Our aura is something sacred which requires great care and protection, so it doesn’t get invaded or corrupted by negative attachments or dark entities. Learning how to protect your aura from evil is an absolute must if you want to keep it clean and free of darkness, entities, attachments, and all kinds of horrific things.

Anyone who’s experienced psychic attacks in the aura would tell you that they have no idea on how to deal with it because they haven’t been taught before. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all of them but I’m sure you get the point. If you don’t learn how to protect your aura from evil, then you’ll just be giving them room to invade it!

I’m sure you’re aware that your aura is a higher light body of you which exists in the other dimensions. As you can imagine, if your aura is full of entities and darkness it will unleash never-ending horrors and problems until you’re able to get down to the root cause and fully address it. We’re talking health problems, energy loss, financial ruin or loss, toxic relationships and anything related!

That certainly isn’t something you want, so it’s important you start learning right away because you’ll be prepared if dark forces attack. One huge factor to understand when learning how to protect your aura from evil is it all starts and ends with you. In other words, you’re the one who’s responsible for what’s going on in your aura.

Think of it like a movie projector, your thoughts, emotions and whatever is going on within you is the disc, and your DNA is the projector which shows the film. What this means is whatever is going on in your outside reality reflects what’s happening within your inner world. To take it further, if you truly desire to keep evil out of your aura it’s crucial to remain vigilant and always making sure you’re growing and evolving rather than staying stagnant.

What Does Constant Growth and Evolution Mean?

Everyone has their own interpretation of this but when talking about growth and evolution, it simply means we’re wired to move, grow, and evolve rather than settling, being comfortable and living a stagnant life. In other words, we must always be working on ourselves and continuing to learn new things constantly to keep our aura and life in order.

Being willing to change is the first step of working on yourself because if you aren’t committed to doing that there will always be that resistance in the way. Once you’re ready to change, there’s no going back which means as soon as you start this journey it will never end. There’s nothing to fear however because we have higher councils and masters to guide us.

Regular auric clearings and questioning yourself are major keys to keeping you on track and dealing with whatever problems, flaws or issues which may be going on within. Otherwise, if you don’t take control of your own aura and life, somebody else will and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be a slave to the dark entities.

There are various types of clearings you can do to continuously grow, evolve, and keep any blockages or negative energies out of your aura so it won’t manifest problems in your physical reality. Unfortunately having a darkened aura doesn’t just affect your spiritual journey and health but also every other area of life such as emotional, mental, financial and any other ones.

Learning how to protect your aura from evil is more for your sake than anything because by staying in the light and keeping shields up to stop the darkness getting in, your life becomes much more smooth, flowing and you’ll be able to manifest the results you desire. It’s extremely important that you address any issues rather than avoid them.

How Do You Stay In The Light?

Protecting Your Aura From Evil

Staying in the light can be very difficult especially since we’re in a human body which means we’re more vulnerable to be deceived and fall into darkness. However, if you stay connected to Source and the higher masters, that’s when you will be at your strongest. Keeping balanced in all areas of life is also what you need to avoid falling into darkness.

Although you want to keep a strong connection with the higher masters, make sure you’re mindful that false spirit guides don’t sneak their way in. It’s one thing to understand how to protect your aura from evil but an entirely difficult concept to actually live it and implement the knowledge into your life. Anyone can learn how to protect themselves, but few can truly apply it.

Here’s some other ways you can use to stay in the light:

  • Keep control of your thoughts and mind
  • Clear your karma
  • Daily prayer and read scripture
  • Meditation
  • Stay connected with the higher masters and listen to their messages
  • Don’t let emotions rule your life
  • Find someone you’ll trust to keep you accountable and on track

Obviously, there’s a lot to this but these are some other things you can do to stay light and not go astray. Not only will your aura shine bright and be protected from being darkened and corrupted, but you can also discover your life purpose and more of who you really are! Humans are prone to falling into darkness but with a little guidance, they can be the light.

Although setting up protective shields helps to protect your aura from evil, you also need to know how to attack because by only relying on the defences, the dark forces will eventually find a way to break through so that’s the next step. Learning how to attack when darkness invades is very much a necessity.

How Do You Attack In The Spiritual Realm?

The first thing to know is you can’t just start attacking if you’ve never done spiritual warfare before because the dark forces will take you out without breaking a sweat. When educating yourself on how to fight in the higher realms, the bible is the best book to learn from since it has the information on how to do it. Make sure it’s the uncorrupted one (KJV).

In order to be able to attack without horrific repercussions it’s adamant that you undergo karmic clearing and dealing with anything unresolved otherwise the dark forces will use any loophole possible to get in. The truth is they cannot touch you unless you’ve invited them in, when you truly understand this, it will change your life for the better!

Spiritual warfare also requires you to call in higher masters because the dark forces are in higher dimensions which means they need to be dealt with by light masters in there. As humans, we have no chance but with them on our side, it’s no competition so to speak. You can call in the archangels and Christ to assist but also any others if you feel led.

Now once you’re ready to start attacking you must first set up the protection. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Call upon the divine protection and bright white pyramid
  2. Once done call upon the 5 archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatron) and any others if you feel led
  3. Ask that only those aligned with the word of God and Christ consciousness may come through
  4. Command that any false spirit guides, negative energies, or anything related be cleared and repelled by the blood of Christ and order of Enoch

Once you’ve done this ritual the protection is set and you’re ready for spiritual warfare. When doing the attacking bit, get clear on what it is you’re removing and then command by the blood of Christ and the sword of the spirit that they be cleared. Also use the KJV bible to find spiritual warfare scriptures to read out.

What Happens After Setting Up Auric Protection And Using Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritual warfare doesn’t end right then and there because as it says in 1 Peter 5:8

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” dark forces are always on the alert looking for new prey to invade and attack. This means it’s even more important that you remain vigilant after doing spiritual warfare and clearing.

Make sure you continue to do regular Auric Clearings and others such as karma and energy work. I’m sure you’re glad you now know how to protect your aura from evil but it’s now more crucial than ever that you keep your guard up and not get comfortable or stagnant otherwise you’ll attract all kinds of challenges and problems your way!

As mentioned earlier if you don’t take control of your aura and life, somebody else will and I’m 100% sure you don’t want dark entities wreaking havoc not only in your spiritual health but also all areas of life. Your aura becomes darkened and full of attachments, entities, dark energies, and all kinds of horrific experiences.

By remaining vigilant and being clear on who you are and what you’re here on this planet to do, you’ll be greatly rewarded by Source and the higher masters because they know you’re staying in the light and doing what you were born to do. As you would imagine, the higher masters make you work for the rewards by not making it easy.

The most important thing with protecting your aura from evil is to realise that each of us have a light and dark side within. Instead of fearing that and suppressing the dark side, embrace, acknowledge and don’t be afraid to use it. For example, Christ used his dark side when he whipped the bankers, called the religious leaders, hypocrites, and snakes etc. In other words, stick to the light but don’t be afraid to use your dark side when needed!