As you can imagine, it’s extremely important that your aura remains strong and with the light otherwise it becomes dark and corrupted. Things like demons, entities, attachments, discarnates and dark energies will form and not only cause problems in your aura but also in all areas of life such as emotional, mental, financial, relationships and so forth.

Therefore, it’s crucial you learn how to use your aura power.

The big problem is if you don’t take control of your aura and spiritual journey, someone else will. Think of it like villagers becoming too lazy to guard their village and one day they get invaded and taken over by forces more disciplined and militant. In other words, make sure you’re the host of your aura before someone (or something) else is.

By learning how to use your aura power, it can bring a huge change into your life especially around the spiritual arena. However, there’s obviously a process when you decide to do this, and you can access your auric power in one of two ways: through Christ or witchcraft.

(Hopefully, you don’t practice the latter option)!

Anyways, to put it bluntly, you’ll be able to utilize your auric powers faster through witchcraft but in the end, it’ll cost you your soul.

Conversely, by choosing the way of Christ, it’s much more difficult because you’ll be tested, put through trials and the dark will attack you for being in the light but the long-term reward is more than worth it.

When learning the process of how to use your aura power, this is the first thing to know; working on yourself constantly is a major key in helping you access your auric power. By doing this, not only will it help you deal with your flaws and shadows, but also discover who you really are and your life purpose!

How Can You Get Started With Working On Yourself?

The best way to get started when it comes to aura power is regular Auric Clearings and meditation. Scanning yourself for auric attachments and clearing them is a great start with accessing your auric power. For a while it may be possible that you won’t be able to access them at all and will be frustrating but keep in mind that everyone experiences different results, some just need a little more time.

Keeping connected to Source and the higher masters is also very important when learning how to use your aura power because they’ll help you stay on track and can provide great wisdom and guidance. Just make sure you watch that false spirit guides don’t deceive and trick you into walking away from the light.

Here’s some other ways you can use to work on yourself:

  • Walking in nature
  • Giving to something beyond yourself
  • Express your emotions rather than repress them
  • Always speak your truth
  • Do what you love and discover your life purpose

These are some other methods to help you get started with working on yourself. As you’ve probably worked out by now, there are layers to doing the inner work, but this kind of stuff is an excellent start to give you something to leverage on. As mentioned earlier the light path to accessing your auric power is more difficult since you will be tested and put through trials for a long-term reward.

Another step on how to use your auric power is by working on the aura itself through regular Auric Clearings. This is also something of utmost importance in terms of accessing your auric powers as well as working on yourself. Think of keeping your aura clean like taking a shower, you need it regularly. In this case, it’s a spiritual shower!

Why Are Auric Clearings So Important?

Why Are Auric Clearings Important

They are very important because not only does it thoroughly clear your aura using a highly structured clearing process but also improves every other area of life. Otherwise, life will always be an empty vessel because even if you have riches, many friends or lovers, the best possessions etc. it means nothing if your life contains spiritual decay. It will be meaningless.

It’s not just Auric Clearings but also energy work because while this type of clearing can cleanse your aura, ultimately it won’t be able to go into deeper issues such as buried memories, emotions, dark lords, and anything related. In other words, you want to be doing various types of clearing methods to keep your aura and life clean.

Auric Clearings can also help lead you to prayer and scripture because that’s a huge key in helping on how to use your aura power. Many great prophets and evangelists such as Smith Wigglesworth, Christ, Kathryn Kuhlman, King David, and others were able to perform miracles and fulfill their life purpose because of their prayers, scripture, and strong connection to Source.

Here’s some other reasons as to why Auric Clearings (or Auric Energy Healings) are important:

  • You’ll discover who you are and why you’re here
  • Demons, entities, and dark energies won’t be able to invade your aura
  • Your energy will enhance rapidly
  • It keeps your chakras balanced
  • Staying in the light won’t be an issue
  • Manifesting financial abundance, healing miracles, healthy relationships or whatever you desire will be possible

There are many more which could be named but I’m sure you get the picture. By doing regular Auric Clearings, you’re already on the right track to accessing your auric power but make sure you also maintain a strong connection with Source and the higher masters because not only can they give helpful guidance and wisdom, but also kick you up the ass when you’re going off track.

What Happens If You Stop Doing Regular Clearings?

To put it bluntly, your life will go down to the gutter and you can forget learning how to use your aura power because without regular clearings and work on yourself, there’s no point in trying. The reason for that is obvious, your aura will darken, and all kinds of demons, entities and dark energies can invade you as they please.

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t take control of your aura, someone or something else will and I imagine that isn’t what you want. Your life literally depends on this so doing regular clearings and work on yourself is a huge necessity and part of keeping you connected with Source, your life purpose and who you are. I’m sure this makes sense.

Here’s some other problems which can arise if you stop clearing and working on yourself:

  • Little to no energy
  • Disconnection from Source and your life purpose
  • Rapid decline in health
  • Unbalanced in all areas of your life
  • Toxic relationships
  • Financial hardship or loss

These are just some of the problems you will experience when the regular clearings and work on yourself ends. Knowing how to use your aura power then won’t be possible since it requires you to keep the aura clean and keep a strong connection with Source as well as your own life purpose and who you are.

Make sure you stay close to Source and keep your guard up for any false spirit guides or dark energies trying to deceive or invade you. Do plenty of prayer and scripture because that will help massively with accessing your auric power since it’s one of the major keys in doing so. Don’t just do Auric Clearings, but also karmic, implants, and many other forms of clearing.

How Do You Truly Access Your Auric Power?

Now that you know the main keys of accessing auric power such as regular Auric Clearings and constant work on yourself, it’s time to dive even deeper on truly being able to access your auric power. We mentioned earlier about prayer and scripture but didn’t go into much detail on it. That’s the true key to utilizing auric power.

Here’s why daily prayer and scripture reading is the key; what most people don’t know is that the bible is an activation manual which cannot be read through a logical point of view. In other words, it will look like a silly little book when read logically. You have to open your third eye and look at it from a spiritual perspective so to speak.

I know it may sound crazy because you’ll think it’s all religious garbage but if you give it a try and see for yourself, your perspective might very well change. The big problem is religion and the dark have distorted the bible and been forceful and dogmatic with their views which is why people got turned off by it all. However, I encourage you to have an open mind and look for yourself, make sure it’s the King James version too.

Reading scripture and doing daily prayer can not only keep your aura clean itself but it also connects you to Source and the higher masters. You’ll find that there’s loads of wisdom in the bible because it was all channelled from Source, angels, archangels, and the higher masters/councils. In other words, you can also utilize the knowledge for other areas of your life outside accessing aura power.

Like I said earlier, even if you think it’s a whole load of crap, I encourage that you just give it a try and see what happens. The King James version is the one, another tip I would recommend is to clear out your third eye, so it makes things easier to read the bible from a spiritual perspective. Just remember, regular Auric Clearings, work on yourself, prayer and scripture are the major keys to accessing auric power!