agent Smith by embracing him and becoming one with him, and then surrendering and owning the energy.

Observe how you’re responding to the virus and see if you’re centred as opposed to emotional and reactive.

By becoming emotional and reactive you’ll portray the victim in the drama triangle.

As hard as it may be, look beyond the short-term and seek the opportunities it can bring in the medium-long term.

Realize that it takes something radical and extreme to make you move, because it forces you to think innovatively and creatively.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the freedom to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” – Viktor Frankl

4. Action

Keeping everything in theory and hindsight won’t accomplish anything.

Take practical action, instead of daydreaming, and your consciousness will begin to elevate.

The previous three steps taught you about your mindset and perception, and to seek the benefits, ideas and opportunities.

This step is about taking action.

Now is the perfect time to discover your purpose, passions and desires. See the crisis as a time to shift and improve yourself, as opposed to limitation and panicking.

Go back to basics and ask yourself, “what do I enjoy doing.”

“Am I spending my time wisely?”

Having love, enjoyment and freedom in your life are signs of high consciousness and frequency.

Hence why I encourage you to utilize this time to discover your passions.

You may find you have an untapped passion for art and creativity …

You may find you desire to spend more time with your children and loved ones …

You may find you desire to become more orderly in your life, etc.

There’s endless things you could discover about yourself.

Write down what enjoy and action it. Have the courage to initiate something new, such as art, music, cooking, business, exercise, meditation, relaxing, etc.

5. Keeping Your Energy Clean

As I mentioned in step three, your surroundings have a strong influence over you whether you’re conscious of it or not.

When a global crisis occurs, such as the coronavirus, fear and panic strikes the mass consciousness.

If you don’t keep your energy clean, you’ll be indirectly affected because, as I said before, your surroundings have a strong influence over you.

Therefore, regular self-evaluation and internal cleansing are essential to maintain a higher frequency.

When you can find peace and clarity amid all the external turmoil, then you’ve ascended beyond the majority.

Finding internal peace, acceptance and clarity is so important, especially in difficult times, because you can then become a beacon of light and inspiration to those who are struggling.

So, rather than whinging and complaining, seek for peace and relaxation. Remember to breathe instead of supressing.

Ask yourself, “where do I find peace and relaxation?”

You may find it through walks in nature, yoga, meditation, music, journaling, etc.

Only you know the answer to this question.

Start becoming more grateful and appreciative of the small things such as the beauty of nature.

When you can become still and peaceful, you’ll feel a strong sense of connectedness to everything around you which will then shift your consciousness.

6. Encouragement

As I mentioned before, when a global crisis occurs, fear and panic strikes the mass consciousness / collective.

Therefore, it’s important in such times to unite, encourage and support each other.

Shifting your consciousness goes way beyond you as an individual … it’s about a collective.

The energy of the collective affects all of us.

When you have the ability to not only shift yourself but also others who are struggling and suffering, you’re amongst the minority of people.

It’s a divine gift to inspire others in times of gloominess and despair.

It only takes something small, such as a few words of encouragement, to release tension from another person.

I see this crisis is bringing local communities together and building a stronger connection with our loved ones.

For years we’ve disregarded our fellow men and women, and in some way, walked in the path of our ego.

Now is a great opportunity to reconcile with ourselves and others, and focus on the things that are everlasting – love, joy, transformation, peace, harmony, expansion, etc.

In summary,

To shift and prepare your consciousness for times of crisis, it all comes down to self-evaluation and assessment.

It also comes down to, more importantly, how you respond to a crisis.

Awareness and Perspective:

If you can see beyond the surface (physical), then you’ve already began elevating your consciousness.

Seeing beyond the surface means you’re able to see why it is happening, as well as the lessons and messages behind it.

It means you’re able to see another perspective of why a crisis emerged, as there’s no crisis without opportunity, and no sacrifice without gain.

Therefore, seek the benefits and opportunities the universe is presenting you.

Your perspective of the matter will likely indicate how you’re going to respond to it.

It’s important to have control over your thoughts and actions during crisis.

If you allow fear and panic to govern you, you’ll be limiting yourself and your mindset.

Sadly, the vast majority allow fear and panic to control them.

This is because the focus is on what’s been lost. i.e. finances, sports idols, gyms, beauty pageants, materialistic possessions, etc.

However, if you observe the virus in a proactive manner, you’ll discover many lessons and benefits.

Be realistic and look for the messages of the crisis, rather than the losses and drawbacks.

One lesson I can see is that it’s smashed through our earthly attachments.

Find the area of your life that’s been impacted the most and that’ll reveal what you’re attached to.

Response, Action and Keeping Your Energy Clean:

How you respond to adversity is strongly indicative of your character.

Responding to this crisis in a proactive and rational manner is imperative to shift your consciousness, as opposed to a reactive, defensive and emotional manner.

Observe how you’re responding to the coronavirus and see if you need to become more centred.

I’d say there’s a high chance most people are reacting out of emotion, rather than rationally addressing the scenario and taking practical steps to move forward.

Taking steps to grow is essential to overcome fear, and there’s no better time to do this than now …

Find your purpose, passions and desires, and action them.

You may want to seek a creative outlet such as music, art, singing, dancing, etc.

There’s endless opportunities to discover yourself. Once you rediscover and embrace yourself, you can then find peace.

Finding peace, acceptance and clarity will greatly shift your consciousness.

However, to maintain peace you must keep your energy clean.

Meditation, yoga, music, time with family, walks in nature, etc. will ensure you keep your energy clean.

Find what you enjoy and practise it. Spend your time wisely.

Use this crisis as an opportunity to transform and grow.

Broaden your scope and perspective, work on the way you respond, find the things you enjoy and action them, keep your energy clean, and help and encourage others.  

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