Every day people are damaging their auras whether they’re aware of it or not. This leads to problems such as health issues, financial struggle, toxic relationships, little to no energy and anything related. Today I’m going to share with you how to repair a damaged aura.

The truth is, metaphysics works in a very certain way. It starts in your aura and if you don’t deal with your problems, emotions, issues, or anything going on within, that’s when it will manifest as an injury, illness, sickness, toxic relationship, losing your job or business, financial strife and much more!

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he

– Proverbs 23:7 KJV

Due to lack of knowledge around the aura amongst other reasons, this is why people spend years in workshops, courses, reading self-help books and end up feeling stuck because they keep manifesting the same things over and over again.

No matter what they try, nothing ever works, and their problems remain the same, resulting in them feeling frustrated, confused, and wondering why they’re unable to get better. Basically stuck in an endless cycle of feeling stuck and not making any progress whatsoever.

I’m sure by now you can see the big reason why people keep getting stuck and not manifesting the results they want in their life is because they’re only focusing on surface-level healing. In other words, instead of diving deep to the root cause and dealing with it head-on, they’re only putting a Band-Aid on the problems.

Even if people are aware of it, they mostly have no idea how to repair a damaged aura. Let’s now get into what your aura is.

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What is Your Aura?

This is your higher, multi-dimensional light body which exists beyond the physical world and is linked with the 15 chakras. If your aura were to be physical, it would expand for miles and miles! How crazy is that?!

Your aura also represents who you really are since it’s your true soul and higher-self. Can you see now it’s a major problem if you’ve damaged it in any way, shape, or form? In other words people don’t actually know who they really are due to damaging their aura and being disconnected from Source.

Knowing how to repair a damaged aura is crucial in discovering your true self and why you’re here on earth because otherwise you’ll be stuck floundering around and always doing things you don’t like due to a lack of knowledge of who you are and your life purpose. Basically your life will be full of challenges and drama if you don’t heal your aura.

To heal a wound you must stop touching it

– Buddha

I love this quote. If you think back to times you’ve injured yourself and created a wound, it didn’t heal when you constantly provoked and touched it. Same thing applies to repairing a damaged aura.

In other words to repair a damaged aura and past traumas or anything which caused it in the first place, you must stop touching it and accept for what has happened, only then can you start to deal with the issues.

How Does The Aura Get Damaged?

Repairing A Damaged Aura

There are many ways which can cause damage to your aura, but the most common one is making choices not aligned with higher laws or your own truth. In other words, mostly by choices you’ve made in this lifetime and previous ones.

Whenever you go against the higher universal laws or your truth, it damages your aura and fractures off your soul’s energy which results in you losing pieces of your real soul and creating a new “Id” or identity. In other words, this is how people can dramatically change after traumatic events or making a negative choice.

Learning how to repair a damaged aura and healing auric tears is crucial in getting yourself to cure old wounds, start making better choices and discover who you really are as well as your life purpose for this planet.

Here’s some other ways which damage your aura:

  • Financial strife
  • Toxic relationships
  • Being stuck in a job or business you hate
  • Major health problems
  • Not speaking your truth
  • Holding grudges and unforgiveness
  • Unhealthy addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, or anything related
  • And much more! (Here’s a further guide on what weakens your aura)

As you can see, it’s very easy to damage your aura which is why you must be mindful with the choices you make due to each one having a consequence, whether it’s positive or negative.

Learning how to repair a damaged aura is not only something you need to be willing to do, but it’s an absolute must if you want to manifest the results you desire as well as discover who you really are and what your life purpose is.

How Does A Damaged Aura Affect You?

It’s mostly major health problems and losing touch with your true soul which damages your aura. First it starts within, and slowly manifests without. When people get cancer or have something catastrophic happen, it didn’t just happen out of the blue, the event was a years-worth of build-up!

Unfortunately in today’s society and even centuries, so much emphasis is placed on the materialistic side of things and being successful according to how the world sees it. In other words getting the best car, career with most money even if it doesn’t bring joy, marrying and having children, not speaking your truth to avoid conflict and so forth.

There’s nothing wrong with being successful and prosperous financially and in all areas of your life, it becomes a problem when that becomes your God, and no emphasis is placed on the spiritual journey if that makes sense.

Due to the lack of knowledge on the spiritual side of things, people are always getting sick, doing what they hate and have no idea on how to repair a damaged aura, even though they’re damaging it every day!

Here’s some other ways a damaged aura affects you:

  • Disconnection from Source and the higher dimensions
  • Blocks your awareness around your path and who you are
  • Financial struggles or loss
  • Emotions will be imbalanced and all over the place
  • Constant doubts and voices in your head
  • Little to no energy or passion
  • And much more!

The longer you wait to learn how to repair a damaged aura, the more likely problems like this will inevitably manifest in your life.

How to Repair a Damaged Aura?

It’s a process to do and there are various methods you can use to repair a damaged aura, but the most effective way to do this is by an “Auric Clearing” which is a highly-structured protocol that uses specific commands and codes to bring light back into your aura.

Keep in mind when it comes to repairing your aura, you’ll be required to dive deep to the root of any traumas or whatever caused it to become damaged in the first place. While you will have moments of release and feeling lighter, you will also feel very vulnerable and raw which is not fun.

There’s two other ways you can repair your aura which are:

  1. Start making better choices which are more aligned with universal law and your own truth
  2. Do meditation and see if you can connect with the higher masters for guidance and insight on how to repair your aura

Ultimately these work but it’s far better that you do an Auric Clearing and then apply these methods to work hand in hand. It will be much easier to make better choices and connect with higher masters when you repair your aura.

Another thing which will help massively is to start speaking your truth and expressing yourself without fear of what others will think. It’s time for you to start thinking for yourself and doing what you want instead of trying to please others because it’s impossible.

Here’s a link to our free Auric Clearing video: