There are people you love to be around … and others you just want to avoid. Some people convey a fun and enthusiastic energy who are fun to hang out with … and others who radiate a boring and uptight demeanour. Now … why is this?

The answer is simple. Everyone has a unique aura and energetic atmosphere. We refer to this as “personalities” and “character.” Some people naturally have a strong aura while others not so much.

Whatever the case, it’s important you can read someone’s energy so you know if you should be around them or avoid them. Now, it’s actually a simple process to read someone’s energy. There’s just some questions you should ask yourself (I’ll cover this later).

Before I get into how to read someone’s energy, it’s important to know why you should practice reading energy. Keep in mind, it goes beyond just reading the energy of people. You can tap into your intuition to read the energy of places, animals, plants, business deals, what activities would be good for you, etc.

Nevertheless, let’s move on …

Why Is It Important To Read Someone’s Energy

In traditional Chinese culture, your energy is referred to as your “chi” or “life force.” The stronger your chi is, the more harmonious and flowing your life will be. Likewise, when you retain a strong energy … you live a happier and more abundant life. For this reason, it’s important you maintain a strong aura.

In our article, “How to Strengthen Your Aura For Self-Protection” I said one of the steps to strengthen your aura (energy) is to surround yourself with the right people. And to know who the right people are, you must know how to read someone’s energy. From there, you can decide who you want to keep or throw out of your life.

That part is important because whether you like it or not you’re affected by those you hang around. Reason being – energy is contagious. Meaning, if you don’t know how to properly shield yourself from others, you will subtly pick up things from them.

Also, when you surround yourself with toxic energy … you’re not staying true to yourself. Whenever you force something, you’re interfering with flow and truth. When this happens you become someone you’re not and start to do things you otherwise wouldn’t.

This can lead to anxiety, depression, suppression of truth, etc. However, don’t get too alarmed because this is worst case scenario. Nevertheless, you should still know how to read someone’s energy to keep yourself in top spiritual shape.

When you listen to your intuition, or that “gut feeling” about a person, you’ll find it to be beneficial towards you and even them. Furthermore, you’ll find yourself in healthier and more congruent relationships/friendships.

Okay … now that I’ve shared with you why it’s important to read someone’s energy … I’m going to show you how to read someone’s energy.

1. Feel Their Emotions, Not Their Words

When someone smiles, it doesn’t mean they’re happy … or when someone appears calm, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. For all you know, it could be a mask of their repressed anger and bitterness. Now I’m not saying everyone repressed their anger but it’s just an example. Another example is just because someone says they’re okay doesn’t mean they are.

When you feel into someone’s energy, and trust your intuition, you can generally get a good idea of where they’re at. To read their energy … you must look beyond the surface. You need to get a feel of the aura they convey.

Reading someone’s energy goes beyond logic. People always give off a “vibe” whether it’s good or bad. For example, I’m sure you’ve had an experience where you were around someone who gave off a creepy vibe … I know I sure have. You need to trust that sense.

Moving forward … let’s get into the 2nd half of this section.

There’s a proverb everyone knows which states, “actions speak louder than words.” You can apply this when you read someone’s energy. Do their actions justify their words? Or do they promise more than they can deliver?

By knowing the answer to these questions, you can generally paint the picture of someone’s character. Their character will tell a lot about their energy. If they can stick true to their words, it’s usually a good sign.

The conclusion is what someone says or shows doesn’t necessarily determine their energetic and/or mental state.

2. Look Into Their Eyes

read someone's energy

The eyes are the doorway to the soul. When you look into someone’s eyes, you can usually see hatred, compassion, happiness, laughter or sadness in them. Even when their mouth doesn’t create a smile, you can still see it in their eyes.

Conversely, when someone appears to be smiling, you will sometimes notice their eyes are full of sadness, grief and sorrow. Sometimes you’ll get quick senses while others will hide their emotions well. Don’t conclude anything from the eyes too quickly if you’re unsure. Follow the other steps and then make your assessment.

Take note of the way someone looks at you and how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel loved or judged? Do you feel adored or afraid? Does their gaze give you peace or uncertainty? Or ask yourself if their eyes indicate someone who’s alive or like a zombie.

3. Notice Their Body Language

When you’re reading someone’s energy, it’s important to observe their body language and gestures. Ask yourself, do they appear uptight or relaxed? Do they tense up around you and other people? You can even observe their facial expressions to see if they’re loose.

Notice if they intrude your personal space and boundaries. There will be some people who will come into your “personal bubble” which will make you feel uncomfortable. If they do this, then chances are they probably aren’t aligned with your energy.

Ask yourself, “Do I feel comfortable around this person,” “Is his/her body language indicating a good connection,” etc.

Finally, take note of their touch. That is, handshakes, hugs, playful hits, caresses, etc. Whenever you and another person share a moment of physical contact, you’re exchanging energies. For this reason, you should tune in to how it makes you feel.

Sometimes, when someone hugs or kisses you, you’ll have a feeling it’s not genuine. If this happens, don’t shake it off or dismiss it. It’s your body telling you something isn’t right. If you had the option to listen to your mind or body on this matter, I would 100% tell you listen to your body.

Additionally, whenever you engage in any form of physical contact, you should always ask yourself how it makes you feel. “Do you feel comfortable and protected?” “Do you feel happy or scared,” etc.

4. Observe How You Act Around Them

There’s some people who you instantly click with. When you talk to them, it feels like everything goes smoothly without any effort. It feels as if there’s a powerful momentum which carries both of you. You don’t even have to think around them. You can truly be yourself without any sense of restriction or obligation.

Conversely, when someone isn’t compatible with your energy, it feels as if the whole time you’re with them is stagnant and draining. Furthermore, it feels as if you have to hold yourself back due to possibly offending or annoying them.

Now … obviously everyone has their own boundaries and frustrations … but people who aren’t aligned with you will seem to get irritated or annoyed by anything you say or do. When you’re around them, you have to carefully arrange your language and mannerisms to suit them (and not stay true to yourself).

These are the people you shouldn’t build a solid friendship or relationship around. It just won’t work smoothly. As I said before, when you have to force something, you’re interring with flow and that just doesn’t work well. There’s no need to go the extreme lengths just to impress someone.

When you do this, you’re going against your higher self and truth. This will weaken your aura if you persist with it. Therefore, if you have any sense of restraint or worry about saying the right things around them, chances are they’re not particularly suitable to be around.

Finally, ask yourself, “Do I feel better or worse when I’m with them?” This is a simple question and similarly should be a quick and easy answer. This will give you a good idea of their energy.

5. Finally, How Do They Make You Feel

This is perhaps the most telling and important aspect of how to read someone’s energy. I’ve mentioned it a few times but you should constantly be asking yourself how the person makes you feel. Don’t listen to your mind … but listen to your body and that “gut feeling.”

You should never let your rational mind downplay your intuition. There will be some people who possess a charming and charismatic aura yet something will tell you there’s something off about them. And more than likely, their charm and charisma is actually just a seducing and unmeaningful energy.

Someone could say and do all the rights things to you yet there’s still this force holding you back. Whenever this happens, you must trust it. Feel into their heart and spirit as this will tremendously help you.

When there’s a good heart energy and spirit within that person, you’ll easily feel loved, nourished, happy and comfortable. By contrast when there’s no heart or genuine presence, although on the surface you may feel happy, there’ll be this lingering feeling of concern or uncertainty around them.

Their intentions may be different to what they say. For this reason, you should always feel into their heart energy and see if it’s genuine or not. For example, if you’re doing a business deal, their intention could be to swindle while their words say otherwise.

Always assess it carefully if a negative feelings evokes in you. Sometimes, you’ll realize it was nothing to worry about but other times you’ll quickly know that feeling was right. Never dismiss your intuition, for it is always conveying messages to you.


It’s important you know how to read someone’s energy because surrounding yourself with the right people will boost your spirit. This was one of the principles in our article, “How To Strengthen Your Aura For Self-Protection.” When your spirit is uplifted, you’ll live a happy, abundant and more meaningful life.

This part is essential because those you surround yourself around WILL impact your energy. Reason being – energy is contagious. Meaning, you’re constantly exchanging energies with other people and if you don’t know how to properly shield yourself you’ll subtly pick up things from them.

When you listen to your gut feeling about a person or thing, you’ll find it to be beneficial. Furthermore, you’ll find yourself in healthier and more congruent relationships/friendships. So … here are 5 ways you can read someone’s energy.

1. Feel Their Emotions, Not Their Words

2. Look Into Their Eyes

3. Notice Their Body Language

4. Observe How They Make You Act

5. Finally, How Do They Make You Feel

When you practice these 5 steps, you’ll find it easy to read someone’s energy. By doing so, you can easily assess which people you want to build a relationship or friendship with and conversely who you want to avoid.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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