Over this blog series, we’ll be writing a 5 part story series to show you how important Karmic and Ancestral Clearing is, as karmic clearing is an absolute need.

Part 1: The Beautiful Land

Once upon a time, there lived a family of five.

The family had a mother, father, two sons, and a daughter.

They lived on a 100 acre land of property in a beautiful mansion, and their front yard was spectacular!

There was a nice golden water fountain and pebble pathway surrounded by hydrangea bushes.

There was also a very large pool that expanded from the front yard to the backyard.

The pool was surrounded by stones and rocks it covered most of the backyard. Inside the pool, there was a fountain with a barrier of rocks.

In the backyard:

There was a nice relaxing area with two leather couches across from each other.

It was surrounded by stone pillars and covered with a wooden roof.

In the middle of the area:

There was a fireplace to make the scenery amazing at night.

Next to the room, there was also a large sauna for the winter season.

Inside the house:

There were fifteen bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

The main colour of the house was white, but most of the floorboards and stair railings were wooden.

Most of the lights were glass chandeliers.

There was a lot of attractions inside the house.

There was a theatre with fifty comfortable inclined red leather chairs, a gym, and even a basketball court!

Outside the house:

There was a tennis court.

The father loved paintings, he especially liked Picasso’s paintings!

In the hallway, there were 10 paintings, all made by Picasso!

Behind the mansion was a massive body of water filled with the purest water.

Beautiful creatures such as dolphins, whales, fish, turtles, jellyfish, sharks, etc lived in the water.

In front of their house, there was a spectacular rainforest full of beautiful animals such as frogs, birds, butterflies, lizards, sloths, jaguars etc.

Their land was full of the most beautiful flowers like tulips, roses, daffodils, jasmines, and frangipanis.

The owners built the house and made it a very fun and friendly environment, so all the visitors could play with friendly animals.

The three children loved exploring every day to find new flowers, trees, and animals. Life was really fun and happy for the family.

One day, they decided to go on holiday for a while.

They wanted to hand over the house to some friends who they trusted while they were away on their holiday so:

They decided to get ten close friends to look after the house.

On the day of their departure:

They organised a meeting with the ten friends so they could discuss the house rules.

“You can do whatever you want, but the only promise you must keep is to maintain the house in the same shape it’s in now,” said the mother.

All ten agreed and gave their word to keep it immaculate.

The mother and father felt their friends could be trusted to look after the house, so they left feeling like their house was in good hands.

What Will Their Friends Do To The House?

Find out in Chapter 2!

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