I’m sure you’re wondering, “What are J Seals?”

You’ve most likely never heard of it.

This is because it’s a very unknown and well-hidden topic for certain reasons you’re about to find out. 😊

What Are J Seals?

J Seals, (or Jehovian Seals), aka Death Seals are energetic implants or distortions on our planet which means anything born on this Earth has these J-seals!

They are located on Axiatonal line 7 of the Earth as well as in our energetic anatomy field.

The big problem with these seals are, we’ve been born with them!

Unless they’re cleared and removed, we’ll have them forever …

The often produce physical sickness and pain …

And in severe cases, they can even manifest death!

What’s The Significance J Seals?

These J Seals attach into our energetic fields from the Earth’s grids.

They are unnatural and were created through sorcery to stop humans from ascending!

The problem is, we don’t just have one seal, we actually have 7!

Here’s Where They’re Located:

  • Seal 1 – Top of the Skull of the Left side
  • Seal 2 – Heart, Left Lung, back Left Knee
  • Seal 3 – Pineal Gland
  • Seal 4 – Left side of Neck and Lymphatics
  • Seal 5 – Rear Left Thigh and Buttock
  • Seal 6 – Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine), hypothalamus, and top of left shoulder
  • Seal 7 – Aorta Artery on Left Side of Neck

Interesting Fact:

J Seals were not created by Source/God.

They were energetically created by Jehovian Anunnaki (fallen intruder races), who planted them in the Earth’s grids!

Since we are energetically connected to the Earth, we inherit these implants at birth!

Unfortunately your genetic structure and ability to ascend is affected by this.

Scary isn’t it?


Once you’ve cleared them out, life will flow easier for you and most importantly, you’ll be back on your path to fully ascend and your genetic structure improves!

Plus you don’t have to experience biological death and do it all over again.

In Conclusion

J Seals (or Jehovian Seals) are energetic disruptions on our planet.

They’re attracted to you from the inside of the Earth’s grids!

There’s 7 J Seals located in different parts of your body.

You inherit J Seals when you’re born.

The problem with J seals is they affect your ability to ascend!

J Seals can manifest physical disease and in severe cases, even death!

Therefore, it’s important to learn how to manifest, clear these awful seals and live an exhilarating life!

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