Have you ever heard of “Ids?”. If not, this is the article for you!

In one of our blogs, we talked about “Analogical Experiences”.

We discussed how these experiences create what are called “Ids”.

In this article, we’ll be discussing about this topic.

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What Exactly Are Ids?

Ids are soul fragments of us that are still alive and well, but are affecting us from the past!

What Does This Mean?

In this lifetime and others, you’ve fractured off so much of your soul and created lots of Ids, that you lost your real soul and forgot who you really are.

The big problem with Ids is they spawn your personalities and make you have certain beliefs, attitudes, concepts, patterns, etc.

What Does This Mean?

For example, let’s say you’re often rude to people and think it’s just your personality because you’ve always done it

If you look deep down, you may find that’s not really you, or we can take the opposite.

Let’s say you’re always very nice to people, soft, empathetic and never get mad at people who disrespect you

When you look deep down, you find that you’re actually a total badass and warrior.

You see, when Ids are created, they pretty much create your personality as well as your beliefs, attitudes, concepts, patterns etc.

How Are Ids Created?

Ids are created when you experience something very traumatic (Analogical Experiences).

Here’s how it works:

  • You go into a state of shock and hurt
  • Then you lose track of time and are in no time.
  • While that happens, you fracture your soul’s energy
  • Which then creates a quantum potential that manifests as an Id.

Fracturing your soul’s energy and creating Ids means you’ve literally lost parts of your soul!

The Big Problem:

An interesting fact to know is because time isn’t linear but simultaneous, Ids which were created over a thousand lifetimes ago are still hanging around and don’t leave until you clear them!

Whenever you create an Id, you create an “Identity” ie. Let’s say your partner cheated on you and you went analogical. That means you’ve created an Id around love.

Another fact to know is whatever identity or attitude you created from an Id becomes thoughtforms or entities in the auric field which don’t have souls.

Another problem is whenever we focus our energy into an analogical experience which hasn’t been resolved, the experience builds up energetically and makes our soul worse and worse.

This is not very good because it means the Ids become more condensed and harder and thus it becomes harder to clear them out.

How Do I Clear Them Out?

Clearing Ids is quite easy. However the hard part is clearing all of them because you’ve collected these blockages from past lives and your current one.

But as you clear your Ids, you retrieve missing parts of your soul back which means you’ll then find out who you really are (if you continue to clear yourself).

In fact:

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